1. tim_th3_t00l_man

    AIO Build Fluva 13.5 Marleys_Reef

    Fluva 13.5 Has been established for about 6 months Live rock and sand LPS Blue leg hermits Zebra turbo snail Trochus snail Tiger conch Sand sifting star Randall pistol shrimp and goby Good Coral Banded Shrimp Spot tail blenny Two clowns Light: Fluval marine 3.0 Refugium Light...
  2. ze_reef

    Colorado Refugiums Drygoods Red Sea Slide-out Panel 25 • Aquamaxx HOB Refugium • Tunze 3181 Macro Algae Reactor

    I have some stuff for sale that I no longer use as I have upgraded into a bigger tank. Pickup in Longmont, CO or I can ship these items, buyer pays shipping Aquamaxx HOB Refugium with Chaetomax 9w LED light, paid 200$+ tax for this setup, only selling for half the price, no issues, no box 100$...
  3. T

    What kind of equipment/filtration poses the highest risk for "over filtering" a tank?

    For fun I've been messing around with adding an overflow box to a water box 25 gallon peninsula in order to have a sump in the stand. In doing so I found been using a nano refugium I can fit and automatic fleece roller a full size protein skimmer, an algae reactor, as well as media reactors...
  4. SaltwaterandLime

    Would you rather.... ?

    ...have a refugium or a skimmer? All other things being equal, in an SPS dominated 60-70 gallon cube system, if you only had room for one, would you prefer a skimmer or a fuge, and why?
  5. pookie

    What is this? Dinos? diatoms? Something else?

    So a little background the tank is about half a year old now. I have higher than desirable nutrients Nitrate is at 19.5 and phosphate is at .07-.17 (Hanna issues) I have a refugium going below the tank in my sump i do weekly water changes of about 35 gallons. (the tank is a 90-gallon display and...
  6. mia424

    Build Thread Fiji Cube 108 INT w/ 24 gallon sump

    Hello! I’m super excited to show off my 108 gallon fiji cube tank as it grows! It has been up and running for roughly 6 months now and currently houses 2 clowns (1 black ice and 1 regular ocellaris) from my LFS, tons of live rock (not sure on the exact number of lbs. I ended up actually using...
  7. tnm_ka

    Weird Parasite looking creature in my refugium

    So usually I never really pay close attention to anything in my refugium, all i do is get rid of some seagrape and Chaeto that have grown to an extent where it blocks off the top view of the refugium. This time after resetting up my dosing pump, i realized this weird creature hanging on the side...
  8. YaboiNathan

    Tunze refugium grow light

    I got 2 tunze refugium grow light, waterproof: 50 each or 90 for both shipped
  9. Z

    Display refugium plumbing

    Question regarding plumbing a display refugium. So basically I have a 135g running off of two canister filters and no sump. I am going to plumb a 35g display refugium into the system. My plan was to run a 1inch siphon tube between them and an in-line pump from the 35 into the 135. So in theory...
  10. P

    Kessil h380

    Works great. Grow chaeto like crazy. 175 + shipping
  11. N11morales

    Refugium light using AI prime 16hd (is it possible)

    Hello, I'm new to having a sump in my tank and was wondering if its possible to use my old AI prime 16hd as a refugium light to grow chaeto? If so what leds would you have on to grow chaeto? If this would'nt work what are suggested lights to use? My tank is a 70G tank and lightly stocked on...
  12. megtrax17

    Just another type of copepod?

    Can anyone ID this thing? I was FaceTiming my husband and propped the camera up and realized it picks up such the tiniest little critters compared to what I can see! Thousands of copepods, amphipods, bristle worms, ect in my Refugium. I’m so mesmerized haha!!! Pic of Refugium for reference of size.
  13. Z

    Refugium instead of Protein skimmer.

    Hey all, I am in the process of setting up a reef tank. It is a 135g with two fx4 canister filters. I understand the issues presented with canister filters, but I had them from a freshwater set up and wanted to use them. I understand a sump is preferred however I’m going to use these filters. My...
  14. C

    *SOLD* Tunze Eco Chic Refugium Light

    Tunze Eco Chic Refugium light only used for about 4 months. This thing grew chaeto really well and is submersible. I took down my tank as I’m buying my first home. I only accept PayPal. $60 SHIPPED
  15. pookie

    Chaeto dying/not growing

    I got the AI refugium blade which my lfs told me was a good grower this was about 3 weeks ago. My first 2 "golf ball" sizes died. So then I got 3 and this is them right now.this is me after clumping it back together which is now pretty small. Now I have read everywhere saying it might be low...
  16. R

    Removing Fuge , Best way to harvest pods?

    Hello guys, I am removing my refugium for now as my Chaeto and sump in general are covered in GHA. My nutrients are ok, but I don’t want GHA being the one to keep it under control. I got reefmat to make sure nutrients stay in check, my question is how can I have most of the pods from the Fuge...
  17. AquaForge

    DIY sump layout?

    I got this custom DIY sump kit it’s super well made, but came with no instructions. Just checking if it’s laid out correctly. I’m going to put socks on the left then the skimmer then the refuge finally the return pump. I’m wondering if I should switch the plastic between the return pump area and...
  18. jp415

    Selling: Kessill H80 with Goosebeck + Controller

    Hi All, Selling Kessil H80 Tuna Flora light with Gooseneck+ Kessil controller for 80$ buyer pays for shipping. Just recently upgraded my fuge light so not needed anymore.
  19. Texasnano

    MP10QD, Neptune 2in Flow Meter, Tunze Eco Chic LED Light, WXM

    some left over items sitting around -Tunze Eco Chic 8831 Refugium LED $70 (used for a couple of months) -2" Flow Sensor FS200 $70 (never seen water) -MP10QD mobius $180 (several years old works great, no box) -MP10QD Mobius with brand new wet side in box nem guard included $180 -WXM $50
  20. acro.jordan


    Kessil H380 Refugium light for sale, perhaps one of the best fuge lights EVER made… retail on this bad boy was $299. $160 local pick up or $170 shipped …. First come first serve ! I also have a timer I can throw in for an extra $10
  21. KyleC

    Brown Jelly Disease Fallow Period

    Hi all, Not sure what forum's best for this query. I acquired some macroalgae (chaeto and culpera) from a fellow reefer. They have BJD in their tank... so I've decided to quarantine the macroalgae before adding it to my DT refugium. I get it's best to use sterile macro for refugiums but...
  22. fredward

    Kessil H160 Tuna Flora with shade $200

    I have a basically brand new H160 refugium light from Kessil. It is flawless. I bought it new in march. It’s been over my sump since June but I never used it. Decided I’m not going to start a fuge now. I also have this light shade for it I’ll throw in. Looking for $200.
  23. P

    Reverse Undergravel

    Hi all, Want people to think outside the box on this idea. I put a pond in this summer with a bog/wetland filter where water slowly flows upward through layers of different size rock. About 10” of 5-6”, 10” of 4-5”, 10” of 2-3”, and topped off by 10” of pea gravel. It is filled with different...
  24. decastrat1

    Stocking a Refugium

    Just upgraded my standard LFS sump to a really nice LifeReef sump and LifeReefugium. The new LifeReefugium is significantly bigger and better then the refugium I had in my old sump. Looking for tips and ideas on how to best stock this with micro-aglae and other clean-up-crew. The water volume...
  25. S

    Skimmer vs refugium

    Hello i run 60*45*45(cm) reef tank in korea My tank is just next to my bed and the sound which skimmer makes is really annoying so i just turned off it Now i think of replacing skimmer with refugium The red circle part is for skimmer Maybe i will fill the part with seaweed I wonder after change...