1. J

    Reusing Rock

    Hey everyone, so quick question I was having a breakout of Dino’s and I’m sure cyano over the pat 6 months. I ended up breaking down the tank as I’m setting up a 60 cube. I took all the rock out that had all the Dino slime and hosed it off and it’s pretty much outside. Can I reuse the rock...
  2. J

    EMERGENCY Dino! Reusing Rock

    Hey everyone, so quick question I was having a breakout of Dino’s and I’m sure cyano over the pat 6 months. I ended up breaking down the tank as I’m setting up a 60 cube. I took all the rock out that had all the Dino slime and hosed it off and it’s pretty much outside. Can I reuse the rock...
  3. David100

    Adding Dry Rock to a existing Tank?

    Im having a bit of a GHA problem and one of my rocks has pally on, Im not a big fan of them and it makes it particularly hard to clean. Can I just toss out 50% of my rock and put in brand-new dry rock from my LFS? I have BIO Balls in the sump and id still have 50% live rock that would populate...
  4. F

    Anemone accident

    Hi, I moved a rock from a group of rocks today during my water change that I didn’t realise had a few BTAs on them. Long story short after the water change I found one of my anemones floating around almost torn in half. The anemone must have had his foot on the rock I moved and spread it to the...
  5. N

    Rock Flower is throwing something up!

    our first rock flower. It seems to be throwing something up and is now all shriveled up. Is this something to worry about?
  6. W

    How does my new aquascape look?

    Added a large rock on top as I could not remove my new anemones. Came together nicer than I thought it would and created the cave I’ve been looking for. Missing some on the left side to look more natural but let me know what y’all think and how I could make it better!!
  7. AydenLincoln

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Dry Rock Drygoods CaribSea LifeRock

    Roughly 30-40 lbs of CaribSea LifeRock! Open boxes! This is what I didn’t use that was donated to me. The funds will be used towards maintaining a saltwater tank at a school. This retails for over $200 so it’s a great deal. Pickup only in the Lehigh Valley Area! I will also accept a $100 gift...
  8. L

    Rock from beach

    So a buddy of mine went to Florida around the Fort Lauderdale Miami area and I told him if he sees any nice rocks to bring some back for me. He brought me an entire 30 gallon tote full and I was curious if people think it would be safe to clean cure and put in my reef tank
  9. MariahP

    To touch the back or not to touch the back - that is the question

    Hi team, I have an aio that has the hard plastic back. I’m thinking about doing some aquascaping and back in ye old days I had stacked rock and leaned some of it against the back of the tank. Do you think it’s better to avoid that if possible? My tank is a cube so it would be easy enough to avoid.
  10. cairolip21

    New Jersey Aquariums Lighting Live Rock For Sale: Reef Breeders Photon LED and Tek Light T5

    Posting for my dad who's getting out of the hobby. Located in Bergen county or Ocean county NJ if picking up. Tank and system: Sold Lights for Sale: Reef Breeders Photon 48-V2: $550 Shipped contiguous US. $500 local pickup Sun SystemTek Light 48" 8 bulb HO t5: $200 (Not able to ship)
  11. karamreef117

    Pennsylvania Virginia Dry Rock Drygoods Dry Rock: $1 a pound

    Hello All, I have a lot of dry rock available. You can either come and take a look at what you want or I can also drop it off depending on location and it will cost a bit as well. I travel on I95 all the time to head to PA so that option is available. Please let me know if you are...
  12. notMrDurden

    Texas WTB ISO rock.... Dry or live.

    In the process of getting my 90 gallon set up and figured I would see if anyone in Houston was getting rid of dry or live rock currently or in the near future. I'm up in 77365- north Houston/Kingwood area.
  13. F

    new Dry rock

    Evening reefers, I have a already established tank. And wanting to add more rock cuz I moved it to a bigger tank a while ago. I will be adding almost the same amount already in the tank. I have micro bacteria XLM if I can add that to help. But what to Make sure I don’t crash tank. I’m ok with a...
  14. NaCl H2O

    California Live Rock Drygoods Carib Sea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit With Arches - California - FCFS - Pick Up Only - 200+LBS - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have over 200+ lbs of Carib Sea reef rock. 4 reef tree kits with extra arches. Most has been used but i have pressure washed it all and let dry out. This is for pick up only as im not shipping rocks. FCFS For Sale Due to moving out of state i have broken down my reef tank and...
  15. Eric Cohen

    Live Rock - Australian: Real Deal!

    We are very grateful to provide this high quality “Real” live rock to the hobby. It’s amazing how much rock you get for the pound as You can see from these photos. We will offer new styles in upcoming shipments. Please reach out to us if your looking for some diversity or planning a new...
  16. J

    Michigan Live Goods Pukani Live Rock and Arch $2/lb (Total 70lbs)

    Last bit of live rock with some GSP coral on a few pieces I have for sale. Nice Arch as well. Pukani live rock is the best rock you can buy. $2/lb Located in Freeland.
  17. J

    Virginia WTB Looking for live rock/rubble in DMV - DC/NoVA

    Hi R2R, I have slowly been accumulating supplies for my first reef build (stay tuned for a build thread) for a Waterbox 100.3. I’m Just about ready to get this thing filled. To that end, I’m Looking for some live rock/rubble to get things started off on the right foot. I have a rock scape...
  18. B

    Illinois Live Goods Selling off tank - Show size fish - Aurora, Illinois

    Breaking down tank. The remaining fish must go to a good home ASAP. Niger trigger 7” - $100 firm Blue faced angel 6 – 8” - $400 or best offer Emperor Angel 11" - $500 or best offer $250 to a good home Crab - make an offer Live rock - free local pick up only
  19. B

    Illinois Live Goods LIVE Rock - Local Pick Up - $0

    Breaking down tank and have LOADS of live rock to give away. Healthy tank. Local pick up only - Aurora, Illinois 60504
  20. R


    Hi All, My name is Raj, Living in Michigan. New to aquariums. Physician by profession. I am really glad to find this forum. Started exploring aquariums after my daughter asked for a small fish tank. After multiple trips to local fish store, impressed with reef and salt water ecosystems and...
  21. nsauer3

    Brow stuff in my sand and on my rocks

    What is this, there is something on my rocks and in the sand that has brown red tint and does not look normal.
  22. C

    New Jersey Dry Rock Drygoods SOLD Marco dry rock

    Marco dry rock for sale. Around 75 lbs. About half is new. Need gone asap
  23. AlgaeBarn

    Best Time To Purcahse A CADE AQUARIUM IS NOW!!

    CADE SUMMER SLAM!!!! GET YOUR TANK SETUP KIT FREE ! Our Kits Are: Sized Right for Your Tank Premium Salt, Sand, and Bacteria Ample Varieties of Reef Rock Ready to Run From Day One
  24. Gonj

    EMERGENCY Tank crash, ICP test, and New Build

    Long story short my tank crashed, I found my nero pump controller sitting in my sump (photos below). I immediately did an icp test find results below. I’ve been doing several waterchanges and running carbon between the crash to now. As per my icp test is it safe to assume the metal in the tank...
  25. D’orlissimo

    Coconut frag rock

    Hi everyone, I’m new to salt and cannot find any informed answers I’ve made a coconut frag rock/rack, I’m hoping to grow my Zoas of the plug and cover the shell. Hopefully will be a home to my goby also. my question is why does nobody else do this? I seasoned the shell in my freshwater tank...
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