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  1. S

    What’s going on in my tank?

    Hi! I was hoping to get some help. I am having some growth in my tank. The first pictures are pre chemiclean treatment, the second set is after and I had the lights turned off. Any idea what’s going on? I treated with chemiclean and turned the lights off - after 24 hours this is what it looks...
  2. LiveAquaria

    LiveAquaria Super Deal Days are here! | $9.99 Captive-Bred Ocellaris |

    LiveAquaria Super Deal Days are here, and you can save big on select popular fish, frags, and food now until October 15th. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing reef, now's the perfect time to stock up. Shop now: Supplies are limited...
  3. Ryan's.Reef

    Build Thread Reef Showcase Ryan’s Reef 10 gallon nano

    Here is my 10 gallon tank! Started back in February of 2022 this is what she looks like now! Animals Housed: 2 oscellaris clownfish 1 scarlett skunk cleaner shrimp 3 turbo snails 1 naussarius snail 2 rose tip BTA’s (now 3 after split) 1 candy cane or trumpet kryptonite coral 1 devils hand...
  4. Huddy_

    Nano Build 15G nano reef setup, help!

    Hey fellas, hope your holiday weekend is treating you well. I’m planning to start the process of building a 15g nano reef w/ fish after a couple year hiatus coming from a fresh water cichlid tank. I have very little experience with saltwater tanks so I am doing my due diligence and researching...
  5. S

    Georgia Aquariums Drygoods close

  6. proud-Noob-aquarist

    Build Thread Saltwater journey

  7. A

    Decorator crab dead

    I had just gotten a clam and a decorator crab came from same tank in a Petco , had them in my tank for 24 hours or so now. There both dead. All my other fish , star fish , urchins and hermits are fine. What happened to these two are they just badly kept in Petco , I tested there water from the...
  8. Hecto133

    Top Notch Customer Service at SouthWest Aquaculture!!

    I had the pleasure of shopping at Southwest Aquaculture, and when I say they not only take amazing care of their coral that is aquacultured in house, but the customer service is out of this world! They are very helpful with information about the corals and put the customer first based on their...
  9. H

    DIY fast setting quikrete help would be nice!!!

    So I was looking for some help I made some rocks using 50% oyster shells and 50% fast setting quikrete, I've have them in the tank soaking in freshwater, (air stone and wave maker running. After the first 24 hours the waters pH was 10.4 the next day after a water change and 24 hours after that...
  10. AydenLincoln

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods SOLD 5 Gallon Tank!

    I bought this 5 gallon Top Fin tank with the intent of using it for a lobster tank but quickly realized it didn’t fit my needs due to the intake being at the bottom and small chamber space. It would make an awesome quarantine tank, bare bottom tank, or freshwater tank! It comes with everything...
  11. D

    Cat shark biological filtration

    Hello, I am looking to get a juvenile coral cat shark for my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium then move him to my 240 gallon. I have very little experience with sharks especially in smaller tanks. The 75 gallon where he will only be for a short amount of time has 15 lbs of live rock so he has room...
  12. S

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Selling Used items for saltwater build

    FS - Selling used items. 1 AI Prime 16hd light that has been used at 76% capacity for about a year. With 3d printed light shade and goose neck. 1 Sicca nano fan cleaned, working well 1 Sicca nano pump, working well **asking $300 for all items or can sell the light for $230 plus shipping
  13. I

    Georgia Live Goods Buford, GA - $300 - Freshwater and Saltwater Tank

    I have two aquariums for sale here. I have a saltwater 20-gallon tank that has been up for over 5 years at this point. Has a bunch of different coral and a six-line wrasse (eat pellets just fine) even though algae covers the glass no harmful inhabitants are present. Can clean up some the algae...
  14. Sagess

    Long tentacle anemone Question

    I am looking to get a long tentacle anemone or two ;) but I am not sure the best places to buy them online. I am not looking for any crazy expensive types or anything but a having color options would be nice. Unlucky for me there are no local places that sell them. Any help or point to the right...
  15. M

    Green Algae on live rocks

    Hi.. I have biocube 32 gallon tank for more thank 1 year. For last few days it started growing green hair like thing and it's growing fast all over my live rocks. Can I get rid of old rocks and add new live rocks with the fish still in the tank (clown & chromis) ? Please help.
  16. AydenLincoln


    I quickly learned to ignore the haters/negative nellies and block people in this hobby or those who laugh at something not supposed to be funny this is in regards to Facebook/social media which overall has a lot of haters. You are going to get a million people saying different things because...
  17. mel_ociraptor

    Planning Livestock for a New 90gallon reeftank

    Hey all! We’re planning our first larger-scale reef tank (90 gallons in the DT, sump excluded) and have a list for livestock we’ve been honing for a few months… after researching for months and talking to as many people would listen, I figured I’d toss this up to a few more aquatic-loving minds...
  18. SunsetReefing

    90 Gallon system up for grabs

    Complete 90 gallon plug and play system, if your looking for a great saltwater starter tank, look no further. Complete dimensions w stand and tank 58 tall x 50 wide x 19 deep Tank only dimensions are 48.5 wide x 25.5 tall x 19 deep. Comes with over 100 lbs of live rock, 2 inches worth of live...
  19. josephsTropicalTanks

    Saltwater setup 125 gal

    Hi everyone my name is joseph I’m Setting up a 125 Salt water tank with no sump and no protein skimmer Im Working on videos to show that it is possible to setup a Beautiful High end aquarium without anybody having to pay thousands of dollars I will add the url to my YouTube page if it is ok Any...
  20. josephsTropicalTanks

    My new 125 gal saltwater

    Hi everyone I just setup my 125 and trying to find out how to get this tank setup properly I don’t have a good light for coral and also don’t have a protein skimmer any tips on how to setup this tank for low cost Some one got me this tank as a birthday present
  21. D

    Would it be worth trying to sell coral frags for a side hustle in Spotsylvania, VA?

    I know there are some good stores in the Richmond/ Maryland area. Nothing but Petco and one small store in Stafford to get corals near me. Looking for any advice/tips! Thank you!
  22. KM Wrasse

    Divided leopard wrasse turning brown

    Hello I have gotten two female divided leopard wrasses about a month ago … they are doing great, however when they first arrived their color was bright orange whit and black . Over the past month the orange has changed on both of them to an ugly brown color. Neither one is changing to a...
  23. L

    Blue spotted Toby puffed Help

    Hello I’m new to this forum and saltwater aquariums so I hope I’m posting this In the right place. Anyways I finished cycling my first saltwater aquarium last weekend and pick up a blue spotted Toby puffed from the lfs. I’ve had him for about four days and he seems super healthy and happy I...
  24. C

    Dual dusters

    It’s been a while! I recently returned from the store to add two feather dusters to my sole duster, as I was on my way home the feather duster left it’s home and now shares a tube, is this normal behavior?
  25. bReefedBaker

    If you could go back to your first reef tank….

    If you could go back to your very first reef tank, what would you have done differently that you know now? Even with your current aquarium, is there something or anything that you wish you had done differently? (I’d like to see what others have learned and applied since they’ve begun the hobby)...