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  2. J

    Upgrading tank. Use old media/live rock to cycle?

    As the title says, I upgraded to an Innovative Marine 25g lagoon FROM a Fluval 13.5. I've had the new tank running with no lights and the old ceramic media in the back for about 3 days now. I'm planning on putting the live rock in today and testing the parameters. I guess my main question is...
  3. B

    180g Acro dominated tank help!!

    HI, guys need some quick opinions on a new build. I have a 6x2x2 180g tank currently in the process of being an acro dominated tank. I have a 60g 2x2x2 that is pack to the brim with acros that I would like to transfer to the 180g but need some opinions on light. I currently have 3 gen5...
  4. EAZi_Coral

    Positioning of Gyre Pumpa

    Hello, I have a 130g tank, dimensions are 130cmx55cmx55cm. It's going to be an sps dominant tank, I have 2x jaebo gyre pumps, and recently acuires 2x XF350 gyre pumps. I want to make use of all 4 pumps in the tank. I needed some help with positioning the gyres so that I have good turbulence all...
  5. oceanarab

    Return Pumps Powerheads Sumps Ecotech L2 return pump new

    Ecotech L2 return pump . Brand new in open box only opened to look at it $475 shipped
  6. Unknown clownfish breeds

    Unknown clownfish breeds

    I don’t know the types of clownfish these are. If you know the species can you please tell, they are two different species. The big one is about 3 inches and small one is about 1.5 inches.
  7. nsauer3

    180 reef gallon tank stock list

    This is my list for my saltwater reef tank, 180 gallon 1. Clowns(2) 2. Algae Blenny and Canary blenny 3.Firefish, Engineer Goby, and Royal gramma 4. Pajama Cradinalfish(5) 5.Dispair Anthias(8) 6. Starry blenny and Blue dot Jaw-fish 7. Tang time! chevron tang, purple tang and mimic tang 8...
  8. Marco Pardun

    Build Thread Marco´s Clean Reef Tank - 26 gallon (No Skimmer ans Sump)

    Hello A few months have now passed since the start of my nano reef tank and it's very good. I did without a skimmer and sump and wanted a clean and simple look. It works very well The tank is supplied with Triton for other methods, which is dosed 4 times a day. I do a 30L water change and...
  9. Ryanakers05

    Ready for LPS or SPS?

    Hey guys I’ve been doing saltwater for 6 years now it’s been through a Fowlr system, a shark tank with soft corals and now it’s full of tangs and other reef fish along with inverts. It’s a 180 gallon tank that I believe has been well established I have soft corals and bubble tip anemones in it...
  10. Nigel35

    California Aquariums Package Deal 45 Gallon Reef Tank

    JBJ Rimless 45 Gallon All in One reef aquarium. Tank has been running for over 6 years and has grown large coral colonies over that time. I'm selling the whole setup: tank, equipment, lighting, livestock, lots of extras, etc. Detailed description below. The tank has been running for quite some...
  11. Kenyon

    Please help with unhappy Zoanthids!!!!!!!!!

    Long story short I have a 10 gallon zoa dominated nano with around 30 different varieties from low end to high end and about 6 varieties are suddenly acting unhappy, shriveling up, expelling guts, etc. The kicker is most of the high end varieties look great.. 25 percent of my zoanthid strains...
  12. Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand

    For sale Tennessee Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand

    Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand. New in box. Asking $115.00 plus shipping Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  13. Neptune Apex Par Monitoring Kit

    For sale Tennessee Neptune Apex Par Monitoring Kit

    I’ve got a Par Monitoring Kit for Apex for sale. It’s new in box. Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Asking $280.00 plus shipping
  14. Apex Equipment

    For sale Tennessee Apex Equipment

    I’ve got multiple Apex gear for sale. 1-Par Monitoring Kit (New) $275 2-LSM Module w/ 5 LED strand (New) $125 3-VDM Module (New) $80 4-DDR-DOS combo (New/Used) $350 4 combo Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Will also cut a deal to someone that buys everything 2gether in a package deal. DM...
  15. AydenLincoln

    USA WTB Looking for a Neptune Apex System!

    I’m looking for a used Neptune Apex System! Specifically this one.
  16. JonahDeMarco

    Build Thread C-vue 45 build

    Hey all, I'm Jonah, not new to the hobby, but I am new to the reef2reef community. I'm currently setting up my second reef tank, which is a C-Vue 45 AIO system. The set up is in my living room, so I am aiming for a very clean, simple looking setup with minimal cords, pumps, HOB anything...
  17. Eshopps Doser & Slave w/ dosing line holder

    For sale Tennessee Eshopps Doser & Slave w/ dosing line holder

    Eshopps Doser & Slave Doser w/ line holder. Used, great working condition! All heads and pumps work. Just need new dosing line and you’re good to go! Asking $160.00. Will shipping if buyer pays for shipping.
  18. Radion XR-15 Gen 4 Pros w/ new mounts

    For sale Tennessee Radion XR-15 Gen 4 Pros w/ new mounts

    (2) XR-15 Gen 4 Pros w/ new mounts in boxes. Asking $600.00 for both lights and mounts. Will ship if Buyer pays for shipping.
  19. jtone_philthy_aquatics

    Build Thread Red Sea reefer xl 200

    Starting up a new build thread for my newest system redsea reefer xl200 build radion xr15 blue g5 Bubble magus 3ex skimmer Jebao dosing pump 13 watt uv Phosphate / carbon reactor Swapped out filter sock for filter cup (redsea) (X2) innovative marine wave link pumps ( med ) set on pulse...
  20. Ellissp

    First reef tank, would like others thoughts on my setup

    Hi my name’s Ellis, I’ve recently gotten into the saltwater tank hobby and would like some people opinions on my setup I’ve had for around 2 months now. I’m probably doing some things wrong and I always like to hear what other people have to say. I’ll post a pic or two for reference. It’s a 6...
  21. C

    Is this to much flow??

    Hello, I am brand new to keeping coral. I have had this saltwater tank for three years. I just recently purchased a Duncan Coral and I am afraid it is getting to much flow. I have attached two videos. Thanks for any help.
  22. Regalcinema

    Hello Enough lurking! Time to say hi!

    Hello all R2R people! My name is Corey and I have been reefing for a little over a year and a half. I have been studying R2R at a constant since I found out about it. I started with a fluval 13.5 and upgraded almost instantly to a 40 breeder with HOB equipment. At the time I was living in...
  23. C

    Algae bloom with corals in tank

    I was hoping to get some help with my tank. I have a 75L Red Sea Max nano tank, has been running for the last 10 months or so. We used to struggle with brown algae/diatoms or SOMETHING that covered the tank walls and sand bed and created a film over the rocks, but 3 months ago was able to fix...
  24. psyduckie

    40 Gallon AIO Acrylic Build

    Hello! I just got into the hobby. Decided to save some money and build an acrylic tank. My tank is 36x24x12 (lwh). I have attached some pics as well. Before I add water and start cycling, I was wondering if anyone has any experience building acrylic tanks. I wanted to know if one brace across...
  25. sotoreef

    Build Thread Nuvo 20 SPS Dominated Nano Reef Tank - My First Attempt at Reefing

    Hi reef2reef, This build thread dedicated to my future self (Yeah look back at all the mistakes you made ya fool :D), my supportive wife, family, friends, and everyone in r2r who following along. This is my first attempt at reefing, recording all the ups and downs till God knows when...