1. Queenofreef

    Is your aquascape balanced?

    Aquascaping from a design perspective is rarely discussed. I’ve always wondered why we don’t talk much about what makes a scape look visually appealing, so I’ve started a series where I apply common principles of design used in art, photography, graphic design, etc. to reef aquascapes. This is...
  2. arking_mark

    Maryland Dry Rock SOLD FS/Trade: New Caribsea Dry Rock

    Literally just bought these a couple weeks ago. I decided to go a different direction with my aquascaping... $170 Trade items interested in: High-end internal skimmer Kessil a360x OG Bounce Mushroom Homewrecker Vectra S2 pump As these items are worth more, I'll make up the difference with...
  3. V

    Need help with old live rock

    Hello, Looking to get some insight on some old dried up rock that I was able to get from someone who took down their tank a while back. Just starting out and I'm pretty clueless when it come to rock. Some of it looks like what I see on here and some of it looks much different almost "fake" ...
  4. jebernier

    Too much rock and sand?

    Setting up aquascape in Waterbox 20 nano cube. Put in 20 lb bag of Caribsea sand and purchased a 20 lb box of Caribsea Life Rock shapes. The rock work does not touch and of the walls. Unfortunately, the base rock I got was huge and takes up a lot of space. I'm thinking that the current set-up...
  5. J

    Will yellow coris wrasse tip over rocks or corals?

    I can’t really find a good answer, will a yellow coris wrasse move rocks around? I would t want them to fall, and would they move corals on the sand?
  6. KyleJ42

    Nano Build The Seek Discomfort Waterbox

    Hey all, figured i’d start a thread and see where it goes. Been in the hobby as a whole for about 5 years now. Had a 40 breeder for about 2 years when i still lived at home. I still miss that tank. Being my first full reef, it taught me everything i know about this hobby, along with a lot of...
  7. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut New York $20 bucks for 40lbs of live rock!

    I have about 40lbs of live rock. (I didn’t weigh it but it’s definitely about 40lbs maybe more!) The rock is from a tank tear down that’s been cycling in a brute container with a powerhead and heater in my garage for almost 5 months. I ghost feed a small amount of pellets every other day. Some...
  8. C

    Florida Live Rock CaribSea Life Rock - Shapes and Arches

    I have 100-150lbs of CaribSea live rock available from a tank breakdown. I’m looking to get $2lb for it. Located in East Orlando. I will take pics of the actual rocks tomorrow, but posted stock pic for now. cross posted but hoping to sell local in one shot if possible.
  9. N11morales

    Zoanthid rock

    Hello guys I have this zoanthid rock. It’s taking up way to much room in my 32G biocube. I was curious on how much y’all think it’s worth. it has about 50+ polyps total. Cat eyes, utter chaos, Pandora, blondies zoanthids.
  10. K

    Making own rock

    Has anyone Got any tips when it comes to making their own rock. I’m wanting a specific set up for me new tank. But I can’t explain my vision and would like to make it myself. I’ve seen videos and read some advice but does anyone have any clever ideas. Anyone have any materials they advice to...
  11. Queenofreef

    Creating Depth with Aquascapes!

    Howdy Reefers Wanted to share part two of my little aquascape and coral placement design series where I talk about how to add depth to your rockscape! Hopefully someone can find this info helpful in some way when making their scape even though my videos are pretty goofy. It’s a super easy...
  12. IAS

    Extra Rock??

    hi guys I have about 6 islands of rock that are in my display tank and I just got some new coral I need to put in my sand bed so I need to make some room is it ok to put the rock in my sump until I need them?
  13. kanders87

    Illinois Free Rock — GONE—

    Free rock. Various types, some used in a previous setup, but has been sitting dry for about 2 years. Others are dry marco rock, never used, and ReefRock (if I remember correctly), also never used. You pick up 61080.
  14. sarahwoods

    Florida 175 Dry Coral Rocks and Pieces

    Selling this lot of Dry Coral Rocks all found on the beaches of the Florida Keys. Used very diluted bleach water to clean them, then boiled them and rinsed extremely well. There are 175 pieces total... some as small as a dime some as big as your hand. The price includes priority shipping. 27...
  15. ParadiseReefMT


    Does anyone here have experience with the mined rock from addictive reef keeping? The price is amazing for sure, seems like I can’t really find anything negative about the guy, but can’t find much at all really good, bad or otherwise. Any guidance or experience here would be appreciated...
  16. Perpetual Novice

    Looking for recommendations for beginner coral for a friend

    My friend has been running a 20 gallon tank for about 6 months now. After moving too fast and crashing his tank already he has asked for my advice to slowly restock his tank. It has been 3 months since the crash and he has since added a cleanup crew and 3 small fish. His nitrates aren’t perfect...
  17. Reefer37

    Affordable Dry Rock

    Hey guys, so I'm about to work on my second tank and could use some advice on dry rock. Personally, I prefer dry rock method. It's a little slower, but it avoids any unwanted pests, and since this is going to be a frag grow out tank, I'd like to avoid any possibility of pests or problems...
  18. O

    Any ideas for an aquascape for a 20 long?

    I just wanted a few ideas for a scape for a 20 long that I will have a lot of LPS, zoas, and mushrooms on. please post a few pictures of you nano tank for some ideas. Thanks!
  19. P

    Unknown coral frags

    Hi... I brought a load of frags from someone and have a couple that are unknown to me, at first I thought the coral on them may have died, you can see when the blue light is turned on there are colours on the rock .. not sure what they are.. can anyone help? Thanks
  20. Perpetual Novice

    Is shale rock not reef safe? Did it crash my friends tank?

    I was helping a friend of mine get into the hobby after he told me he wanted to keep a mantis shrimp. I built him a plan for his build and explained how everything works and all the “rigorous” processes and procedures he’d have to follow to set it up properly and maintain it. It’s a 13.5 gallon...
  21. K

    Looking to sell 220 gallon, Fish, Rock and Supplies ( I will piece out)

    The prices are suggested. If you are interested, get your name in the hat. I will entertain reasonable offers. Items for Sale: (3 aquariums, supplies and stock) 220 gallon 6' aquarium with black stand ($600 obo) 2-Coral Box CP-9 wave makers with wireless controllers ($70 obo) 1- Jaebo IPX8...
  22. J

    Small semi clear/white tenticales on rock

    Not sure what these are, I just spotted them today on my dry rock that has been in the tank for about 3 months. Only other things in the tank are 2 clowns, urchine, zoa, mix of snails and a xenia coral which btw happens to be right next to the rock that has these things on them. Thanks!
  23. P

    “Bleach”. Am I missing something?

    Bleaching rock? I went to Lowe’s picked up closest thing I thought to being basic bleach EXCEPT it was splashless. Bleach used to be basic and contain 8% Sodium Hypochlorite. Now it’s been watered down in some cases to 3 percent and has all this “extra” stuff in it. Scents, thickening...
  24. Petrichor

    Black Sponge or Tunicate?

    Got this as a hitchhiker on some live rock about a week or so ago. It was smooth, slimy, and uniform in color and texture when I put it in my tank. It hasn't moved at all, so I assumed it was some sort of sponge and would die off during my cycle. Three days ago it started growing what looks...
  25. Bhor217

    Illinois Multiple Centerpiece Decorative Corals- can sell individually or as a group

    Centerpiece Bleached Coral, perfectly white and bleached, while standing, it measures 17 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 8 inches deep- $100 OBO (first 3 images) - Large piece of Australian Blue Ridge Coral- while standing it measures 13 inches tall, 12 inches wide, 7 inches deep- $75 OBO...