saltwater aqarium

  1. D

    Would it be worth trying to sell coral frags for a side hustle in Spotsylvania, VA?

    I know there are some good stores in the Richmond/ Maryland area. Nothing but Petco and one small store in Stafford to get corals near me. Looking for any advice/tips! Thank you!
  2. KM Wrasse

    Divided leopard wrasse turning brown

    Hello I have gotten two female divided leopard wrasses about a month ago … they are doing great, however when they first arrived their color was bright orange whit and black . Over the past month the orange has changed on both of them to an ugly brown color. Neither one is changing to a...
  3. L

    Blue spotted Toby puffed Help

    Hello I’m new to this forum and saltwater aquariums so I hope I’m posting this In the right place. Anyways I finished cycling my first saltwater aquarium last weekend and pick up a blue spotted Toby puffed from the lfs. I’ve had him for about four days and he seems super healthy and happy I...
  4. C

    Dual dusters

    It’s been a while! I recently returned from the store to add two feather dusters to my sole duster, as I was on my way home the feather duster left it’s home and now shares a tube, is this normal behavior?
  5. bReefedBaker

    If you could go back to your first reef tank….

    If you could go back to your very first reef tank, what would you have done differently that you know now? Even with your current aquarium, is there something or anything that you wish you had done differently? (I’d like to see what others have learned and applied since they’ve begun the hobby)...
  6. G

    What type of GPH wave maker do I need for a 29 Gallon (30x19x13)?

    I have 4 zoas, 5 SPS corals, and 2 LPS. Most require moderate currents except for the 2 Birdsnest I have. It use to be a FOWLR. Im more concerned with the fishes as im running a mini protein skimmer and HOB filter with a GPH of 200 and they stay away from that area of the tank. Ive been reading...
  7. A

    Clownfish inflamed gill and rapid opening and closing of mouth

    Hello Everyone, I need some help. I got a clownfish pair (non-bonded) from LFS and had to return the female as it was struggling to breathe even when the other one was okay. Now, the other one also is showing some strange behavior. He is mainly in one spot, a few inches above the substrate. I...
  8. ChandlerTingle

    Cycling a Saltwater Tank

    So I'm about to cycle my tank, it’s 38 gallon tank and I was curious what’s the best way to go about cycling? I have API Quickstart and Dr. Tim’s Ammonia chloride along with the API Saltwater test kit and tropical flakes that came with the tank from Aqueon Do you turn your Hang on the Back...
  9. U

    Nitrogen cycle help

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should add ammonia and nitrifying bacteria into my tank. This is my third week into the nitrogen cycle and today my results are Ammonia: 0.6 Nitrite:0.5 Nitrate:10 PH:8
  10. N

    New York Misc. Pumps Icecap 3K Gyre

    Icecap 3K Gyre Pump for sale that I was using until I upgraded. Overall awesome pump and worked very well for my tank. Comes with an extra pair of mesh guards to put over each side. Can be programmed and flow can be adjusted with multiple settings. $125 shipped
  11. C

    EMERGENCY What is this?

    So I’ve been trying to figure out what this is and I can’t figure it out! It just started growing in my tank one day and now it’s huge. I thought it was soft but it’s hard! Anyone know what it is?
  12. W

    DIY 3D printed Digital Color Analysis for Aquarium test tubes under $15 and no soldering required.

    I'm been working on this for while and i feel that it looks good enough to show.... i hope it helps others analysis digital color representation for people who are color blind like me, parts are pretty cheap possibly under $15 and no soldering required. DIY Digital 3D Color Analysis for...
  13. Yessirhomey

    Hello Greetings

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone in the Fish world. I've been in the hobby for over 30 years. I'm a Marine Biologists and a Master Diver. I downsized the tanks I've owned from 5 Reef tanks, from 150gal to my biggest at 1000 gal. The Reef tank i have up and running is an Oceanic 175 Bowfront...
  14. A

    EMERGENCY Parasites or not

    Hi just bought 2 anemones from a local vendor. They were inside a pot. Wanted to remove them in the pot and found these. Looks like a bristle work but don’t know what kind. I did research and it says bristle worms are beneficial to reef aquariums but these look like fire worms isn’t it?? And as...
  15. AustinR

    Cycling question all levels are high after change

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have been cycling my tank fishless for 5 weeks. I have 75 gallon tank using dry rock 90 pounds and live sand 120 lbs. Using a fluval Fx6 canister filter. Also In the tank is 2 powerheads and a HOB skimmer that both seem to be working well...
  16. Lololo

    Biocube 32g New Reef Setup

    I Recently started a Biocube 32g this is my current light schedule On video. I don’t know if it’s good enough?? I have been running the tank now for 42 days. Before starting the cycle I swap out the stock filter system the Biocube 32 comes with and got InTaNk media basket Poly Filter Floss...
  17. EpicCorals

    1 Gallon Fishbowl

    Needed to add some life to the front counter and this is what happened. A 1 gallon fishbowl. Inhabitants include: Small Carpenter Wrasse Astria Snail Kenya Tree And Macro Algae Lighting: The light mount is 1" and 1.5" PVC pipe fitted together for the XR15. Metal wire is being used to suspend...
  18. J

    What is this??

    Can someone help me out. I picked up a zoa rock today and during the freshwater dip I noticed a small light blue shimp looking creature fell off as well as a bunch of debris.
  19. Reefman603

    Indo Gold torch

    Picked up this single head Indo gold torch yesterday at a local reef shop! Can’t wait to see it hopefully grow into a nice show piece!
  20. Reefman603

    Build Thread My Red Sea max 250

    Here’s is my Red Sea max 250 reef tank. Live stock : - Black frostbite clown fish mated pair - Yellow tang - Red hawkfish - Green chromis - Malanaurus wrasse Inverts : - A few peppermint shrimp - Tridacna derasa clam - 8 Blue leg hermit crabs - Various snails Coral : - Hammers ( wall and...
  21. P

    Noob at Reefing

    Hello, I am new to the saltwater world and would like to ask a few questions. I want to start up a saltwater tank, reef if I can, using a 40 gallon breeder I have laying around. My main goal is to filter it using HOB filters, water pumps, and live rock/sand. I have seen multiple YouTubers do...
  22. J

    Build Thread Julian’s Reefbak

    Hi There guys here is my Aquaja Diamond 450 L Reef tank.
  23. KaliReeFiend

    New Clownfish Behavior

    Last Thursday I recieved a MochaVinci and a Phantom from Cultivated Reef. Two days ago I realized my Mocha had dug out the sand in front of the aquarium and he lays there a lot while the Phantom hovers over him. He seems like he is breathing pretty heavy so I turned down my MP10 thinking maybe...
  24. Ryushei

    Texas Selling IM Nuvo 20

    Comes with tank, stand, and pump, with everything you see inside and on top of the tank plus buckets and storage containers (salt included). Comes with a hydor koralia movement pump and upgraded filter caddys. Washed most of the junk out. Pick up only. My zip is 77840. Price negotiable
  25. S

    FS: Used Red Sea MAX E-260 69 Gallon Aquarium Tank

    Hello, For sale is a Red Sea MAX E-260 69 Gallon Aquarium Reef Tank with AI Hydra 26 HD LED lights for pickup only in New Jersey. Usage Description This aquarium was upgraded with the Red Sea sump conversion pipe kit. This pipe kit was cut and extended to accommodate an Eshopps R-200 refugium...