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  1. Jamestown

    Red Sea Max e-170 Cabinet Sump Upgrade

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has chosen to add a cabinet sump to their Red Sea Max 170. What plumbing did you use and where did you get it? Which sump did you decide on? I have no urgency to do this, but haven't found much online about it when i've been curious. Wondering if its worth it if i'm...
  2. P

    Build Thread Think got INFECTED WITH A BUG or ITCH...Contagious?

    ...... to get a bigger tank lol. I put all this effort into modding Red Sea max 250 Tank which was brand new, and before I put a drop of water I was wanting a bigger tank. So I found this . RSM S-500 LED Brand new everything in original packaging. Just drove 16 hours round trip to pick...
  3. Reef Pro

    Red Sea max s series t5 fixture led retro

    Hi all! What have people been able to do in-terms of retrofitting led's into the original t5 fixture sold with the Red Sea max s series aquariums.... wanting to do a hybrid of both t5 and led's however the area in the middle of the t5 fixture is very narrow "about 4.4 inches" making it difficult...
  4. MarineDepot

    Win Aquaman + a Red Sea Max Nano!

    Win Aquaman + a Red Sea Max Nano! MOVIE + AQUARIUM GIVEAWAY - 10 WINNERS!
  5. i0nz

    RSM MAX S 650 Real Reed Aquascape

    Please critique my aquascape made using Real Reef rock. The rocks are all held together with 3/4” acrylic rods, thermoplastic beads and cyanoacrylate :D
  6. MarineDepot

    Win a Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium!

    Win a Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium! Join us at Reef-A-Palooza this weekend at the Anaheim Marriott!
  7. shiftline

    AIO Build RedSea Max Nano - unboxing and setting up your Nano Reef Tank!

    Last Wednesday I finally got my nano and couldn't wait to set it up! While building everything I let the camera roll to capture the process and give you guys a review and overview on setting up a saltwater nano tank.
  8. C

    Is the Red Sea MAX E260 Black 69-Gallon All-in-One Saltwater Aquarium worth it?

    I am really thinking about buying one.
  9. Frizzles7

    Build Thread Frizzles7 Red Sea Max S-500

    I have begun my tank upgrade. Currently I have a 75 gallon tank: My 75 was working okay, but I don't have a sump and I don't have enough room. I also don't think I have enough light. So I decided to upgrade to a Red Sea Max S-500. I'm still relatively new to saltwater tanks (my 75 has...
  10. Salty John

    Shopping for First Marine Tank Red Sea? All In One?

    Hi all, can I just say what an excellent forum and source of information/guidance we have at our finger tips here! I have kept tropical fish a decade or so back and I found that quite simple to maintain. Because it is! I have always wanted a salt water reef aquarium so before I go for the...
  11. Warriorjp

    Build Thread New Red Sea Max 250 Build

    I just picked up a older Red Sea Max 250. Everything works other than the T-5 Hood I was thinking about leaving it off and going LED. Any thoughts? Thanks
  12. lickyricky

    Build Thread My Red Sea Max E-170

    Hey everyone, I decided to start this thread mostly to document my progress but feel free to chime in! I've been on R2R for a while but took a five year hiatus from the hobby, mostly due to my frustration with my Biocube and partially because I moved from Boston to Miami and could not make the...
  13. MarineDepot

    Prime Every Day

    Prime Every Day AI Prime HD: Built-in Wi-Fi and Hyperdrive Engaged!
  14. Happy New Year Red Sea MAX NANO Giveaway

    Happy New Year Red Sea MAX NANO Giveaway

    Happy New Year Red Sea MAX NANO Giveaway Sponsored by and The contest is pretty simple and easy to enter! HOW TO ENTER 1. Subscribe to the Red Sea Reefer Contest Email List Here and confirm the subscription. 2. LIKE the Red Sea Facebook Page Here 3. Go to the Red...
  15. MarineDepot

    Win a Red Sea MAX NANO Aquarium!

    Win a Red Sea MAX NANO Aquarium! The all-new MAX NANO features the very latest in reef-keeping technology including AI’s Prime HD LED lighting with integrated Wi-Fi control, REEF-SPEC filtration and circulation systems, an Automatic Top-Off unit and an easy access power center. ENTER NOW (no...
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