please help

  1. 1epauletteshark

    Is there something wrong with my BTA? My BTA looks deflated and isn’t grabbing food with its “fingers” is it just stressed because my two baby clowns won’t stop squabbling or is there a more severe problem going on?
  2. A

    EMERGENCY Quick I was trying to catch ghost shrimp for fishing and I took them home in a livewell and they had babies...

    This is an urgent emergency there are tiny saltwater ghost shrimp and I cant go back to let them free for a while, I need to know how to keep them alive and raise them. I have not found anything on the web about what to feed new saltwater ghost shrimp, it is all about freshwater ghost shrimp. I...
  3. Razorp

    I thought this CSB anemone Died 6 months ago, can it be saved?

    Can this CSB be saved? Long story short, I watched this poor anemone slowly shrivel down until one day it was just gone. (now this is in my office tank and i have 5 other anemones in there that look great). I did try to remove it once i noticed something was wrong, but my rocks are cemented and...
  4. libra2178

    Blue angel fish and queen angel fish

    I recently added a queen angel in my tank and now my blue angel is being aggressive. I’m not sure if their compatible I did some research and haven’t found anything. This is my best hope for some answers. He’s chasing her around I had no choice but to turn my lights off. So she can hide.
  5. SaltyShel

    EMERGENCY Help!!!

    Someone please help!!! I have a pincushion urchin who’s been dropping spines… I thought it was shedding… I have really high nitrates and low ish salinity 1.021 ish and Ive been trying to bring up slow due to being told urchins are sensitive and the last water change I did is when he started...
  6. SaltyShel

    Can anyone ID? Multiple different critters!

    Hey y’all, I need some help. I’ve got a more detailed background of my tank on my build thread, I’m going to post a few pics and if anyone can help me ID I would be so thankful. I’m going to have to restart my tank & rip clean, especially with all these issues, but I would still like to know...
  7. O

    EMERGENCY Need help guys please

    Hello guys , so I need some help/advice on the following. As you know we passed thru a hard time with the whole COVID. I lost my job and have to sadly move back with my parents for the time being. As of now I have a 75Gallon Display tank with a 40G sump. Realistically I can’t afford to take...
  8. K

    Need help torch coral is dying

    I need help with my torch coral. I fed it last week and it’s been doing worse ever since. I don’t think that it’s a problem with bjd because it probably would have died a while ago as a result. It’s been slowly declining for the past 4-5 days. Would anyone have an suggestions? I dipped in iodine...
  9. A

    Help with coral placement

    Hello, I am new to reefing and being overwhelmed with the amount of info on which corals can sit next to which and what light and flow each need. Should have done a lot more thinking while I was building my scape. I would like to have a mixed reef with softies, LPS, and eventually SPS. Here...
  10. D

    Is my tank overstocked? Please help!

    Hey everyone! So, about 4 months ago I set up a Red Sea 20g Max Nano. It’s been an awesome tank but my concern is that it might be overstocked. I know 4-5 is typically the max on fish but if they are juvenile you can possibly get away with more. I know opinions vary on that. Anyways I currently...
  11. 99gtbaby

    EMERGENCY Display tank is leaking! I have questions.

    I discovered that my 55 gallon display tank is slowly leaking from a bottom corner of the tank, I’m not losing a lot of water, about an inch a week (I know this might sound like evap but it’s not, there is water visibly seeping from the corner of my tank and the floor is wet under that corner)...
  12. C

    EMERGENCY New Tank Mates = Death?

