1. ReefNerd

    Grow Algae to Fight Algae - Santa Monica RAIN2 Review

    In this video I discuss growing algae with a focus on the RAIN2 Algae Turf Scrubber. In my opinion, there is no better way to keep nutrients in check, and combat algae in your display than a properly size refugium, algae reactor or algae turf scrubber.
  2. RomoFL

    Florida WTB Kessil H80 Flora & mini gooseneck

    Looking for both of these products: Zip code 33426 Thanks guys!
  3. Wonderboy

    The UGFuge 2.5G Pico Reef

    Hey everyone! I'm experimenting with an atypical build, and I figured I'd share here, too. It originally was one of those old school pico reef entries for's recent contest, but some aspects hindered it's inclusion; however I went forward with the "experiment". I am attempting to reef...
  4. Jomama


    I need phytoplankton, so going to setup refugium outside, any tips,advice?
  5. bar|none

    Reefer 170 Triton Method Build Thread

    (NEW SPS!!) My goal is to build out a Red Sea Reefer 170 with modifications to run a Mixed LPS/SPS tank on the Full Triton method. Refugium as primary nutrient export. Small skimmer rather than full sized, to guard real estate for refugium. I am new to salt water so this is going to be a...
  6. potatocouch

    misc. algae & macro in refugium (in sump)

    in the ideal world, we would love to have only Chaeto (or some prefer Caulerpa) in their fuge (sump) but in saying that, if worst come to worst, the refugium is filled with all sort of misc. algaes i.e. GHA, Caulerpa, Chaeto, Red Dragon, Bryopsis .. does it really matter? I mean as long as they...
  7. Powerphoto

    Refugium grow light glow into tank

    I have converted a aqua clear 110 into a HOB refugium , my question is , I turn the grow light on when the tank light goes out, but the purple light spills into the tank a little , is that ok?? Will it cause algae growth in the DT, Or hurt any of the corals? Thanks
  8. Powerphoto

    Aquaclear 110 to a refugium

    I have a 75g mixed reef, 80lbs of live rock , lots of softies , no sump, current filtration is a HOB 1000 octo, and a reactor for GFO or carbon depending on what I need. My only mistake , which I can't change now is not having a sump. Parameters Salinity 1.025 All 8.5 Ph 8.2 Temp 77 Mag 1360...
  9. Z

    Display Refugium - Need Stocking / Setup Advice

    Hi All. I will be setting up a display refugium off of a new tank - tank will be a 220 bare bottom into a sump. The refugium (24g/18in cube) is external to the sump and will be fed by a separate pump in the last chamber of the sump. It has an overflow that will return back to the first chamber...
  10. BaileyB

    Refugium invertebrate ideas?

    Just finished making my own DIY sump with a standard 10g tank for my 20g tank. I have a refugium in the middle and am looking for things I could add for algae control, and just to keep the refugium cleanish. I know ill have to scrub some algae but want to do as little as possible. I have some...
  11. Mal11224

    Mike's tank upgrade 70g to 171g Waterbox 5226.... in one day!

    So, I ventured into that wonderful world of tank upgrades. I upgraded from my 70g cadlights II tank to a Waterbox 5226 peninsula. I'll be the first to say that it was quite challenging and took me nearly all day to do it. I found myself worrying and stressing during the whole process. But...
  12. MarineDepot

    How to Grow Chaeto Algae and Other Macroalgae Like a PRO

    How to Grow Chaeto Algae and Other Macroalgae Like a PRO| Lighting, Parameters, & Flow VIDEO: Optimal lighting, parameters, & flow for lush macroalgae growth!
  13. MarineDepot

    VIDEO | Prime Fuge Review

    VIDEO | Prime Fuge Review Optimized to grow macroalgae—and grow it fast!
  14. MarineDepot

    How to Set Up a Refugium

    How to Set Up a Refugium VIDEO: Harvesting Macroalgae To Control Nitrate and Phosphate
  15. Willz

    Kessil H160 Flora

    Hello all, I recently bought some Kessil 160 Flora lights. I also, unfortunately, bought the Kessil Spectral X controller, which is compatible with the lights but is really for the 300 series lights. The SpectralX unit allows for me to program the following variables: intensity, violet, red...
  16. MarineDepot

    IT'S HERE! The All-New AI Prime Fuge Light

    IT'S HERE! The All-New AI Prime Fuge Light Illuminate your Fuge!
  17. MarineDepot

    Who wants a free TRITON test kit?

    Who wants a free TRITON test kit? Check out our new video on The TRITON Method and enter for your chance to win! No purchase necessary. 6 winners will be selected. Learn more about TRITON ...
  18. MarineDepot

    The Triton Method Explained

    The Triton Method Explained How It Works and Interpreting Lab Test Results
  19. Ignitros

    AIO tank mounts for SB REEF Lights Sprite Fuge.

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to post for everyone who has an AIO tank with a refugium. I was always using under powered lights just because of space limitations. Recently I purchased an SB REEF Lights Sprite Fuge and couldn't figure out how to use it because the mounts are either hanging or...
  20. Rik

    Illinois Items No Longer Needed

    Hey folks! Hope all of you had a great holiday. I am giving this another go on a few items I have that are extras or that I no longer need. If you are in the Chicago area, we can arrange meeting for pick up vs shipping. 1) Eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box with InTank bracket for overflow box ...
  21. garbled

    25 Gallon fuge vs multiple Chaeto reactors?

    I need at least one more block of algae for my system to process nitrates. I currently have two ideas, and am wondering if people have experience or opinions or whatever as to which to do here: Option 1: A big 25 gallon fuge. Idea is simple. A 25 gallon tall AGA tank with a massive overhead...
  22. bboygraphix

    California FS: One gallon bags of chaeto macro algae for your refugium

    Prefer local pickup in Irvine, CA Just trimmed my refugium and have two 1 gallon bags full of chaeto including pods and other beneficial critters. Price is $25 each, local pickup. Will consider shipping if no local buyers (PM me your zipcode for price).

    Marine Pure Algae?

    Does everyone let algae grown on the marine pure plates or do you scrape/sponge it off? I am assuming to keep the 'pores' open I need to get it off...
  24. SilverCityReef

    Zetlight E200 Settings

    So I picked up the Zetlight E200 refugium light from BRS during the Black Friday deals and I'm looking for input on what other reefers are using for settings and having success with. Thanks in advance.
  25. Lylelovett

    First refugium - lighting and flora?

    Hi all, Building my first reef tank. Currently fishless cycling so I'm beginning to think about my refugium. My refugium as part of my sump is 15H x 9W x 17D. I'm planning to use rubble vs sand. My two questions are: 1. What's a good starter algae/plant? I'm assuming chaeto? and...