1. Urban

    A3 APEX UNOPENED, Test Kits, Digital Hydrometer, Multiple Unused Chemicals

    I have decades worth of equipment and chemicals that have never been used. I would prefer not to ship, so if you happen to be in Florida or south Georgia I will meet you. Hopefully my past sales speak for themselves. The Apex includes the water level sensor, calibration fluid, and pump. I can...
  2. A

    Live rock question

    Recently pulled out a rock that was being taken over by zoanthids. It started to creep up on a chalice and other group of zoanthids in the tank so I thought it would be best to remove said rock and euthanize the zoanthids spreading across it. I placed the rock out in the sun and now have two...
  3. bob_

    Advice Needed: Reusing Real Reef Rock After Tank Sabotage

    Hi there, Firstly, I’m new here so…hello! I’m setting up a nano 10-gallon tank and need advice on what to do about my rocks. This will be my third tank, and I’m ecstatic to get things going. Last year, my last aquarium was cut short by my (psycho) now ex-girlfriend. The tank was running for...
  4. N

    Connecticut New York Dry Rock Drygoods Caribsea life rock open box RAP NY

    Got some leftover CaribSea dry rock up for grabs. All are new, just open box. All prices are OBO and does NOT include shipping, located in Bristol CT Reef Forest Kit with Arches - 125 Reef Forest Extension Kit - 80 Liferock Purple Flatz - 90 Liferock Shelf Rock - 110 Liferock Dry Live Rock -...
  5. N

    About dry rock

    I was wondering if I could use dead coral rubble like this instead of dry rock or live rock to start my tank? Will they fall apart over time?
  6. P

    California WTB Looking for good looking live rock for my Bio-Cube 32 in Southern Orange County California

    I'm trying not to go broke setting up a small used bio-cube 32 by Coralife. I am looking for live rock for the tank from anyone in Southern Orange County California. Anyone out there like that?
  7. V

    Tank set up before live ocean rock

    Hello, Ive just ordered some live rock online and im pretty sure it’ll arrive on Wednesday. I already have my sand, power head, and heater. The rock will be the last thing I need to set the tank up. The rock will arrive in wet paper and so I have to put it in water asap. It takes me pretty long...
  8. V

    Live rock

    Hello, I’m in the process of setting up my 60 gallon breeder tank. I’m starting it off with the very basic equipment. I’ll only have a power head, sand, heater, and the rock. After the cycle I’ll add lighting and then later on I’ll add a sump. Right now I’m looking at my rock options. For my...
  9. tigé21v

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Breaking Down Systems

    Hey everyone, my dad and i are breaking down our systems, and getting rid of our stuff. just have another hobby taking over honestly. We have ALOT of things we are selling. and will try to keep the list updated as stuff sells. all i ask is please no lowball offers, and message if truly...
  10. omerseymen

    How do you glue rocks strongly

    Hi guys i need some advice for gluing my new rocks before i put them in to my tank!
  11. Z

    Stuck! Need some advice.

    After a few attempts at making my aquascape (miscalculated dimensions the first time) I have settled on the following. I took a bit of inspiration for HNSA from the BRStv vids but was a bit hard than expected getting pieces I liked from my Marco Rocks. Can I get a pair of eyes other than my own...
  12. M

    Is there enough space for my clowns?

    hi all I’ve recently placed the rock on the left hand side into my tank to as I thought it would look cool I’m now unsure if it’s enough space for my clowns they haven’t really been down that end of the tank since I place it there just wondering what’s everyone opinion it’s a 52l fluval evo...
  13. L

    Live rock with algae in new tank

    Hello everyone, I am just looking for some recommendations. I am currently building a 75 gallon tank and over the course of the last 2 to 3 weeks have been buying live rock for it. I started off with around 10 pounds in a tote with a powerhead and heater The next week I got another 15 pounds...
  14. M

    What type of dry rock is this?

    Hello everyone, Can anybody help me identify what type of dry rock this is? I can't find any information online, and the seller is unsure of the specific type as well. He says the rocks came from the Philippines, however I can't find any information on Google. It's new, and is being sold for...
  15. T

    Drying out Aiptasia

    Hi All! I took in some cycled rock out of someone else's reef. I was buying a few coral off of him and mentioned he'd get rid of some rock as well because he was consolidating tanks. I know this is a usually frowned upon and well I am now paying the piper in a sense. I am now about two months...
  16. reefsaver

    Australian Victorian Live Rock

    In Victoria, Australia we don't really have vibrant Coral Reefs, although I was wondering if the rock under the tide line would be as good as say rock in Queensland where there're Coral Reefs. My best guess would be no they're not definitively the same, like Victorian Live Rock would probably...
  17. D

    How do you prepare "used" rocks?

    I recently got scored 300lb + of marco rocks for 100$ because the guy is shutting down his tank after an algae bloom. My question right now is basically how should I prepare it so the same bloom doesn't happen in mine. Should I just nuke the rocks by bleach or just lock em away in a barrel with...
  18. Gabbone

    Red Sea Mature Starter Kit issue with water values

    Hi guys, This is my first post ever :oops: sorry for any dumb questions! I am new to Reef World and I've started my first cycle in a blue marine 30g tank with a back AIO sump. I've bought the Red Sea Mature Starter Kit and I've been following the day-by-day guide. Right now I am on Day 10...
  19. Westons aquatics

    Any thought on this aqua scape?

    I’m new to salt and have a 20 gallon water box cube. FYI I mainly keep freshwater aquariums, I have a 40 gallon cichlid tank, 20 gallon cichlid tank, 10 gallon shrimp breeding project tank, and my new salt tank. Tell my your thoughts on this salt water aqua scape if I should change anything...
  20. vcnt

    Rock Questions

    Does the color change? I have noticed that not live rock usually is white like the image but live rock is purple, does the bacteria change the color?
  21. C

    Tiny creatures, reminiscent of worms but featuring miniature hands, have appeared in my 16-gallon saltwater aquarium.

    Hello! Recently, I've noticed tiny creatures in my 16-gallon saltwater aquarium, similar to worms but with miniature hands. They've been consistently present in my filter during changes. Unlike the ones in videos, mine walk between rocks and don't swim. Any insights on what they are and if...
  22. aznreef99

    Florida Dry Rock Drygoods Very Rare Custom Haitian Dried Rock

    Bonsai style custom Haitian rock was built by Kevin Burda at TSA about 8 years ago for a peninsula style tank. It has been soaked in water/vinegar for a week then pressure washed. Measured 33” long by 21” wide by 14” tall. Don’t know exact weight Local pick up in Orlando/ Winter Park areas
  23. Rookie2reef

    New York Live Goods Ceramic big rock with frag rack shelves

    Big frag rack with multiple removable shelves Some of the shelves have zoas on it and wwc black widow encrusted on one of the frag racks Zoas are growing on side of rock utter chaos colony over 20 polyps Chuckies bride Baby tequila sunrise mushroom on bottom $250 23 1/2 x 12 x 17 i believe
  24. blstravler

    New Jersey Live Goods FREE - Rock with Blue Mushrooms - Pick Up Only

    Have a piece of rock that’s between the size of a grate fruit and a cantaloupe with about 8 or so blue muchrooms on it. Just need it gone this weekend - price is free. Local pick up only my zip is 07702. DM is key. No holds. If you DM me please be prepared to provide a day this weekend to...
  25. enlighten

    300 gallon Build - Rock work for Tangs and Nems

    Going to follownthe BRS guide and work with broken down marco rock but interested in learning about your aquascape journey! What did you build for your tangs, do you have before and after photos? What about for nems? Any ideas or resources are greatly appreciated ❤️