1. Sharkbait19

    Should I rescape?

    Hi, I’ve been having trouble with deciding whether or not to redo my Fluval 13.5 aquascape. This has especially been in mind since my last water change, when my big structure tipped and now feels like an accident waiting to happen. Here’s how it currently looks: I’m conflicted, because I...
  2. Jarbour14

    What do you think of my scape?

    Was going to go with a prostar tank but my LFS Just got a reefer 350 in for CHEAP, what do you think of my scape thus far, and has anyone used moani rock before? I chose this rock because of the advertised "spored bacteria" and special grade aragonite sand.
  3. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts WTB Looking for rock

    Looking to buy some rock to re-scape my tank along with what I have. Trying to not pay an arm and a leg or I can trade for an overflow box i have. Located in central mass
  4. Y

    Floating or bottom rocks

    Hey everyone!! so I recently bought a tank! My first ever reef tank! I’ve got a question regarding aquascaping for my aquarium, and whether I should go with floating rockscape or a bottom rockscape. I’m curious as to the pros and cons of each, and how each one will affect my tank? Here’s the...
  5. fox0521

    Not enough rock??

    Hello! Funny, I posted about my 55 gallon peninsula earlier today, asking for opinions on whether or not I should remove some rock as I felt like I had too much, and not enough room for my fish to swim! Well now I have the opposite problem, where I feel like I don’t have enough rock or places...
  6. W

    Need help with scape

    Need help with scape I like the left side but I think the ride side needs some help
  7. W

    First tank and scape suggestions??

    First tank and scape suggestions?? Left side I think is good but right side is just temporary
  8. alexytman

    How do I make my scape look more leveled (coral scape)

    what it looks like when started (most of these are temporary)
  9. Jeremy K.A.

    Sturdy scape

    Hey everyone I'm going to restart my 5 gallon soon and want to do a real nice scape, locking rocks together to make it look like either one rock or at least a cool structure. What type of epoxy, cements etc do you recommend?
  10. Seth Francis

    Build Thread Tank Update

    I recently picked up a Coral Beauty Angel and currently have it in QT. With that being said, and after a conversation with a local guy; I decided to rescape my tank to create more fluid swim space for him and to create more space for higher light corals. I went from a shelf like scape to a twin...
  11. C

    Aquascape after the fact

    So I recently had to move all fish to QT so I decided to add more live rock to my DT. The rock has cured and now I want to do some scape work. I was thinking of draining about 30gal into a brute making my changes then adding it back. This would be my first attempt a scaping and by it being...
  12. Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes

    Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes

    Being a artist for fun and profession, I see things different than most people. I decided to create a article about composition, balance, color, and depth within your reef aquarium. I really hope this can help some of you out to create your dream looking reef that is pictured in your head. Once...