1. Y

    Copepod refugium help

    Hey all, I’ve recently bought a Scooter Blenny for my Waterbox 20. He readily takes frozen food, been feeding him frozen copepods which he readily eats, and he picks at what live copepods he can find in my tank. Id like to construct a refugium for breeding pods, but just a rubble refugium. I...
  2. Skimz 21 sump

    For sale California Skimz 21 sump

    Great condition Skimz UP21 sump. Shipping is not available. Thanks
  3. AlgaeBarn

    New May Deals!

    But the New Galaxy Pod 4 pack and get a 5th jar FREE OR Subscribed to the New Galaxy Pod combo and get a FREE Can O' Cyclops each month!!
  4. Trigger Platinum 20 cube sump

    For sale Nevada Trigger Platinum 20 cube sump

    Comes with Spears check valve and spears gate valve. 5 extra roles $100.
  5. A

    Macroalgae Help!

    Hello! So I have been trying to grow Chaeto, and to not avail, it ends up going clear and brown. My nutrients are 15-20 ppm for nitrates and between .1-.003 ppm for nitrates. I have my lights on for an 8-10 hour photo period, with a 60% intensity at 7 inches above the surface, Chaeto being down...
  6. A

    Chaeto Turning White

    Hello! I am new to the refugium world. My Chaeto is turning white in some spots, but definitely has enough light. I run the AI Prime Fuge on 60% for a 10 hour photo period that was acclimated at 50% of that onward. Secondly, I might not have enough flow, because I rigged up a baffle in my sump...
  7. Fiji 40g breeder drop in AIO sump

    For sale Pennsylvania Fiji 40g breeder drop in AIO sump

    Fiji cube 40g breeder drop in AIO sump, good condition. Comes with media rack and return nozzle. Can either be siliconed in the tank or just magnets, can be put in any tank really that it will fit in doesn't have to be a 40g breeder. $100 shipped!
  8. Lifereef Sump

    For sale Colorado Lifereef Sump

    For Sale: Compact Lifereef Berlin sump, SVS2-24 in-sump skimmer with LifeReefugium 20 x 14 x 19 high, 13.5 gallon capacity. Purchased July 2019. Selling all for $500 Picked up
  9. MarshallB

    Battling GHA with a refugium

    I need some help from the vets around here. My 125 gallon has been up for 2 years come june. I've had GHA for going on probably 8 months. At first I tried additive solutions then realized those caused other problems just as annoying as GHA. For the past 4-5 months I've pretty much left it alone...
  10. wonderphil-reef

    Whats the best setup for refugium?

    Wanted some advice on setup for the refugium, what's the best setup or do people recommend? Currently, I have sand, a bit of live rock and a bit of Chaeto with Kessil A80 Tuna Flora light that's on from 6pm to 6am. Still have problems with my Nitrates & PO4. Wondering if I should just get rid...
  11. AlgaeBarn

    The secret is out on how we harvest our pods!!!

    Fresh from the AlgaeBarn farm!
  12. Ruby Sump 30

    For sale Kentucky Ruby Sump 30

    I have for sale a Ruby 30 sump. It's brand new and never been used. I bought it to go with my original acrylic tank but never used it due to the crack in the acrylic tank. I just bought a red sea and can't use the ruby due to no room in the new stand. These things are over 300 new. I'm looking...
  13. 35 gallon sump 36Lx14wx16h

    For sale Florida 35 gallon sump 36Lx14wx16h

    Used sump in perfect condition. Ideal for a 75-125 gallon tank. Big refugium section.
  14. Trigger Platinum Sump

    For sale Nevada Trigger Platinum Sump

    Trigger platinum sump cube 20. Comes with gate valve. In great shape. 5 extra roles $100.
  15. K

    Help with sequence of events

    Hello everyone, I would love the opportunity to pick your brains a bit. So I am in the process upgrading from a 54 gallon corner tank to a 125 gallon I bought off of Facebook. (Pictures to follow). I cleaned it up, drilled it, and modified the stand. I now have a 30 gallon three stage sump and a...
  16. Pax Bellum ARID N24

    For sale New York Pax Bellum ARID N24

    Pax Bellum ARID N24 - $500 shipped
  17. Tunze 9004 Skimmer / Comline 3163 / HOB Refugium

    For sale Pennsylvania Tunze 9004 Skimmer / Comline 3163 / HOB Refugium

    My initial goal was to setup a 40 breeder similar to the BRS beginner tank but quickly changed my goal to get my long term tank (Reefer 525xl) Skimmer/Filter/HOB refugium for sale. All items were in a 40 breeder with salt water ONLY for about a month before I change my mind on getting a bigger...
    $60.00 to $375.00
  18. hworner

    Starting refugium

    Looking to start a refugium in my waterbox marine x series. Was just looking for some ideas on how to do so, deciding between a hob type to put in the sump or creating another chamber in my sump for it. Also what lights does everyone recommend for the refugium? Thanks!
  19. Skimz  UP22 sump

    For sale Illinois Skimz UP22 sump

    Needs good cleaning. Will throw in bunch of skims filter socks Will ship at buyers expense
  20. Muffin87

    Dr. Tim & Mark Callahan video says refugiums / ATS don't work well for nutrient export

    Key points: Refugiums and algae turf scrubbers can't run nutrients low enough to run an ultra low nutrient system; They make a system phosphate-limited, so you're always going to have residual nitrate; Algal exudates tint the water yellow and require protein skimming; Quote from 5:17: "[a...
  21. FS: Fiji Cube HOB Refugium

    For sale New York FS: Fiji Cube HOB Refugium

    Brand new and only used as a test run but going in a different direction for my refugium Brand new is $145, will sell for $120 OBO
  22. Yerxi

    Does this light work for a refuge?

    Currently trying to use this light on its blue setting to grow chaetomorpha. Already had the light so I figured its worth a shot and fits nicely mounted on the sump but I see a lot of red light spectrum in refuge lights so not sure if its a necessity or just better for growing. I know its better...
  23. Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    For sale Tennessee Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    Tunze EcoChic 8831 new in box for sale. It can be used above the water or even completely submerged in the water as well! Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  24. Esopps Nano Refugium Sump

    For sale North Carolina Esopps Nano Refugium Sump

    New never used Eshopps Nano refugium sump . I don't know where I put the drain tube for the sump to tank connection . Should not be an issue .. Most ppl hard pipe. Never registered the warranty . Cannot ship local pick up only . Make a reasonable offer .
    $225.00 to $225.00
  25. Hugo’s_Reef

    Any Macroalgae resistant to fluconazole??

    i have been able to eliminate bryopsis almost completely from my sps system with fluconazole . Unfortunately after a few months it comes back. I am currently running triton method so every time I dose the fluconazole I have to pull out my chaeto. going forward I would like to just leave...
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