1. wgowen13

    Chaeto - Best or Trusted Online Source?

    I'm in need of chaeto for my refugium but all my LFS are out. Trend is consistent with online stores such as LiveAquaria and Algae Barn. However, does anyone know of another online supplier that sells clean/pest free chaeto? What are some other macros algae to consider for my refugium? Its...
  2. S

    H380 Acclimation Period?

    Hey all, I am restarting my small fuge (17G in one section of my sump in a 125G system). I have some Chaeto ordered, and I own a Kessil H380, it is 14" above the sump. I'm looking for suggestions wrt what type of acclimation period you would use so I don't burn the Chaeto?
  3. iProShot

    Biocube 32g filter media correct?

    I have a Biocube 32g i replaced stock filter with intank media and intank refugium please let me know if correct or if I can add or remove anything else at the moment I have chamber 1 completely empty I dunno what to stuff in there for better filtration Chamber 2 Media Intank Filter Floss...
  4. iProShot

    New Tank 45 days woke up today with some of this on rocks ‍♂️

    Anyone know if this is normal and eventually will go away or is it even bad at all? I started my Biocube 32g 45 days ago recently removed the protein skimmer and just left the intank media with filter floss bio ceramic ring Chemi Pure and last de nitrate also have the refugium with Chaeto still...
  5. Reefer37

    Will This HOB Refugium Work for my Tank?

    I bought this small CPR HOB Refugium from Aquacave. I had read awesome reviews about these guys and thought I'd try it out on my JBJ 45, but now reading I'm wondering if I got too small of a size? My ultimate goal...
  6. Beats001

    Question about refugium uptake ratios of nitrate and phosphate

    Hi, My refugium is doing wanders for nitrate levels, but not much for my phosophates, I'm interested in other peoples experience in this regard. My nitrates started to bottom out, so I dosed potassium nitrate to bring my levels up to 3ppm. My phosophate, sits at 0.15 - 0.2. My nitrate went...
  7. ReeferMadne55

    Changing Filtration?

    After doing a decent amount of research the past few days, I came to realize that running a new canister filter on my tank has seemingly led to nitrate issues. There are only 2 clowns and 1 small blenny in tank, yet nitrates have been an issue. I was unaware that many people label canisters as...
  8. lazycouch

    refugium stock recommendations?

    Hey everyone, i will soon be making this breeder tank my “hob” refugium and was wondering what i can add to it to make it most effective for its limited space. it is 0.5 gallons and measures 10”L 3.5”W 4”H. i think Chaeto is definitely in the plan (fuge is built primarily for nitrate removal)...
  9. lazycouch

    best lighting for chaeto growth?

    i’ve read pure white does fantastic, blue and red, red only, no less than 50% red etc. what lights/ light spectrum do you guys recommend from experience? is the most effective factor for growth proper current? thank you!
  10. lazycouch

    good overflow box??

    hey everyone, i’m looking to start an under tank refugium for my 30 gallon but drilling is not an option. i was wondering if you can post some links or recommend good or the best overflow boxes for my size? thanks! the fuge will be somewhere between 10-20 gallons
  11. lazycouch


    so i’m thinking of starting a refugium for my 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) and i want to make sure my train of thought is making sense so far as i study refugiums. my plan is to use a 5 gallon tank and store it inside the cabinet my tank is on top of since i have no space elsewhere and the...
  12. killergoby

    Build Thread Clay's 75G Barebottom Build

    In the process of quarantining away from my aquarium, and in the very near future moving, I decided to build a new system for my fish/corals that will last at least the two years on my next lease. My fiancé is not completely on board with the idea of going bigger for the aquarium, so I convinced...
  13. D

    Which inverts will deplete a fuge of pods / is my fuge stock safe with a mandarin?

    I have three bumblebee snails, a few turbos, a blue leg hermit, a two legged CC star (harlequin food) and a sand sifting star (soon to be harlequin food) in my fuge. Pod population in the fuge seems to be lighter than usual, but I also recently did a course of prazi and am carbon dosing...
  14. Reefer37

    Will this Work as Refugium Light?

    Was looking into lights for a refugium and remembered I had this Aqueon Planted Aquarium Light: It would be going on the back of a HOB refugium for my 45g AIO. Will this thing work for a refugium and growing chaeto? I'm new to refugiums so wasn't sure.
  15. Lillmoya

    Sargassum refugium?

    Anyone ever try to make refugium using sargassum since it’s so readily available on the beach? What should I treat with to avoid the hitchhikers and icky stuff? I was planning on using paraguard by Seachem for a couple of weeks and letting it grow in a tub before introducing it to the system...
  16. andrewey

    Virginia Reglar Cheato & Clean Cheato

    I have a little more than 3 cups of cheato if anyone is interested for $15 shipped. Shipping will be via USPS first class and I would prefer to ship out early in the week to avoid weekend delays. I'm currently setting up a clean cheato grow out tank, so while this cheato was previously dipped...
  17. N

    Help with Chaeto in Fijicube 20 Sump

    Hello, I have a Fijicube 20 sump and have been using the refugium section for chaeto. This section measures 5.2" by 5.8" by 10" of water. I have been using this cheap grow light mounted to the sides of the refugium. It has been several months and the chaeto isn't really growing and the entire...
  18. Eg0790

    DIY Redsea reefer ATO to refugium mod

    I just wanted to share this with the community, got it done in about a hour with 0 glass drilling experience. This can be done by anyone and im really happy with the results as you can have more space for equipment and still have your macro algae in your sump.
  19. Reefer37

    HOB Refugium Recommendations for 45g Tank

    Any recommendations on a decent HOB Refugium that isn't too big for a 45g tank? I'm new to these, so not sure what all I need other than a grow light and the refugium.
  20. Erick Armanii

    Open debate on marine pure blocks and other materials!

    I recently upgraded to a 125Long, with the trigger system triton 44 sump. In my last tank I had some marine pure blocks in the sump. Due to an ick outbreak the tank has since been fallow and I’ll be waiting 3 months before moving any live rock or marine pure to the new tank. Is marine pure...
  21. Coralqueendom


    Right now I have a 60 gal display and a. 20 gallon refugium with caulerpa dragons breath and cheato. And 20 pounds of sand. And a 20 gallon sump. I’m upgrading to a drilled 75 gal with a custom made 40 gallon sump with an extra large fuge chamber. I’m worried about the decrease in water volume...
  22. E

    Tiny Flatworms

    Does anyone know if I should be worried about these tiny flatworms? I took this video of them in my refugium with a copepod for size reference.
  23. jtshipley

    Pennsylvania WTB KESSIL H80

    title says it all would be open to a h160 for the right price.
  24. TheBurntNjal

    New Reefer - RSR 170 Set Up

    Hi All, I've been a lurker on R2R for a long time and finally built up the courage (and funds) to pull the trigger on a Red Sea Reefer 170. I have had freshwater planted tanks my entire life, but this is my first attempt at a reef aquarium. I am aiming for mixed reef at first, but ultimately...
  25. ReefBud508

    Whats a few good macro types to add to a reef tank itself ?

    Looking to add a couple types of macro to my reef tank to break up the corals looking for a more natural look for my tank ...also in return having them also be a food source and a nutrient reducing livestock any suggestions I'm new to the whole macro algae thing but i hear nothing but good...