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    ORA corals acclimating to my lights + AlgaeBarn discount codes

    New ORA corals from @AlgaeBarn acclimating to my lights in the sand bed front and center. AlgaeBarn Coupon codes: 10% OFF Captive livestock: reefstache10 15% OFF AB livestock: reefstache *non map items #ORAcorals #orasps #reefstash #algaebarncoupon...
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    Mixed Reef Tank with ALL captive bred fish…

    My mixed reef is made up of ALL captive bred fish from Biota! Current Fish list: Yellow Hawaiian Tang x4 Lyretail Damselfish x3 (aggressive) Blue Regal Tang Golden Cuban Basslet Purple Picasso Percula Clownfish Black Helmet Picasso Clownfish Coral Beauty Angelfish Radial filefish Starry Goby...
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    Fish room floor lights - in love!

    ⚡️ I think I love these new fish room corner floor lights! Link on Amazon: LED Corner Floor Lamp 62” light - Mood color changing with Bluetooth and Remote: #reefstache #LEDRoomLights #ledcornerlights #fishroomlights #fishroom #aquariumlights #roomlights
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    Cleanup Crew refresh

    I brought in a cleaner crew refresh from Reef Cleaners and they are helping me get this algae under control. Corals are looking nice and fluffy. Just trying to get things back in balance after overfeeding the tank the last month dealing with damsels. I caught 3 of the 6 using the fish trap...
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    Build Thread ReefStache CADE frag build - CADE Aquariums Reef S2/F 1200

    ReefStache CADE frag build - CADE Aquariums Reef S2/F 1200 I’m planning to plumb this 1200 with my established 1800 and skip any sort of cycle essentially just increasing my total water volume on my reef. The build teaser video: Latest build pics (will update these pics as the build...
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    Recommended Reef Tank products/gear

    View my recommended reef tank aquarium products on Amazon. These are products and gear that I use on my own saltwater aquariums: Be sure to view the “Idea Lists” which include products specific to topics like, fragging coral, water changes, aquarium LED...
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    ReefStache January Newsletter & *GIVEAWAY*

    ReefStache January newsletter: New “Feed Your Coral” GIVEAWAY - link and details in the newsletter. #reefstache #feedmycoral #coralfood #algaebarndiscountcode #AlgaeBarn #quantum #quantumusa #coralcane #GIVEAWAY #reefstachenewsletter
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    Illumagic Blaze X Reef Lights and Vitamini Super Actinics

    More about the lights I’m running over my reef tank… Blaze X #reefstache #reeftanklights #reeflights #illumagicblazex #dalua #illumagic
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    How much money have you spent this year on your tank? lol

    #AquariumGoals #2023goals #fishtankgoals #happynewyear
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    Reef tank update - CADE 1800 S2/P

    The reef tank build: Tank: CADE 1800 Reef S2/P Peninsula Lights: Illumagic Blaze X 180 + Vitamini x2 Skimmer: DALUA GW17 Controller: Felix Smart Pro Rock: Cornerstone Reef Rock Custom Stache rock: Dream Aquascapes Salt: Quantum Macro Probiotic Salt Wavemaker: Panta Rhei ECM 42 Pro from Unique...
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    Reef Tank Update and Unique Corals discount code “reefstache”

    New vid is out! Unique Corals is a top online vendor for corals… check out the fire that came in from them. Unique Corals promo code: 10% OFF livestock code: reefstache #UniqueCorals #uniquecoralsdiscountcode #uniquecoralscoupon #reefstache #onlinecoral...
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    Complete the sentence; “You might be a reefer if ____”

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    Go to your camera roll and post your 4th fish tank related pic!

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    How you like them apples? #reeftankflex

    Reef tank mentality lol…
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    Reef tank get REEF ART +more Biota fish and corals

    Hanging reef art over the tank and adding more Biota captive bred fish along with some awesome corals from Biota.
  16. reefstache_reef_tank_live_web_cam.jpg


    ReefStache reef tank live web cam:
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    Reef Tank live web cam - come check it out!

    View my 228g CADE reef tank build. I'll be available all day to answer any questions about the tank.
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    LED lit background and school of yellow tangs

    3 things on this reef tank that get the most comments. 1) The LED lit background 2) The scape 3) The yellow tangs See them all in this livestream video and drop me any questions you might have about the build.
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    The Reef Tank is streaming live - check it out!

    Streaming live now…
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    Reef Tank Giveaway - time is running out!

    Don’t miss your chance to win a complete CADE Aquariums 500 reef tank loaded with gear, fish, coral and supplements! $8k worth of giveaway prizes for one winner! Must be 13 years old to enter and reside in one of the CADE shipping regions; USA, Australia, UK, South Korea and India. You get one...
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    Reef Tank livestream with music and yellow tangs

    Reef Fish Tank livestream with music and Yellow Tangs: The yellow tang school is a blast to watch. Drop a comment with any questions. #tanggang #reefstache #reeftank #cadeaquariums #reeftanklivestream
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    Yellow tang school live on YouTube

    Come peep my yellow tang school live on YouTube:
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    CADE Aquariums $8k Nano Reef Tank Giveaway by @ReefStache!

    It’s GIVEAWAY time and we have a big one for you! JOIN HERE: CADE Aquariums $8k Nano Reef Tank Giveaway by @ReefStache! #cadeaquariumsgiveaway #reeftankgiveaway #reefstachegiveaway #cadenanoreef #reefstache #cadeaquariums
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    Panta Rhei ECM 42 Pro at Unique Corals

    Super stoked about the flow from Panta Rhei! R2R sponsor @uniquecorals shipped me a Panta Rhei ECM 42 Pro with the new 2 button configuration to try on the CADE reef tank. LOVE this wavemaker pump!
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    Adding R2R Sponsor Coral-Vault corals to the tank! FYAH!!!

    We have coral in the tank now Thank you for some amazing pieces! Coral-Vault discount code “REEFSTACHE” for 10% off non map items. #reefstache #coralvault #addingcoral #reeftank