1. Lylelovett

    Copepods without a refugium?

    Hi all, I recently replaced the chaeto refugium in my sump with an algae scrubber. This also means I removed my grow light from the sump as well. I have dosed copepods a couple of times but have become more interesting in trying to keep a better population in my system. Without having that...
  2. Adam1985

    New Skimmer & Macroalgae Wasting - Observations and Request for Advice

    Hi everyone! I need some advice and this is the best place in the world for high quality reef advice, so please bear with me and thanks in advance for your help! Basically I was skimmerless for a couple of weeks after removing my previous skimmer to prepare the sump for a skimmer upgrade and...
  3. Trigger systems Ruby Red 20 Gallon Sump

    For sale Trigger systems Ruby Red 20 Gallon Sump

    Trigger systems Ruby Red 20 Gallon Sump. It's been sitting in storage since i broke down my tank. You can see it in my build thread in my signature. It does not come with the filter sock or bulkhead.
  4. C

    Are skimmers counter-productive once corals are introduced?

    So I’ve been thinking a little about this with my establishing a feeding regimen for corals. It makes sense to start a tank of with a skimmer while you have fish and while building maturity, but once you get to that point, wouldn’t the space be better utilized to make the refugium larger? In...
  5. 36 inch bashsea sump

    For sale 36 inch bashsea sump

    Used bashsea sump. Located in Chicago. Does not come with the black Media. Has 2 filter cups with adapters.
  6. kenbennedy

    Large Build Look what you made me do

    I have been reading for months at this point. Now that I am in the home stretch awaiting tank delivery, I cannot really procrastinate any longer and am thus starting my build thread. I had a 30 gallon LPS tank about 15 years ago at this point, and it would be fair to say I did a mediocre job at...
  7. Bashea Mano Nano Sump Like New

    For sale Bashea Mano Nano Sump Like New

    Like new Bashea Mano Nano Sump, dry fitted it to my system but never saw water. This is just for the sump, the return pump and skimmer will be posted separately.
  8. wonderbassist

    Sump setup

    Planning a 75 gallon DIY sump. Wanting the first chamber to hold the skimmer and media, second to be a large refugium, and third to be a return with variable water height. I would like the refugium water level to be as high up as possible while chamber one is about 7-8in. Any ideas on how to set...
  9. SCA 26g sump

    For sale SCA 26g sump

    This ended up being a little too but since I needed more room inside the stand for my equipment. It's a great looking sump, well built. I've cleaned it pretty well, there's some stuff on the glass between the baffles that could prolly come off. I'll also toss in a filter sock holder in case you...
  10. 5g Trigger ATO

    For sale 5g Trigger ATO

    Selling my old 5g ATO container. I upgraded to a bigger tank and no longer need this one.
  11. trevorhiller

    DIY Submersible Nano AIO Refugium Grow Light

    I’m looking for a way to potentially grow chaeto in the rear middle chamber of my AIO Waterbox Peninsula 15 gallon. After searching for submersible lights and not finding many small options, I’m considering DIY. After finding some YouTube inspiration, I have a prototype. I purchased a cheap $7...
  12. Brand new, never used, Triton 44 V2 Sump

    For sale Brand new, never used, Triton 44 V2 Sump

    This is brand new, never used. I've removed it from the box to check the condition but it's never been wet. The sump is in perfect condition. I bought this because I broke mine trying to install a fleece filter, but through the magic of acrylic glue I was able to patch up my existing sump...
  13. AlgaeBarn

    What's the best song to play while cooking a turkey?

    All About That Baste. I'm all about that baste, 'bout that baste, WE GOT CHAETO!
  14. R

    Waterbox reef 130.4 sump simple improvement

    I set up my waterbox reef 130.4 two month ago. I was using a breeder box as refugium and it was working until the chaeto grow from a tennis ball to a football, so today I just bought egg crate to create a baffle to keep all chaeto and skimmer apart and some PVC pipe glued on another piece of egg...
  15. MarshallB

    What does your Chaeto look like?

    So I've had my tank up for nearly 2 years. My refugium has been incredibly hit and miss. I read posts about people needing to harvest weekly or byweekly. I think i've actually trimmed my cheato maybe twice in its life span. I started my cheato in a eggcrate box which I flip every other day...
  16. at11ok

    10 gal refugium enough for 55 gal?

    So I have a 55 gal reef tank and I was wondering if a 10 gal refugium would be enough for it? I want to fit a skimmer, sump, and chaeto. If it is good enough does anyone have any ideas on which equipment to get for it and maybe explain how to do it? I’m new to the hobby and only have hang on...
  17. Tunze 3181 Macro Algea Reactor

    For sale Tunze 3181 Macro Algea Reactor

    Tunze 3181 Macro Algae Reactor. This can be placed in your sump or you can use it outside of your sump as stand alone. Comes with two soft hoses, one connects to the pump that is placed in sump and the return hose goes into your return section of your sump. It works great as it's the only...
  18. C

    Adjusting Chaeto light schedule to maintain nutrients.

    I recently created a chaeto reactor for my Biocube. The chaeto is just starting to grow and has made me more comfortable feeding my fish and adding more to my tank. I currently have the lighting 12/12hr opposite the lighting of my display tank. It has been so efficient at reducing nutrients that...
  19. CPR Aquatics Small Refugium

    For sale CPR Aquatics Small Refugium

    Selling a brand new CPR HOB small refugium. I never got around to setting it up on my tank and needing to get rid of some extra stuff laying around. Let me know if you are needing to ship and I can look into price...
  20. WheatToast

    Is it possible to Raise and Breed Brine Shrimp in my Refugium?

    This might sound stupid, but would it be possible to raise and breed brine shrimp in my refugium? The water parameters required by brine shrimp seem to line up with those in my marine system, I dose phytoplankton (Kent Marine PhytoPlex) four times a week, and my refugium is well sheltered with...
  21. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Build Thread 40 breeder 20 long sump/ fuge The video clip above is the most recent shot of the 40 breeder that I just cycled and I’m now adding live stock. I will be getting a decent amount of corals in a little less than a week! Can’t wait!! A lot of diy work went into this setup I had some ai primes...
  22. Patrick Cox

    Thinking about a Refugium and could use your advice

    Hello, I have been running my primarily SPS 100G tank for about 5 1/2 years. I have had a lot of ups and downs but I am fairly happy with the tank. However over that time I have battled different forms of algae. And in the last probably 6-12 months I have started noticing new types of algae that...
  23. Albertoinbox

    Clean Chaetomorpha $20/$30 shipping included

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Clean Chaetomorpha $20/$30 shipping included. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  24. Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber With Syncra 2.0 Pump

    For sale Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber With Syncra 2.0 Pump

    Selling Clear Water CW-100 algae scrubber with Syncra 2.0 pump. I’m also including the stand I built for it to keep out of water. The outlet side none of that plumbing is glued so you can change if you would like. $375 shipped $350 pick up -Max Recommended Tank Size - Up to 200 gallons...
  25. Gogi

    Tumbling chaeto without powerhead - solved

    I always see questions along the line of; Should I add pump to make my chaeto tumble? I don't want to get into the discussion whether that's required/good for chaeto growth here. I just wanted to point out that usually the flow through the sump is enough to make chaeto spin. The flow just needs...