red sea 650

  1. sonogirl98

    Hello Hi everyone... new to the saltwater aquarium life!

    We just set up a Red Sea S Max 650. My husband had a saltwater tank previously but it’s all new to me. Looking forward to good information and conversation.
  2. Reef Pro

    Red Sea max s series t5 fixture led retro

    Hi all! What have people been able to do in-terms of retrofitting led's into the original t5 fixture sold with the Red Sea max s series aquariums.... wanting to do a hybrid of both t5 and led's however the area in the middle of the t5 fixture is very narrow "about 4.4 inches" making it difficult...
  3. T

    Red Sea 650 Penn

    I can get this brand new plus a reef octopus classic, salt, return pump, and live sand for 2K.. to dumb cheap not to buy it?? It has only seen water and nothing else. Its to big for the guys apartment.
  4. geo

    Red Sea Peninsula 650 gets new custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump

    Thank you to Helias from New York for ordering this custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump for his new Red Sea Peninsula 650. I would like to see this tank a year from now.
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