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  1. MarineDepot

    PICK YOUR DISCOUNT: $5, $10, OR $20

    PICK YOUR DISCOUNT: $5, $10, OR $20 Pick your discount + 10% cash back on most items until 1/31/17!
  2. YourReef

    Website Update- New WYSIWYG Frags & Price Reductions

    Website update & sale. Free Shipping – All orders at/over $149.99 qualify for free shipping. Anything under $149.99 will be charged the Overnight Shipping fee of $39.99. Discounted CA Shipping rates are available- see our delivery information page for more info-...
  3. uniquecorals

    Happy Birthday Unique Corals!

    In January of 2012, UniqueCorals.com formally came into existence. Wow time flies! It's been 4 whole years already! Through hard work, blood sweat, tears, and our passion for the hobby by our team, UC is growing up to be the bright young star we hoped it would be. Here at UC are so grateful for...
  4. bigsarge81

    ****Getting out sale****

    Shutting down for a while, Either way below is the list of coral & livestock I'm going to be selling. Once all the livestock is gone then the equipment will follow shortly after. check out my second post for equipment list. PayPal for holds and payments however cash is the man on these streets...
  5. Eienna

    Leaving Hobby Sale

    My health is sadly forcing me to leave the reefing hobby. Youtube video links are at the bottom. I apologize for the poor video quality. The tank is not for sale. I have: All rock and coral as a package deal, $150. ICH-FREE!! It has some soft corals and a little bit of sponge. It does have a...
  6. Eienna

    150g Glass Aquarium W/Overflow $1000

    150g Glass Aquarium with overflow boxes and sump. Selling tank, stand, hood, light, and sump only. The skimmer is broken, and I will need the other equipment, rock, sand and animals. Only a few small scratches on the front, only really noticeable up close. Lovely thick glass, and double-paned...
  7. MarineDepot

    Your $20.17 coupon expires at midnight!

    Your $20.17 coupon expires at midnight! Start 2017 off right with a BIG discount on your order of $200+
  8. Mpkid911

    Fs/ft skimmers pumps and a 29 gallon drilled setup

    Selling a remora aqua c hob skimmer with a maxijet 1200 pump=100 obo Euro reef rs80 selling with non working pump, the magnet is stuck in the pump body but needle wheel and ceramic shaft are still perfect.= 80 obo 2 koralia nano 12v pumps brand new in box, ppurchased not being told they...
  9. MarineDepot

    NOW OR NEVER—Your $10 coupon expires @ midnight!

    NOW OR NEVER—Your $10 coupon expires @ midnight! Don’t miss your chance to save up to $10 on your order today!
  10. YourReef

    End of Year Coral Blowout!

    Starts now! Head over to www.yourreef.com.
  11. MarineDepot

    YOU DECIDE: $5 or $10 off your order?

    YOU DECIDE: $5 or $10 off your order? Get a discount on your order now through Monday!
  12. RyanSweet

    INDMAS (INDiana Marine Aquarium Society) Annual Frag Swap!!

    This year our pricing for INDMAS members is $10 per half of 6 ft. Hobbyists table for non members are limited to one half only of a 6ft table. And pricing for a nonmember is $20. You can reserve your table by paying for it on PayPal to [email protected] It's first come first serve, please...
  13. AlgaeBarn

    December Discount Thread: Ho Ho Holy Smokes These Discounts Rock

    Happy Holidays Reef2Reefers, This holiday season, put your tank on auto-pilot with an auto-delivery subscription from www.algaebarn.com. We're like Santa for your Reef but instead of using the chimney, our Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton are delivered direct to your door with free...
  14. Bulk Reef Supply

    AHH! Time is almost up!

    There are just hours left of our sale, and you will not see discounts this deep until November 2017 :eek: Here are a few key sales that might spark your interest:
  15. uniquecorals

    Giving Thanks This Holiday Season - and our biggest sale of the year - 20% Off

    We thank the many loyal customers we have come to know over the last few years, and we thank you for your continued support in our small family business. Without you, we cannot do what we are passionate about every single day: grow corals! And for that we sincerely thank you! Looking forward...
  16. AlgaeBarn

    AlgaeBarn Black Friday Cyber Monday Cyber Week Blowout Sale BOGO Everything!

    Sale starts at 12:01am Friday the 25th! All products, all sizes, all BOGO! There are no quanitiy limits, so you can get as many FREE items as you want! Since we have a limited quantity of live product, we may end this sale at any time when we sell out, so don't wait or you might miss our...
  17. Reef Breeders

    15% off Jebao Pumps, 10% off Photon V2s!

    Hi Everyone, This week we are doing something new, and offering a sale price on our Jebao wavemakers! All PP pumps and SW pumps are 15% off during the sale! The Photon V2 and the Nano Light WiFi are now 10% off! The Aquasanrise Plus is 15% off! Sale ends November 29th!
  18. fishnreef

    Black Friday, New Logo & Weekly Sales! 50% OFF All Zoas & Palys!

    To celebrate our new logo, starting every week we are going to have a Weekly Special for our select frags here at FISHNREEF! That's right! For this week and Black Friday we offering 50% OFF on ALL Zoanthids and Pallys! Just some of our available stock Red Hornets Fire & Ice Keds Red Rastas...
  19. YourReef

    New Acropora have hit the website!

    Appleberry Stag 1 Inch Frag__Regular Price $45__Sale Price $18 Mango Milli 3/4 to 1 Inch Frag__Regular Price $58__Sale Price $24 Forest Fire Millipora 3/4 to 1 Inch Frag__Regular Price $58__Sale Price $26 Fuzzy Toad Milli 3/4 to 1 Inch Frag__Regular Price $45__Sale Price $22 Purple...
  20. YourReef

    Pre-Black Friday Website Sale- Stacked Discounts!

    Discounts even apply to items already on sale!
  21. AlgaeBarn

    November Discount Thread: Your tank will be thankful

    CLICK THIS LINK TO APPLY THE COUPON CODE: https://www.algaebarn.com/coupons/?cybermonday16 Can you smell the Turkey Reef2Reefers? It's hard to believe that November is already here! The leaves are changing and fall is the perfect time for getting Premium Live Copepods & Phytoplankton delivered...
  22. joefishUC

    New uploads! Crazy cycloseris, acans, montipora, palys, etc..HAPPY Halloween!

    All available now at UniqueCorals.com
  23. MarineDepot

    LAST CHANCE: Save hundreds on a new skimmer!

    LAST CHANCE: Save hundreds on a new skimmer! Use coupon SKIMMATE before midnight to save 15% on select brands! How to Install and Maintain an In-Sump Protein Skimmer Q&A Series #9: What makes a "good" protein skimmer?
  24. MarineDepot

    15% off + NEW skimmer video!

    How to Install and Maintain an In-Sump Protein Skimmer In-sump skimmer selection and maintenance + 15% off 100+ skimmers!
  25. AlgaeBarn

    October Discount Thread: These Discounts Are Scary Good

    It's October good people of Reef2Reef, We have a TON of new products and services we are very excited to tell you about this month as well as some scary good discounts and exclusive offers. Interesting fact: According to our fancy shipping software, AlgaeBarn has shipped over 5.6 TONS of live...