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  1. SrBlonde

    Arkansas Aquariums Drygoods Nuvo 20 gallon Tank with Custom Stand $750

    Nuvo 20 gallon tank by Innovative Marine. $750 for entire package Custom stand with steel frame painted, door secures by embedded magnets, Granite surrounds the tank Two Kessler A80 lights Wave Link AIO power head Aqua Shield UV Sterilizer Return pumps Message me if interested
  2. C

    Aquariums Aquarium Controller Salt Drygoods Innovative Marine 40G Aquarium & Stand w/ huge bundle

    Hi All, Thanks for your interest. I'm selling my Innovative Marine 40G AIO Saltwater Aquarium full set-up and all accessories along with it. Aquarium is currently broken down, there is no livestock for sale. Looking for someone to purchase the entire set up. I won't do piece by piece as of now...
  3. A

    General discussion and questions about my tank because I am noob at this

    General discussion and questions about my tank because I am noob at this I have many creatures, all caught from the beach with a net (even a 1 inch kelp bass) and I keep them in my 10gal tank, my dad is considering buying a 50 gal (this thread is suppose to last a long time so I might have a...
  4. RugglesReef

    Hello Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone! Josh & Kate here, we just wanted to introduce ourselves & our tank. We are new to reefing & started our 32 gallon saltwater tank this August, we named it Ruggles Reef. My wife is from Rhode Island & the local surf spot is named Ruggles, so its a shout out to where she grew up and a...
  5. X

    Texas Filters Drygoods SOLD Klir DI4 for sale $150 shipped

    I have a used klir di4 I was going to use this for my waterbox 135 but it could not fit with everything I have unde the cabinet. I wish it would have but I will have to only use filter socks from now on. My loss is your gain. It comes with 2 fleece rolls and 2 controllers. Boxed up and ready to...
  6. samanolandon

    Build Thread Beginner Saltwater Tanker!

  7. M

    Fluval Marine 3.0 Light settings

    Hello! I’ve had my reef tank for a bit, but can’t find lighting that my corals love. I have a few zoas, a duncan, a ricordea, and a candycane, as well as several fish and a good sized clean up crew. Anyone have any good light settings for a tank like this?
  8. __Jreef__

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods SOLD - PLEASE REMOVE

  9. McCall33

    Learning To Sell

    Hey There! A good friend gave me this saltwater aquarium/tank & setup when he was deployed last year. I wish I had time to learn more about saltwater tank requirements because they're beautiful when maintained properly. Since I'm unable to maintain it myself I'd like to sell everything but I...
  10. imanivdhorn

    All my fish keep dying.. help!

    Hi, I have a 60l saltwater aquarium with one shrimp, two snails and two clownfish. In the past, I had two other clownfish but they died after a month of adding them to the tank. When I first got them I noticed white spots on their fins. I didn’t know what ich was, so I ignored it, thinking it...
  11. Davisfamily4

    USA WTB Looking to sell New Reef Octopus Varios-4 and Varios-6 DC Pumps

    Reef2Reef Members, I'm selling a new & lightly used Reef Octopus Varios-4 and Varios-6 DC Pumps. My 125 aquarium has two overflows, and the GPH strength was a bit too much, so I'm using two Varios-2 for the two overflows. Both were obtained during this year in May from
  12. R

    Saltwater cycling

    So I may sound dumb but I have some questions about salt water tanks. I have several freshwater tanks that are doing really well and have been around for years. I have found a lot of conflicting information so I thought asking here would be good. Do I add stability (beneficial bacteria) to my...
  13. REEF OF THE MONTH - February 2022: Jay_Bro's 400-Gallon Dream Tank

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - February 2022: Jay_Bro's 400-Gallon Dream Tank

    R2R Username: @jay_bro Build Thread: The Dream Tank Introduction: How do I start... maybe the beginning. I think I got my first saltwater aquarium when I was 17-18 to 22 years ago, I decided to play mad scientist to my current brackish tank and bump up the salinity in hopes to keep a...
  14. Current Tides

    Hello Current Tides Aquariums

    Hello, my name is Hunter, and I own the company Current Tides Aquariums. I am based in San Diego, and offer a variety of services and goods, including live, saltwater fish. Please if you have any questions, or were curious about anything, feel free to contact me! Thank you, and happy reefing!
  15. marisp127

    Live Aquaria problems… help!

    I ordered a fish from Live Aquaria two weeks ago and it was supposed to be shipped out today. Instead, I get this message: New shipments arrive at our holding facility daily. Once up to 75% of your order value is available with in-stock items, the order will be fulfilled. On the day your order...
  16. A

    What the heck is going on with this Kenya tree

    Params: Ammonia/nitrite: negligible Nitrate: 25-30 (high but needed in order to combat dinos) Phosphate: .05 Salinity: 1.026 Calc: 470 Mag: 1420 Alk: 7.8-8 PH: 7.8 - 8.1 I had this Kenya tree for about a month, and it has never done this, being that it’s pinched near the center. I’m currently...
  17. In need of help

    Big Ammonia Problem help

    Please help, i have a hugh ammonia problem and dont know what to do. Starting from the beginning, i have run the tank for 6 months with no issues, but about two weeks ago i stupidly stirred up the sand bed after 6 months on it being untouched with a vacuum (first mistake) for the week after...
  18. Danny's Aquariums

    Christmas Tree Worm Rock

    Have you ever kept a Christmas tree worm rock? I think it’s my favorite piece (in my 40 gallon shallow reef tank.) and it’s doing well!
  19. JCSReefing

    Build Thread JCS Reefing 150 Gallon SC Aquariums Build Thread

    I am starting a new build and figured this time I would try and do it on here as well as my youtube channel, JCS Reefing. The tank I ordered is roughly 150g 72x22x22 15mm Euro braced Peninsula SC Aquariums tank. I went with this company simply because I currently run a tank by this company and...
  20. L

    My anemone looks like it’s producing quinoa

    What’s wrong with my anemone? I just saw this as I was doing a water change
  21. SaltwaterAq

    [Video] ▶ 75 G TALL Cube Tank! - Mr. Saltwater Reacts

    [Video] - 75 Gallon TALL Saltwater Cube - Mr. Saltwater Reacts In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Reacts, Mark reviews a 24x24x30" Tall Cube Tank. Join us as we take a look at how this reefer gets a lot done in a small space, making room for variety of fish, LPS, Softies, and SPS. We will also...
  22. Danny's Aquariums

    Hello Hi, I'm Danny from Danny's Aquariums.

    Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for having me on the Reef2Reef Forum! One of my viewers (I own a YouTube channel) encouraged me to make a thread on the forum about my setups. I currently have a 10, 15, and 40-gallon reef tank. All without any high-tech equipment such as a skimmer, sump, and...
  23. TheJoker1991

    Build Thread 30 gallon stocking options?

    Hey y'all so I have a 30 gallon tank cycled and everything.. Now im looking for some ideas for stocking. Im literally open to anything. I would love to have something that schools but I know that 30 gallons is hard to do that with.. Any ideas would be awesome.
  24. M

    Rinsing dry sand

    I just started up my 75 gallon tank and I bought three bags of Caribsea natural reef (don’t meed to rise that) but I bought two bags of dry sand to cut the cost I did rinse the sand for a while but then I put it into my tank just got done filling my tank with Rodi water yesterday and let it be...
  25. S

    apex neptune for sale?

    Hello does anyone have a neptune apex thats for sale? and a vdm module? thank you!