1. A

    Want to buy macro algae

    Looking for affordable macro, hypnea, ogo, codium, or gracicularia would be nice. Can’t afford anything expensive willing to pay for priority shipping. Lmk what you have and what your asking. PayPal only
  2. A

    How long can chaeto survive in the mail?

    Found someone on ebay selling chaeto for a good price the issue is he is shipping priority mail. How long could it last in a padded envelope? Would it be worth the risk with all the shipping delays?
  3. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil H160 w/ mount

    Selling my slightly used kessil h160 with goose neck mount. Decided to go with an alge scrubber instead. The light was used led then 3 months and is in like new condition. I'm asking 175.00 shipped including pp fees I also have a Kessil A Series controller for an additional 40.00 with the...
  4. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil H160 w/ mount

    Selling my slightly used kessil h160 with goose neck mount. Decided to go with an alge scrubber instead. The light was used led then 3 months and is in like new condition. I'm asking 175.00 shipped including pp fees I also have a Kessil A Series controller for an additional 40.00 with the...
  5. Arcite

    Requesting help identifying a potential issue in refugium macro algae

    Hi everyone, I have Sea Lettuce and Chaeto in my refugium (there are some other things in there if you wanna check out my build thread). I've started noticing these white, hair-like clumps in my sea lettuce. Can anyone identify this? Is it something I should be concerned about?
  6. A

    Feeding copepods

    I am setting up a refugium and was wandering if you could feed copepods reef roids. Thanks in advance!
  7. A

    Cheap refugium light

    Looking for a refugium light under $50. What would be a good brand? Not looking for something fancy just a small light to attach onto a hang on refugium.
  8. ajtomase

    Algae Scrubber vs. Refugium

    Hello everyone, I'm planning my first tank (Red Sea Reefer 625) and I'm not sure whether to utilize the refugium it comes with and add chaeto to it, or should get an algae scrubber. I would like to eventually have a mandarin so I know I will need a healthy pod population, but I'm not sure if an...
  9. B

    Protein Skimmer vs Refugium for my nano

    Hi all, I’ve got a new Waterbox Marine X 35.1 aquarium that I’ve had set up for <1 month thus far. I have a few soft corals and two RBTA which are all doing well, and two clownfish. My plan for this aquarium is to do an SPS dominant reef with a few zoanthids and mushrooms. Currently in my sump...
  10. P

    Waterbox Mini 16

    As the subject says i ordered a waterbox mini 16 and plan to create a mixed reef tank. Mostly focusing on zoas and other softies including LPS. I’ll be running a Hydra 32 light and want to keep this as self sustaining as possible. Would running a oversized HOB filter with a sponge, carbon/GFO...
  11. J

    EMERGENCY Can anyone identify this in refugium ?

    Hi, my mother recently got into the reef hobby, and after setting up a refugium in her sump just a few days ago, she has noticed this growing from within the chaeto in the sump. The Cheeto came from her local fish shop, and have only noticed it today so haven’t been able to get to the shop to...
  12. B

    South Carolina Dry Good Trade Kessil a360x refugium light with mount

    Less than a couple months old. Selling the tank it is on and no longer need for the new tank. Perfect condition!! Save over $250 between the light and mount!!! $300 Shipped!!!!!
  13. RockyroadReef

    First time setting up refugium. Any and all advice welcome!

    I am setting up a refugium in my sump. This is my first time so I don't know much other than what I watched on some YouTube videos. So any advice will be appreciated! I have a 75 gallon tank, ~30 gallon sump. Tank is established, I have lots of coral and fish in there. If any more information is...
  14. Aquaristexhibit

    Is this too much filtration?

    Hello, Is running : - a macro algae reactor - a becket skimmer - a UV sterilzer - roller mat too much filtration ? tank is a 75g and will have about 8 fish. With rock and sand and some bio media in the sump.
  15. MDSReefing

    Used Eshopps Aqua AR-Nano Refugium/sump ***$175 shipped***

    This nano refugium has been running on my main display for a year. I used it as a sump/refugium for my chaeto and it worked perfectly. Holds around 15 gallons. It’s a great little sump had it attached to my WB 20. Will ship to you for $175 even. I also have a PF nano ESHOPPS hang on back...
  16. shartpants007

    Aquaclear HOB Refugium/Filter

    Hey, guys. Just yesterday I replaced my Coralife 30 HOB filter and protein skimmer on my 20 gallon clownfish/soft coral/CuC tank with an Aquaclear 70 filter modded to be a sort of HOB refugium. Basically, I superglued bits of plastic grid into the back of the filter so that I could fit a basic...
  17. BostonReefer300

    Vibrant and Macroalgae - Poll

    Many of us with refugiums and macroalgae use Vibrant occasionally to tackle a troublesome nuisance algae outbreak. You're supposed to take your macroalgae out before you dose Vibrant. However, it's unclear (at least to me) how long after last Vibrant dose you can put the macroalgae back in...
  18. A

    Nano Refugium

    After searching for refugiums for my 20 gallon salt tank i found little to nothing that would work or was sold to fit that product need. I was wondering if anyone else has found a company that makes this, or has any experience making their own? I made my own using a breeder box then adding a...
  19. JoannaCora

    Display Refugium and Seeking Macros

    Hello all! First post here on the forum, been in the shadows for a while though. Nice to meet you all! I'm stocking a display refugium and this post is to a) show off, c) request specific IDs if anyone knows them, and b) find anyone in the Southern California area willing to sell, trade, or...
  20. E

    Ideal Refugium Flow Rate?

    Hello everyone! I recently set up a tank (within the past couple months) and have been trying to determine what an ideal flow rate is for my refugium section. A little background... I have a 150 gallon display tank with a 13 gallon refugium, and about 15-18 gallons of additional water in the...
  21. jackalexander

    Help with green hair algae

    I’ve been battling GHA for a few months now and It’s upsetting because I got it on a frag plug from my LFS. It has only spread a little bit and it pulls off easily so my nitrates are >5ppm and phosphate is around >0.15. I have tried flipping rocks upside down to cover the GHA, manual removal...
  22. jackalexander

    Chaeto Acclimation

    I just started a mini fuge to try and combat some gross algae and keep nitrates in check. I read in some places that I should start by lighting it for 4 hours a day for a week then increase to a full light schedule of 8-12 hours a day. Any tips from successful fuge keepers? Do any of you turn...
  23. N

    First time doing Refugium - competing algae?

    94Gal DT Trigger 30 Sump Tank is only a few months running After tank cycled, I added 2 clowns. A few weeks later a few snails / hermit crabs. Long term goal (1+ years) is to have a pair Mandarins to I wanted to set up refugium and start seeding with Pods. Initially added MarinePure block &...
  24. jackalexander

    Is a Refugium Worth it?

    I have a 32g that is running a filter pad (carbon), a bag of red sea carbon and a thick sponge on the bottom of the basket. Below that basket I wanted to put a mini refugium but is it even worth it since it would set me back around $100? I plan on having 6 fish if that helps..
  25. A

    External Refugium setup and thoughts

    Im deciding on whether or not I want to set up a refugium. Really the decision is on how I want to set it up. I love the mandarian Goby (who doesn't) and feel like the best way to keep one is with a fuge. I had one for 2 years previously, but had to move and tear down the tank and sold him. I...