1. Lilmssmartiepant

    Reefer 625 xxl built in refugium set-up help needed.

    Does anyone have the newer 625xxl with built in refugium? Need help and idea to set up the refugium section. Thanks!
  2. J

    What is this? SUMP HELP!

    Alright, so I went to a local coral shop and found a 25 gallon rimless cube, with stand, and sump. It was a great USED bundle. It was 100. Had to do a lot of cleaning, but it’s looking good (still have to clean the sump). Anyways, I don’t know what kind of sump this is, I’m getting the tank...
  3. nanoShearer

    Refugium for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for information on creating a refugium in the second chamber of my Fluval Evo 13.5. Has anyone done this? If so, did it make a difference in the nutrient levels in your tank? I'm worried that the refugium would be too small to make any noticeable difference. I'd...
  4. 0utworld

    Deciding on a refugium light

    I'm running an IM nuvo 20 and thinking of growing chaeto in one of the back chambers. I've come across two similarly-priced fuge light that are small enough to fit: -Innovative Marine ChaetoMax 2-n-1 LED -Tunze EcoChic Waterproof Refugium LED 8831 The Tunze light is submergible, which would...
  5. Leon Gorani

    Which of these is a better HOB Refugium option? or...
  6. D

    All refugium or make dividers

    Hey everyone, My biocube 16 (sps dominated) have been running for a year or more now, it has had a lot of algae issues sinces it started. It crashed not long ago but it is recovering now, im thinking of making an extra sump for it, it is a 20 gallon. Should i use the space for a skimmer or...
  7. Justen

    Hair Algae in 30g AIO Refugium

    I have a lot of hair algae in my chamber which I use as an refugium to grow chaeto. The chaeto grows very nicely but so as hair algae. It becomes very thick in less than a week everytime I clean it. My main display has little to no algae though. Just some on the glass. I run the light for my...
  8. D

    90gallon with sump. First attempt at triton.

    So I noticed a deal for a Marineland 90g with a custom cherry stand. So there was my invitation to give the triton method a shot. I ended up going with the Eshopps R-200 3rd Gen using Algae Barns macro starter kit (chaeto, red ogo, Pom Pom, ulva) and it seems to be doing well, however the...
  9. J

    How to create a refugium in an existing 10g sump?

    I am looking to create a refugium in my existing 10g sump which is a standard 10g leader for the purpose of sustaining a healthy copepod and microfauna population rather than nutrient export. I've kicked around a few ideas of how to accomplish this however I'm running into a few problems: 1.)...
  10. Kohuku's_reef

    Low nutients in a young system

    I am having a some issues with the LPS corals in my tank that I believe are related to low available nutrients. Most of the coral have lost their "fluffiness" that they had when I bought them. The tank has been running with 0 available nutrient for about a month now. Alk and Ca and salinity...
  11. El_Guapo13

    Changing out chaeto in refugium...should I try another type of microalgae?

    So. Background first. I have been keeping aquariums for most of my life, well, I mean the first 8 or so years obviously my parents were the ones actually dealing with the upkeep, but you know what I mean. However, it has always been only freahwater aquariums. That all changed November 2018. A...
  12. C

    What equipment upgrades should I buy to have success keeping beginner corals?

    I have a Fluval EVO 13.5 gallon. My current equipment/media filtration is as follows: Stock lighting, stock return pump, and the Chamber 1 InTank Media Basket upgrade (I run Filter Floss, Chemipure elite, and PhosBan in this chamber). My 2nd chamber only has a heater, which I am willing to move...
  13. D

    Red Sea 250 v3 sump advice required

    Hi all, looking for some help & advice from my fellow reefers. I have a new RedSea Reefer 250 v3 that I’m just about to set up and I’m trying to get my head around best sump design and equipment placement. At the moment and with the equipment I already own I’m thinking doing something like...
  14. ENVY

    Eshopps sump help

    Hello, can someone please help with my issue. I feel like im losing my mind trying to figure it out. I recently bought a new Eshopps r-100 sump for a new 80 gallon tank. LFS owner recommended me to just get the small size sump since it's all I would need. Eshopps even rates this sump for 75 to...
  15. Hardy_Reef

    Refugium Assistance

    I'm having some difficulties maintaining macroalgae growth in my refugium on a system that has been set up for over a year. I'm using the built in refugium section of a Red Sea Reefer 350 v3 with a Zetlight E200S light set on a reverse 14 hour photo-period at 100% intensity. The chaeto has been...
  16. T

    When should the refugium's powerhead (Intake pump) be on?

    Should my refugium's powerhead (pump) only be on when the refugium's lights are on or should it always be on? I figured if the lights are off, the algae is just resting, so no flow is needed? Also, how much nitrate reduction (%'s) can I expect a 5 gallon refugium (chaetomorpha) to have on a 100...
  17. Ian Baxter

    California Eshopps sump, Skimmer, UV sterilizer, RO/DI unit

    Let’s start with pick up only. San Diego area. Everything is used. ESHOPPS RS-200. 3rd generation sump with refugium -$260 ESHOPPS PSK-100H HOB protein skimmer - $150 AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI 100gph - $120 Coralife Turbo Twist 3x UV Sterilizer 9 watt (needs new bulb) - $60 Aquarium LED bar...
  18. Strawberry

    Chaeto reactor and light recommendations?

    I have seen a few pre-built options through Marine Depot, but the reactors and lights are out of stock with no guarantee they will return. I have seen some close substitutes, but I’m not really sure what would work best for my tank. I’m not really obsessed with adding more water volume, but I...
  19. KJones90s

    Kessil H350

    Is a H350 magenta a good light for growing Chaeto? Thinking about getting one for my refugium, found one for $115. Worth the investment?
  20. T

    My new Sump & Refugium plum/design, any advise?

    Hello, I've been out of Aquariums for 10 years, after running all sorts for 15 before hand. So I had lots of pieces and parts and someone needed their 150g gone, I gladly accepted! I have about 200lbs dry rock that sat for a week in RO flushed every other day. Roughly 120lbs of live rock...
  21. iReef Aquaculture

    Nevada WTB Designer Macro Algaes

    Let me know what you have. I would need it to be shipped to Las Vegas, NV.
  22. R

    FOWLR filtration?

    I’m posting on behalf of my friend, he’s shut down his 180g planted discus tank and wants to go FOWLR as he’s figured for all the time and money he puts in to the planted he’d rather go FOWLR.... he not ready to reef just yet. He wants to know if he would be better off with a cheato refugium...
  23. Dloy90

    Reefer 350 refugium

    Evening folks, I am wanting to add a refugium to my red sea reefer 350 sump but don't want to get rid of the ATO. I just added bio balls today which I want to keep as well but this leaves no room as far as I can see for a fuge. The photo below has rock but that will come out so that's not the...
  24. Saltyfox

    advice needed on nuvo sump refugium

    I need some ideas/advice on the best place to put a refugium in my nuvo lagoon 25’s sump section. If you have done it or know how you’re going to do it let me see/know please!!
  25. Kelsea

    AI Prime Fuge

    I’m really impressed and excited to share my refugium growth with the community! I added the light to my tank in the middle of July and soon after started documenting the algae growth. This is in the sump of a Waterbox Peninsula 7226. I have A LOT of fish in this tank, meaning I feed very...