1. RiptideAquaculture

    Hello Hello Reef2Reef

    Hello, my name is Mitch and I run @RiptideAquaculture. We specialize in quality Aquaculture coral with a the focus to make sure it’s affordable. If you haven’t heard about us before check us out on our website Thank you Here is some eye candy #RiptideAquaculture...
  2. RiptideAquaculture

    Riptide Aquaculture Eye candy photography

    Just gonna Start this thread out by first saying welcome and hope everyone enjoys some crazy coral photos. Our goal is to be posting on this thread as often as we can so feel free to follow and get ready to drool!!! PS if you like our photos please check out our Videos on this thread Click here...
  3. Xxflounderxx

    Need help identifying

    Ok so I have a pretty in depth QT regiment following humble fish to a T using copper for 30 days the prazi for 14 days. It looks like a few of my fish have gotten white bumps but it looks like it's under the skin not on top like ick usually is. It's hard to see you have to be at the right angle...
  4. F

    Two Ocellaris Clownfish in 20g

    Hello, I'm new to reefing and I currently have a 20g Red Sea Max Nano with corals and a neon blue goby. I'm looking to add two more fish and was debating on getting two Ocellaris Clownfish (not necessarily a breeding pair - just two juveniles). I've heard as they mature, clownfish get aggressive...
  5. ReefSoup

    Corals Looking Rough - Possible Tank Crash?

    My tank is a little over a year old and is a mix of LPS and soft corals. I've lost a couple frags here and there but overall have had pretty good success and growth. Over the last few days, most of my corals have started to look pretty bad - zoas not opening all the way or curled skirts, acan...
  6. Unnatural


    I just got some corals I ordered online. A few of them look pretty pathetic. They were shipped overnight, but even still when I opened the box their water was very cold, and the heat pack with them was also cold. The one im most concerned about is a Xenia I believe. See pictures> it looks like...
  7. lazycouch

    how to choose the right return pump?

    hey guys. so i’m building my 2nd tank (nano) and i was wondering how i would choose the return pump for this one.. it’s a 20 gallon “frag tank” so instead of being a cube like my other tank it’s rectangular and shorter. does the height and new width affect anything? it’s an all in one tank and i...
  8. BoSalman

    Never seen this (snail?) Before! HUGE!

    So i have my tank running for almost 2.5 years now and i have never seen this one before! Shined my cell's light at night, saw this (snail? Hopefully) about 4.5-5.5 inches long on the backwall...! Any idea what this one is? Not even sure where it was hiding all this time!
  9. lazycouch

    good way to use activated carbon?

    hey everyone, attached is an image of how the back of my tank looks like (built in sump 30g total) and i was thinking of adding a filter sock/mesh bag of activated carbon on top of the porcelain rings you see there. i was wondering if anyone has had success using a filter sock/mesh bag for your...
  10. lazycouch

    refugium stock recommendations?

    Hey everyone, i will soon be making this breeder tank my “hob” refugium and was wondering what i can add to it to make it most effective for its limited space. it is 0.5 gallons and measures 10”L 3.5”W 4”H. i think Chaeto is definitely in the plan (fuge is built primarily for nitrate removal)...
  11. lazycouch

    good invertebrate that eats mysis?

    hey guys this may be a dumb question but i will soon be adding a clean up crew and was wondering if you can help me out based on the foods i feed my tank. is there anything that will eat left over mysis shrimp, blood worms, reefroids, marine snow, brine shrimp, and or seaweed? of course i wont...
  12. lazycouch

    good overflow box??

    hey everyone, i’m looking to start an under tank refugium for my 30 gallon but drilling is not an option. i was wondering if you can post some links or recommend good or the best overflow boxes for my size? thanks! the fuge will be somewhere between 10-20 gallons
  13. lazycouch


    so i’m thinking of starting a refugium for my 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) and i want to make sure my train of thought is making sense so far as i study refugiums. my plan is to use a 5 gallon tank and store it inside the cabinet my tank is on top of since i have no space elsewhere and the...
  14. lazycouch

    protein skimmer suggestions??

    hello, i am wondering if i can get your input on a decent yet compact protein skimmer that is recommended? i have a 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) with no space for an extra tank to build a fuge or external skimmer especially due to the space my chiller takes up /: . i’m wondering if anyone...
  15. MelReefer

    White Bugs on Acro

    So I have had a solar flare Acro frag for a couple weeks now. It was doing fine for the first week but now it’s beginning to have much less polyp extension and color loss. I tested all levels and they seemed alright but Today I noticed a small white bug crawling on my Acro. It had a weird trunk...
  16. esther

    Are Zoa's Just Not in the Cards for Me? :(

    We have a mixed reef tank that has been set up for almost 3 months now (this isn't our first reef tank). My gut is telling me that the phosphate is what's keeping our zoa's from completely opening up. All other corals (several SPS, chalice, duncan's, xenia, firecracker polyps, bubble coral...
  17. J

    Why can't I raise my Alk??

    This morning I did a 25 gallon Water Change on my Waterbox 220(so probably about 160 gallons of water). I am still dialing in my dosing rates, so tested water before and after. After the WC, my Alk was 7.8. My goal was to get to 8.6, so I looked on BRS calculators and dosed about 103mL of soda...
  18. H

    Best nano reef fish for personality?

    From everyone's experience what do you think the best nano reef safe fish, post your opinion with the size tank it lives in.
  19. ianryd

    Help! Ventralis Anthias has scale damage

    I picked up this ventralis anthias from my LFS yesterday. It's been there for over two months, eating like a pig, with no signs of diseases. I skipped QT and put it in an acclimation box in my DT. Today I noticed a diagonal white stripe on each side of its body, of what seems to be damaged...
  20. BoSalman

    Calling all electrical gurus in here!!

    Hello, We have a puzzle here that's currently on-going (brain storming and analysis stage) between two vendors at the same time and myself! I have two energy bars, one brand new dedicated for a lighting fixure, and one old one with 5 occupied outlets and one free outlet, I bought a new light...
  21. Fallling

    Lineatus with infection... and anchor worms? (pics)

    Sorry in advance - This is going to be long winded: I've had a lineatus in QT for just over 3 weeks now. When I first got him, I noticed some white around/in his mouth... honestly, I couldn't tell if it was just his coloration or a growth. I decided to watch it before taking any action (he was...
  22. BoSalman

    BUGS! What in the world!

    Hello, So i had this small goniopora recently which was accidentally laying on its side on the sandbed for a day or so, i fixed its position uprights and i'm keeping it so if its healthy enough it would bounce back on that small area... Normal inspection tonight on my tank to look for...
  23. Melinda01

    Frayed tail fin and white area on pictorial fin

    I have a McCosker wrasse and a Midas blenhy who have been in QT just over a month together. During that time I fed GC for two weeks, tomorrow will be two weeks in spectrogram, and 4 weeks in therapeutic copper. They have also had selcon mixed in with most of their food. I’ve noticed the...
  24. MnFish1

    Whats with my Tusk? Suggestions?

    So I know the answer - but since its common to post a picture and just say 'whats happening?' I thought I would try this out. For those of you in medicine - what's your differential diagnosis/. for those of you not in medicine - just ask any questions you like. FWIW - All corals are fine...
  25. Melinda01

    Shout out to the awesome people of R2R

    I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me through the past year! I’ve fought velvet, diano, worms, and Vermetid snails so far! Needless to say it has been rough and apparently I have a lot to learn. But everyone here has been amazing and has taught me so much! I would be lost without...
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