    Hey another question, definitely have an emergency on my hands and need to know what to do ASAP. As much input as I can get would be appreciated. I have a 29 gallon tank about 3 months old housing two ocellaris clowns and a bunch of mushroom corals. 3 days ago we added some new tank mates 4...
  13. C

    EMERGENCY Attack Of The Brown Algae

    Hello just messaging from the Arizona area, looking for some input. I’m fairly new to the world of saltwater aquarium care and could really use some advise. We have a 29 gallon tank about 3 months old housing two ocellaris clowns and a beautiful bunch of mushroom corals who have been doing...
  14. G

    2 Dead Fish + 0 nitrates/ .46ppm nitrates

    75gal display with 40 breeder DIY sump. Tank has been running since January, first fish (clowns) added in February Stocking: 2 very small clowns 1 3" bicolor blenny 1 half dollar size Blue Tang 1 cleaner shrimp 60 assorted snails (tiny) 5 hermit crabs 1 DEAD 3" Golden Head Goby 1 DEAD 3" Fire...
  15. O

    Need help with Flow for torch coral

    Hello I’m new to corals and I have 3 torches I believe. But I don’t seem to see my torches extending how it did from when I purchased them. Please help. Should I blast the torches with flow ?
  16. R

    Please help!! New to R2R acrylic seam process.

    Hello there, I am in desperate need of help. After months of research I have finally purchased enough acrylic to build two tanks. One will be about 20 gallons (as a practice tank) and one will be 150 gallons. Before I touched any of that material I bought a 1 square foot x 1/2” thick cast...
  17. Sakosreef

    Asm g4 skimmer gate valve mod help

    Hi everyone, I recently did the asm gate valve mod and I think I might have done something wrong. I’ve attached pictures, the only way I was able to get it to work and actually adjust the skimmer properly, the skimmer is sitting in like 2 inches of water. Someone please explain how I’m supposed...
  18. Razorp

    Purchased an AI Prime 16 HD... Corals are bleaching please help

    So I purchased the AI prime 16 HD and installed it to my 16 gallon Biocube. I downloaded saxbys presets, and the only thing i did was up the uv and violet to match the blues (basically making it more of an AB+ , but with the up and down ramping throughout the day). I let that run on acclimation...
  19. Carebearsss.x

    Sand Tube Worms?

    Hello everyone! SO, the rock in my tank has these spikey like tube things sticking out EVERYWHERE?! From the research that Ive done so far, it seems like they could be Spaghetti Worms, but ive never seen anything come out of them! Or, they could be Sand Tube Worms BUT I just dont understand...
  20. The_Fishlad

    EMERGENCY What type of algae is this I have no clue I think it’s either dinos or cyano

    I have no clue what algae this is and I also don’t know how to use this websit but I’m hoping for some help
  21. J

    Have ick in reef tank

    Bought some fish and developed ick in my reef tank, I dont have a big enough quarantine tank for all my fish can I put my inverts and corals and some live rock in quarantine tank and treat main tank with chelated copper sulfate? Or will it kill of my tank?
  22. J

    I think my bi-color foxface rabbit fish is sick help plz

    bought a bi-color foxface rabbit fish about 2 weeks ago his yellow is turning brown his black has white dots and has a white stripe down it, my nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia read almost perfect zero as far as my testing kit can tell and ph is 8. He eats fine all the rest of my fish are fine...
  23. Carebearsss.x

    Temperature Rising

    Hey everyone! So we have a 13.5 g Evo Tank & for some reason the temapture is running EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY high! ( 86,85,83,82 degrees f) We unplugged the heater & the AC is running on full blast.. Any ideas on why this may be happening!?!?!? I just bought $150 worth of corals & I don't...
  24. Carebearsss.x

    Unidentifiable Zoa

    Hello everybody! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went up to our LFS and decided to buy some corals!! (Exciting Right!?!) Anyways while we were there, we seen these BEAUTIFUL Zoas that both my boyfriend and I couldn’t identify! We asked one of the workers what the name was, & he couldn’t...
  25. B

    Pectinia emergency

    Hey fellas I bought a nice pectinia yesterday days and when i put it in my tank she looked great. Today she had gaping holes where her mouth were and there is one almost ripping appart. Parameters show that the water is stable, still doing the kh mg and ca, i have moved the coral to a low flow...