roller filter

  1. Leon Gorani

    Will this work for my Klir di-4 filter roller?

    I just got my klir di-4 roller, when looking at the circular part that goes into the filter sock hole it is not exactly 4 inches wide, it is just a bit smaller. I had a custom piece of glass cut with a 4 inch hole, and now the plastic is smaller than the hole in the glass. But they include...
  2. Ketan

    Roller filter - smaller micron roll

    Before getting a Bubble Magus roller filter recently, I was using 5 micron felt socks which really polished my water and I was used to that. However there are 2 issues with the roller filter currently. 1. I only use the main outlet to the filter, while the secondary outlet drops to the sump...
  3. mawhins

    DIY Roller Mat Filter

    Ok so I've been coveting a roller mat filter and when I look at them (as I do with pretty much anything) I think to myself, that's just some acrylic with a motor doohicky and simple float switch, I'm not paying that much for one of those. They're actually quite expensive here in Australia - $600...
  4. geo

    GEO's Auto Filter Roll Sumps aka Roller Mat eye candy

    Some of our recent GEO Automatic Filter Roll Sumps
  5. geo

    GEO AFR Sumps - good article

    Learn more about GEO's Automatic Filter Roll Sumps:
  6. chill903

    Theiling Rollermat + Extra Fleece

    Guys, I'm setting up my first tank (120g Reef Savvy) and purchased a Rollermat with an extra fleece roll. I've also got the adapter kit plumbing fittings necessary to convert to US fittings. Decided not to use the Rollermat --going with filter socks for now. It's brand new, never used at...
  7. Mortie31

    Large Build A reef, wrasse and a few angels tank in Uttoxeter

    Hello All I've been on the site for awhile, posting, asking questions of you and chatting but I have never set up a tank thread, this is not a new build, I've had this tank for over 5 years. It's gone through several changes, some good, some bad, I've tried most systems from full Berlin to...
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