1. Victory652

    Man made caves

    Hello everyone, as many experienced reefers know. Caves are important and sometime you need to make some for specific fish. Well I have an idea, it is to take my rock and drill caves into it. Instead of creating caves with multiple rocks. Has anyone done this? If so can you post pictures?
  2. Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    For sale Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    I’m getting out of the hobby, everything must go! About 100lbs of dry rock that I never used to upgrade to a bigger tank - $100 300W Maxspect R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture - 16000K - $400 Emperor Aquatics Smart UV filter 25 Watt - $100 4 Stage RO/DI with TDS meter and auto shut off valve...
  3. V

    Newbie is this a coral or just putty?

    Hi sorry for a totally newbie question but I purchased a full setup used that was meant to include live rock that had various corals attached. Sadly they broke the tank down a few days before delivering it to me so I am assuming all the corals died despite them saying they will “be fine in the...
  4. Bankertanker

    Sticking Rocks Together

    Hello, What is the best way to stick your rocks together? (Silicone/Glue/Pudding/Other suggestions) I was doing maintenance on the tank (10 Gallon) and kept bumping into the rock on the top and it keeps falling down, As of now I have a pair of clowns but would like to add more...
  5. WheatToast

    Thoughts on purging mobile pests from live rock with hypersaline water

    What are your thoughts on purging mobile pests from live rock with hypersaline water? Explanation from KP Aquatics: "(Optional Step) Undesired critters (we really don’t like the word unwanted pests as every creature has a purpose in life) can be removed by submerging the live rock into a...
  6. C

    Live rock in AIO chamber

    Hi all, I have read that running live rock or “rubble” in an all in one back filter chamber isnt a good idea as its a cause of detritus build up and therefore influences nitrate rises. Im curious does this count for larger bits of live rock? Or just the rubble? And im assuming rubble is...
  7. tailoftwogobies

    weird mucus mat.. see photos

    hi again yall! weird mucusy, matted web looking stuff in a low flow low light area in our tank.. been around for a little while, doesn’t seem to be bothering anything but it’s ugly & we are curious if we should remove this or leave it alone.. it’s somewhat like an algae growing.. fish, cuc, etc...
  8. Dripdroppin

    Mp40’s, kessil 360we’s, dry rock…

    recently broke my tank down. Here is a list of equipment for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I’m not looking to separate grouped items at this time. Location is northeast Arkansas 2 X MP40 quiet drives - 275$(One is 2016, one is 2019) ecotech battery...
  9. MrBubble47

    Plating algaes or Sponges?

    Hello, what are these plating things growing in my Fiji live rock?
  10. Y

    New aquascape, chasing opinions

    This is my current aqua scape I’m looking at keeping for my tank. Tank will be mainly for 2 clowns, softies, maybe SPS down the track and definitely an anemone once the tank is mature. Anyone have any suggestions or improvements for what I’ve got currently? Ignore the little coral skeleton at...
  11. Sharkbait19

    Should I rescape?

    Hi, I’ve been having trouble with deciding whether or not to redo my Fluval 13.5 aquascape. This has especially been in mind since my last water change, when my big structure tipped and now feels like an accident waiting to happen. Here’s how it currently looks: I’m conflicted, because I...
  12. B

    Rock cleaning

    Hate to ask a newbie question but I don't know the answer and can not find it online. I am looking to clean rock I purchased from a used tank that was broke down. I think the rock definitely needs to be soaked in bleach. My question is, is this metal tub an acceptable place to bleach them? I...
  13. Aquaristexhibit

    Do I need to have actual “caves” or are hiding spots in an NSA Scape sufficient ?

    Hey Do I need to make real caves for the fish, or will this be sufficient i plan On keeping : Tang (purple or gem) Clowns Jawfish Fairy wrasse Royal gramma (maybe) goby The tank is a 75g (40” x 20” x 22”) thanks,
  14. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Selling Rock

    I have about 100+ lbs of rock left over from when I bought a ton in bulk for my 75 gallon. Pm for pictures and how much you want will decide pricing. $2 per lb! Thanks!
  15. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Aquarium Equipment Sale

    Items for sale: CPR cs102 overflow box with aqualifter pump - $150 100+ lbs of live rock - $250 50 lbs bahams oolite live sand - $30 Will's Aquarium light full spectrum for coral & fish - $80 Wood oak finish tank stand for 55-75 gallon aquarium - $150 Pm for pictures and info, pickup only.
  16. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts WTB Looking for rock

    Looking to buy some rock to re-scape my tank along with what I have. Trying to not pay an arm and a leg or I can trade for an overflow box i have. Located in central mass
  17. Y

    Floating or bottom rocks

    Hey everyone!! so I recently bought a tank! My first ever reef tank! I’ve got a question regarding aquascaping for my aquarium, and whether I should go with floating rockscape or a bottom rockscape. I’m curious as to the pros and cons of each, and how each one will affect my tank? Here’s the...
  18. awais98

    USA FS Decorations to grow corals on

    My daughter and I have this project of hand making these 4 beautiful pieces to grow corals on! Cephastrea, lepto, some montis can grow nicely on these. Each piece is between 4-5” in length! Each one is hand made with 100% reef safe materials. $18 per decoration cost includes shipping ! Alien...
  19. johntdaballa

    How to properly clean/soak dry rock.

    I have Haitian rock in my garage sitting for quiet some time now. I do wood work , car repairs and some staining close by. What is the best way to soak and clean my rocks? Muriatic acid cleaning will definitely be last resort and hope I don't have to ever go that route. Can I soak in RODI water...
  20. Tiwo

    California Zoa rock and mushroom rock FS

    Wanna get rid of these 2 rocks to clear up space. Zoa rock has a couple of aptasia but nothing major. Also has 2 toadstool frags, a 5" nepthea, 100-150 egeal eye zoas, 20-30 scamled egg zoas, 5-10 glitch zoas, and some other random zoas. Mushroom rock has about 35 .2"-1" red/green shrooms Zoa...
  21. fox0521

    Not enough rock??

    Hello! Funny, I posted about my 55 gallon peninsula earlier today, asking for opinions on whether or not I should remove some rock as I felt like I had too much, and not enough room for my fish to swim! Well now I have the opposite problem, where I feel like I don’t have enough rock or places...
  22. fox0521

    Too much rock??

    Hey folks! I’ve got a 55 gallon set up as a peninsula. The tank is about 4 months old, and my question today is: can you have too much rock? I am worried that my tank won’t allow enough swimming room for additional fish, as I’ve already seen some minor aggression (territorial, clowns chase goby...
  23. Zoa_Fanatic

    Kentucky WTB Dry rock in Kentucky

    Looking for some dry rock in Northern/Central KY are. Only need about 8-10 lbs. please let me know
  24. FrioActual

    Somethings Missing..

    About 5 months ago I set up my first tank ever and chose saltwater. It’s a Innovative Marine 20 gallon AIO. I feel like something is missing and don’t know an exact time line on how fast a tank of this size matures. I will step by step walk you guys through what I’m curious about, stocking...
  25. B

    Beneficial bacteria die off?

    I am cycling my current tank with the help of 3 live rocks and a bit of sand from a mature aquarium sitting in a pantyhose at the back of the sump. The problem is I didn't have a heater for a day and the water was really cold, will the bacteria have died and how long do you think the cycle will...
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