1. J

    Why can't I raise my Alk??

    This morning I did a 25 gallon Water Change on my Waterbox 220(so probably about 160 gallons of water). I am still dialing in my dosing rates, so tested water before and after. After the WC, my Alk was 7.8. My goal was to get to 8.6, so I looked on BRS calculators and dosed about 103mL of soda...
  2. D

    Best nano reef fish for personality?

    From everyone's experience what do you think the best nano reef safe fish, post your opinion with the size tank it lives in.
  3. ianryd

    Help! Ventralis Anthias has scale damage

    I picked up this ventralis anthias from my LFS yesterday. It's been there for over two months, eating like a pig, with no signs of diseases. I skipped QT and put it in an acclimation box in my DT. Today I noticed a diagonal white stripe on each side of its body, of what seems to be damaged...
  4. BoSalman

    Calling all electrical gurus in here!!

    Hello, We have a puzzle here that's currently on-going (brain storming and analysis stage) between two vendors at the same time and myself! I have two energy bars, one brand new dedicated for a lighting fixure, and one old one with 5 occupied outlets and one free outlet, I bought a new light...
  5. Fallling

    Lineatus with infection... and anchor worms? (pics)

    Sorry in advance - This is going to be long winded: I've had a lineatus in QT for just over 3 weeks now. When I first got him, I noticed some white around/in his mouth... honestly, I couldn't tell if it was just his coloration or a growth. I decided to watch it before taking any action (he was...
  6. BoSalman

    BUGS! What in the world!

    Hello, So i had this small goniopora recently which was accidentally laying on its side on the sandbed for a day or so, i fixed its position uprights and i'm keeping it so if its healthy enough it would bounce back on that small area... Normal inspection tonight on my tank to look for...
  7. Melinda01

    Frayed tail fin and white area on pictorial fin

    I have a McCosker wrasse and a Midas blenhy who have been in QT just over a month together. During that time I fed GC for two weeks, tomorrow will be two weeks in spectrogram, and 4 weeks in therapeutic copper. They have also had selcon mixed in with most of their food. I’ve noticed the...
  8. MnFish1

    Whats with my Tusk? Suggestions?

    So I know the answer - but since its common to post a picture and just say 'whats happening?' I thought I would try this out. For those of you in medicine - what's your differential diagnosis/. for those of you not in medicine - just ask any questions you like. FWIW - All corals are fine...
  9. Melinda01

    Shout out to the awesome people of R2R

    I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me through the past year! I’ve fought velvet, diano, worms, and Vermetid snails so far! Needless to say it has been rough and apparently I have a lot to learn. But everyone here has been amazing and has taught me so much! I would be lost without...
  10. Melinda01

    Worms in new fish

    I recently ordered a trio of scissortail dartfish from DD. I found small white strings on the bottom of the qt tank. The biggest fish has been breathing heavily and has lost his appetite but the other two appear to be doing well. I dosed prazi two weeks into the tank. I was thinking of trying to...
  11. clownenthusiast2017

    Clown pairing problems

    Hey guys, So I've had my clowns for almost a year and I wouldn't say they have officially bonded yet. One is noticeably bigger than the other but the smaller one won't submit. I'm thinking the issue is coming from the anemone I have. The smaller male will host it but the larger female will not...
  12. clownenthusiast2017

    Experience with Yellow Coris Wrasse?

    Hey guys! Wondering who has had experience keeping a yellow coris wrasse? What is their temperament like and what size tank would you recommend for one? Has anyone seen any aggression from the YCW? Thanks!! #reefsquad
  13. Clarksski

    CBB red gills, with pictures

    hi I have had my cbb for 2 years. I recently noticed that she re gills appear red and maybe swollen. She does seem to be breathing faster too. She does eat normally and doesn't appear to have any other lesions on her. My tank is well established, over 3 years, and her tank mates don't display...
  14. clownenthusiast2017

    Nero 5 or MP10

    Hey guys! So I'm looking into upgrading my powerhead to either an MP10 or a Nero 5. I have a 32-gallon biocube so I'm worried the nero could be a little too strong. I was thinking about getting it so that if I decide to upgrade one day I'd have a pump I could already use and wouldn't have to...
  15. BoSalman

    Tube worm?

    Hello everyone, I just noticed this thing when i was looking around at night. It reacted super quickly to the light and i thought it "popped" as it just disappeared to a tiny hole in the rock... Had to point my camera on video and finally it emerged again.. hopefully those video screenshots...
  16. clownenthusiast2017

    How many fish??

    I've heard lots of different opinions when it comes to how many fish, or inches of fish per gallon (we're talking saltwater of course). Wondering what everyone's opinion is on the matter and what they think is the best for maintaining a stable reef? just curious!;) #reefsquad
  17. clownenthusiast2017

    Benefits of clownfish hosting an anemone?

    So exciting news.... MY CLOWN JUST STARTED HOSTING ITS NEM!! WOOHOO!! ok so back to the question.. I was wondering if there are any benefits either for the clown or nem when it's being hosted? Idk if I'm making this up but my nem is looking a little happier now that the two paired up. Thanks...

    Help on AIO skimmer options

    Hi all, I had a JBJ 45 and was running Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB. Its a beast and loved it. But moving to a new place and I wont have that space in the back. So looking for recommendations on skimmers that will fit inside the AIO compartment of the new Waterbox 50 gallon AIO. The compartment size is 4.5...
  19. clownenthusiast2017

    Pair of Assessors???

    Hey guys! I'm looking into adding some fish to my tank and I'm really liking the yellow assessors. I was wondering if I could house a pair of them? Have they been known to have any aggression towards their own kind? I think these fish are super cool and it's a bonus that they're captive bred...
  20. lilbitreefer

    0Nitrates high phosphates

    Ok, so after neglecting my tank for over 6 months maybe a year I have finally taken back control. I have done two, 25% water changes and removed over and inch (maybe two) thick of hair algae growth over my live rock and added a sea hair to vaccum the bits Icouldn't remove (whom, while very...
  21. Mordie101

    Prazipro in DT

    Anyone ever put prazipro in their DT? I have corals and two clown fish and no QT.. i don’t want to lose my fish but i don’t have equipment for a QT so my only option is DT. Has anyone every had negative side effects? Tank is 2 almost 3 months old and fish have been in DT the whole time. Believe...
  22. KingReef16

    Mind-blowing Palys dying in QT?

    To all the experienced reefers out there - I am in need of your guidance! Totally new to all this. I set up a very basic QT for my corals about 6 weeks ago and have my first set of frags in x 5.5 weeks. The frags are mostly zoas, plus one spearmint stylo, and a CB mind blowing paly. All have...
  23. Mordie101

    16 gallon biocube

    So i started my first saltwater aquarium in July. I have debated on doing this but hey why not. R2R has helped me a lot in the short time and maybe doing this will help others and maybe me too! So i have a biocube 16g. Nothing to special. I have always loved tropical fish and now that I’ve got...
  24. Melinda01

    Hooded fairy wrasse hiding

    Today I noticed that my hooded fairy wrasse wasn’t swimming around in the tank. When I found him, he was wedged deep between a couple rocks and I thought he was dead. Then when I tried to get him out he darted under the rocks into the sand and buried himself! This wrasse is always swimming...
  25. clownenthusiast2017

    Pest eating wrasse??

    Hey guys!! quick question.. Will a pink-streaked wrasse eat pests? I've heard of them eating flatworms but what about mites and that sort of thing? Thanks #reefsquad
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