refugium diy

  1. M

    Sump Improvement advice?

    Hey everyone so I purchased my aquarium from a friends dad who personally built the sump, I had some assistance with someone who had a crash course from an expert in setting it up but I am just becoming not happy enough with the function and look of my sump. I’d like to add a fuge so I could...
  2. P

    40g breeder sump/refugium

    Hello, I’m not really looking for additional mechanical filtration as much as I am a rubble rock and macro algae pod farm that also helps with nutrient export, incorporating a rdsb as well would I still need baffles and what not or could I just plumb it and let flow do the rest of the work...
  3. A

    Nano Refugium

    After searching for refugiums for my 20 gallon salt tank i found little to nothing that would work or was sold to fit that product need. I was wondering if anyone else has found a company that makes this, or has any experience making their own? I made my own using a breeder box then adding a...
  4. A

    External Refugium setup and thoughts

    Im deciding on whether or not I want to set up a refugium. Really the decision is on how I want to set it up. I love the mandarian Goby (who doesn't) and feel like the best way to keep one is with a fuge. I had one for 2 years previously, but had to move and tear down the tank and sold him. I...
  5. F

    Red Sea Max E-170 Back Sump Refugium VS Tunze Refugium Reactor

    Hello, I am thinking of using the InTank E-170 media basket and the Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget refugium light to create a refugium in the bottom media basket of my back tank sump on my Max E-170. Has anybody ever done this? If so, I would love to know your thoughts and any photos. OR I...
  6. B

    Build Thread Aqua clear refugium

    Have made a hob diy aqua clear refugium for my 2.5 pico and was wondering if anyone else tried a diy hob refuge?
  7. Leon Gorani

    DIY refugium suggestions for my Red Sea 170?

    So I bought a new Red Sea reefer 170 a few months ago and I haven’t set it up yet. I am trying to decide on how to create a refugium in my sump and what set up I should go with. I have a piece of glass that I had cut to add into the sump to separate it. I just need some help to figure out which...
  8. TheWackyWiz

    HOB 70 fuge questions??

    Hey Everyone, First I wanted to say how informative and helpful this community has been as I've taken my first steps into the saltwater side of the hobby! Second, hoping to get some guidance on my set up. It's a 20g high and I modded an Aquaclear 70 HOB into my refugium. Its been working...
  9. R

    Adding refugium

    What is the best way to add a refugium to a rs250? I seen where people convert the ato container but I bought mine used and it didn’t come with one. Any input would be appreciated
  10. Lizzybxi

    Seachem Tidal (50,75) vs. Aquaclear (70)

    Hi I'm debating which HOB filter to buy. I was planning on turning them into DIY refugium with chaeto. I know the Aquaclear filters are super popular for the diy hob refugium but I seriously dislike that it doesn't self-prime. I have yet to see anySeachem tidal refugium diy which is why im...
  11. nanonøkk

    refugium help

    ok so i got my refugium set up in the second back chamber of my tank and i was wondering if anyone knows a good material that will let water run through it but not let my cheato flow into the next chamber

    Sump pluming

    What’s up reef2reef I took a little break for a while but I’m back!! So my next project is too hopefully set up a sump for my 29 gallon tank. First thing I don’t want to drill my tank so I am planning on buying a overflow the one I am interested in is the PF-300 overflow perfect for my nano...
  13. J

    20 high sump build.

    I'm looking in to building a 20 high aump for my 45 tall. Would an acrylic sheet 18 in x 24in x .080in be strong enough for the build?
  14. Phoebe-fish

    Hello Hi from the UK

    Hello, My name is Phoebe, and I live in Lancaster UK. I started my saltwater journey when I was 15, I dived straight in (‘scuse the pun) without having owned any kind of tank previously! I had saved up for a few years and I got a simple plug and play nano 90L/20G from Kent Marine and a few...
  15. lazycouch

    refugium stock recommendations?

    Hey everyone, i will soon be making this breeder tank my “hob” refugium and was wondering what i can add to it to make it most effective for its limited space. it is 0.5 gallons and measures 10”L 3.5”W 4”H. i think Chaeto is definitely in the plan (fuge is built primarily for nitrate removal)...
  16. lazycouch

    good overflow box??

    hey everyone, i’m looking to start an under tank refugium for my 30 gallon but drilling is not an option. i was wondering if you can post some links or recommend good or the best overflow boxes for my size? thanks! the fuge will be somewhere between 10-20 gallons
  17. lazycouch


    so i’m thinking of starting a refugium for my 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) and i want to make sure my train of thought is making sense so far as i study refugiums. my plan is to use a 5 gallon tank and store it inside the cabinet my tank is on top of since i have no space elsewhere and the...
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