1. I

    Texas Phytoplankton

    I have some fresh phytoplankton it's a mix of nano and tetra. Each bag is 300ml or 10oz can sell each bag $10 shipped.
  2. BeaverLakeAndy

    Phytoplankton & Copepod Questions

    A couple weeks ago I introduced four jars of AlgaeBarn 5280 Pods to my 125 gallon, and have been dosing 25ml of OceanMagik phytoplankton daily since. I honeslty don't even know if there are any copepods in the tank at this point. I keep looking and looking, and I just can't find a single one. I...
  3. D

    Can a 65G aquarium sustain a continuous population of phytoplankton without nuisance algae?nce

    I'd like to build up a self sufficient population of phytoplankton in my 65 to support a suitable pod population for two (or more!) dragonets. We have chaeto in the refugium right now that is keeping the nitrate and phosphate at practically 0, regardless of how much we feed and how little we...
  4. Chrille26

    Chrille26: Mixed 35 gallon reef in progress!

    Hey! Two years ago I made my first attempt at keeping a reef at home. That time I went with a 13g cube with a HOB filter and I made most of the misstakes you can read about in the beginnersection of this forum. This time I decided to do my homework and really create the tank I visioned last...
  5. KeyloBeatz

    LED lights for phyto growing

    I’m getting rdy to start growing my own Phyto and my question is. I want to use LED,s to grow phyto but I’m not sure what to get... I’ve read a few different things but I’m not really finding the answer I’m looking for... I just don’t want to to waste money I want to buy somthing that’ll work...
  6. JoniLeigh

    Easiest way to cultivate copepods

    I recently found this video and was wondering if anyone has heard of this or thinks it's possible. How to culturing copepods! The easy way! (She shows her set up and says she's using old tank water and lights, no lid, no air, no circulation, and getting copepods AND phytoplankton to...
  7. Reef Nutrition

    FREE Phyto-Feast Promo until 12/31/2019!

    Check out our holiday promo! Phyto-Feast® is a blend of the most important marine microalgae, those chosen by universities and hatcheries for their superior nutritional value: Pavlova, Isochrysis, Thalassiosira weissflogii, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, and Synechococcus...
  8. Jeff@CoralVue

    Phytoplankton: Single Doses, Manually Dose, or Connect to a Doser!

    EasyReefs EasyBooster Phytoplankton Gel PRODUCT LINKS: In nature, there is one key organism that stands alone as the base of the marine ecosystem. Without this small giant, life in the ocean would be impossible. Phytoplankton or...
  9. ToesInTheSand

    Phytoplankton Production

    Hey guys, we started a phyto culture and the first batch took 14 days before we could split it. This time it only took 4 days and it looks like we can split it again. Should we let it go longer or do you think we should split it? What it looked like when starting What it looks like right now
  10. ChelseaBidwell

    Copepods & Rotifers

    Quick, newbie question. I have all the equipment needed for 5 seperate cultures of copepods/rotifers and for 3 cultures of phytoplankton. My question is what types of copepods do you guys recommend? I was reading about Tisbee, Tig, Psedodiaptomus, and Zoopods. Is there any significant...
  11. E

    Idaho Live, natural phytoplankton. Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis

    Live, natural phytoplankton. Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis. (Photos to follow) 16-ounce bottles - $8.00 each. Mix and Match - I can send separate bottles of either type, or mix them in the same bottle – whichever you prefer. I also have some Guillard’s formula “f2” fertilizer (micro algae...
  12. Reef Nutrition

    Reef-A-Palooza NY is coming up fast!!! You won't want to miss this!!!

    Hey there Reef Nutrition fans! We would like to let everyone know that we will be at Reef-A-Palooza NY in 2 weeks! The event is June 22nd and 23rd. Mark your calendars and get ready to attend an amazing show. We will be in booth #510. See map below. Please stop by our Gold Sponsor...
  13. Lylelovett

    Tips on adding pods?

    Hi all, My tank at one point had a huge pod population, but it seems to have dwindled. I thought I might "boost" the tank with one of the pod/phyto combos at algaebarn... They recommend 3 combos for my size of tank of 150g. But that's rather expensive, so I thought maybe I'd just start with...
  14. BonelessEvil

    Will phytoplankton grow naturally in my tank?

    I hear a lot about phytoplankton reactors and dosing it when you introduce copepods, or feed clams, etc. still, once I pour a bag of the green liquid into my aquarium, will it continue to grow naturally? Or do you have to keep resupplying the tank. If so, why? For example, once copepods are...
  15. Wirat

    Florida Live Phyto

    Have some extra phytoplankton if anyone is interested. I currently have [7] 16.9oz water bottles full of it. Nice and dark. Grown using F/2 fertilizer (micro algae grow) from Florida Aqua Farms. Culture started with Nanno, Iso, Tetra and Thal (Ocean Magik live phyto). $15 each. If you want to...
  16. Reef Nutrition

    Fragniappe/Reef Nutrition video walk-through

    We had a great time in Slidell, LA this past weekend at Fragniappe. Amazing coral vendors and very strong reefing community down in the Bayou Country. Check out the great video walk-through that I did just before the show opened. Some good information in this. If you have any questions...
  17. scott11106

    Copepod growing help

    I am not sure this is the right place for this but i read a few articles and thought i did it right but things are not looking right and need some help... i have a cheap 12-gallon tank so I: 1. filled it 50% with water from the display 2. added ocean magik from algaebarn for Phytoplankton 3...
  18. Danh Ngo

    Phytoplankton keep sinking

    I started a culture of phyto 2 days ago. Algeabarn phyto Salinity: 1.019 Using Voss bottle rigid tube + airline, 6k5 floroucense light, f/2 Any idea? Should I increase the bubbles so phyoto dont settle down on the bottom?
  19. Evan28395950

    Wisconsin Phytoplankton

    Hi, I’m looking to buy phytoplankton as I’m nearly out, I can only pay with Venmo. Thanks!
  20. WhiskeyCoffee

    Phyto-Feast culture

    Can a product like Reef Nutrition's Phyto-Feast be used to start my own phytoplankton culture or do I really need one of those "starter cultures"?
  21. Brad Miller

    Culturing and feeding Phytoplankton to Coral, Pods and Fish

    I've exhausted myself over the course of several months researching this and still can not seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I did order "Ocean Majic" Phyto from Algae Barn (4 strain mix) and have been doing their recommended dosing once a day by adding to my refugium for just over 1...
  22. sixty_reefer

    Continuous phytoplankton|rotifers reactor 24h food supply

    Hi guys this is a little project I’ve been working on for a few months and now looking for your views on this subject. It all started with me getting a few non photosynthetic corals (gorgonians) and got me thinking in a way we’re I could give them a constant supply of food. The project started...
  23. wesman42

    Michigan Chaeto + Nannochloropsis Phyto

    I have: 4 Quarts of Chaeto for sale. I'm asking $15/each shipped. 5 - 16oz bottles of Nannochloropsis Phyto. They were cultured using f/2 WITHOUT silicates. For this reason, and due to the nature of Nanno, it's not quite as dark as other phytoplanktons. This phyto is alive, and it's dense. I'm...
  24. Evan28395950


    hello all, I’ve been slowly adding more copepods to my tank for my mandarin, some are still left in these bags, can I use a turkey baster and drop a drop of phytoplankton in there, or should I not?
  25. TangsRLife

    Phytoplankton contamination?

    So I’ve recently been culturing nanochloropsis for a month now and they’ve started since the beginning and was just wondering if this is a type of contamination and if it’s possible to save my culture? It looks like a bunch of dots but my tubing isn’t centered because I don’t have hard tubing so...