1. TopShelfAquatics

    Pre MACNA Coral Sale!!!! SPS and Zoas including *New Releases*

    I'm going to be bringing you guys a sneak peek of the coral we are bringing to MACNA and a few others that are now up for grabs. We have frags of most piece while some will be cut to order. Discounts available for multiple pieces! PM for pack prices! Also, we are running a giveaway in our...
  2. B


    Hey guys- I have a Reefer 450, a few months back the sump seemed to spring a leak, so i ended up replacing it with a Trigger sump. I've since had the Reefer sump on my patio filled with water and in all honesty I cannot locate the leak - so while I do know it's somewhere in there, it's likely...
  3. AquariumSpecialty

    Check out our Sale and Clearence Section for deep discounts

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    Members Only!

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    4th of July Sale- one day only!

    4th of July SALE!!!- Ends midnight on the 4th. 10% off ALL ITEMS- ONE DAY ONLY! Use the coupon code below at checkout before midnight, Eastern Time US to apply the discount.
  6. MarineDepot

    4th of July Sale: 10-25% Off Sitewide!

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    BOOM. Our EPIC 4th of July PRE-SALE is on NOW!
  8. cgonser9

    Spectrapure Litermeter

    like the title says, looking for a Litermeter. If you have one, or one with accessories, please let me know as I am wanting on asap. Thank you!
  9. Mike N

    TLF Phosban Reactor 150 - $39 Amazon

    Amazon has the Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor on sale today for $39. Just grabbed a couple and figured I'd pass along the link. Not sure if you have to be prime member or not.
  10. AlgaeBarn

    AlgaeBarn June Contest & Discount

    Greetings Reef2Reefers, Summer is in full swing! So fire up the BBQ, grab a cold one... and don't for get to keep your tank happy with Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton from Our pods and phyto are 100% aquacultured and sustainable. We deliver them directly to your door...
  11. uniquecorals Memorial Day Weekend SALE!

    Woohoo long weekend here we come! Time to grill, spend QT with family, and browse some deals on corals! UC MDW sale Friday to Monday All Livestock will be on sale 20% off. WYSIWYG, frags, UC collections, Frag To Order, Clean up crew, Fish, and more! And Dry stock specials all weekend long, at...
  12. S

    Looking for a BTA!!!

    I'm looking for a bubble tip anemone for sale! I'll pay a reasonable price but nothing too expensive. PM me or reply if you can help!
  13. Keaton

    Build Thread Keatos Reef

  14. Saltwaterwill


    GETTING OUT OF HOBBY WIPEOUT SALE!!! Located in queens NY. Asking $4,450 Unfortunately have to part from this hobby because I just don't have any time anymore. Looking to sell the whole build at once ONLY. I have mostly top of the line BRAND NEW Equipment, one month used, and three month...
  15. YourReef

    Missing RAP Orlando? Join our website sale!

  16. uniquecorals Spring SALE! Fri - Mon, all livestock 20% off

    Here's the sale you didn't know you wanted, or maybe it was the sale you were waiting for! In either case, it's here! Friday (Thurs midnight PST) to Monday night, with lots of awesome livestock going up throughout, sale specials, and doorbuster. Yay Spring is here!
  17. AlgaeBarn

    April Contest Thread: April Discounts Bring May Copepods

    Greetings Reef2Reefers, Spring has sprung here at AlgaeBarn, and we have new products in bloom to help you maintain a clean and happy tank. In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), go ahead and treat your tank with Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton from Our pods and phyto...
  18. Mike N

    Petco Dollar Per Gallon Starts 4/2

    Just found this post which confirms start date for this year's dollar per gallon sale is April 2nd. No end date mentioned.
  19. Pieces of the Ocean

    Get 20% off during our Spring Sale

    Spring is here! What better way to celebrate than with a 20% off Spring Sale at P.O.T.O. Use code SPRINGSALE through Sunday on our website.
  20. Aaron Davis

    Rose tip anemones and pom pom xenia frags

    I have two rose bubble tip anemones (1 large one that split) and about 7 pom pom xenias. Would like to get rid of them to make room in my tank. The xenias as fairly young, but very healthy. The anemone that split was approximately 6" in diameter when it would open up fully. Tank is in fallow...
  21. MarineDepot

    Today is your lucky day!

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    Presidents Day Sale!

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