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  1. zukihara

    Tennessee Package Deal Drygoods SOLD WTS 2x XR15 Blue Radion New In Box Gen 5

    WTS 2x XR15 Blue Radion New In Box Gen 5 both $750 Located in Springfield, TN will ship for $25 additional.
  2. harrysmarinelife

    California SPONSOR Livestock California Round Ray (Urobatis sp.) available now! ($39.99 shipping, free after $300)

    CALIFORNIA ROUND RAYS ARE IN STOCK! Size: Approz is 8" Price: $179.99 These stunning rays prefer colder temperature tanks (68 F to 75 F). Please handle with caution they are not debarbed. If you have any questions feel free to reach us at any of the sources found below! CLICK HERE TO...
  3. MJNTWise

    Florida Aquarium Controller Misc. Pumps Skimmers For Sale

    For sale, Prices include shipping to lower 48. PM IS KEY first come first serve. DC24v PS $15 x2 80 watt uv white body. needs bulbs. $450 8 or 9 stage RODI with new filters and resin. $250 Sicce Power head voyager 3200 X 2 $135 Lifereef skimmer 21 inches with 21 inch extention. with...
  4. chuckfu5

    Utah Live Goods Frags!!! Amazing pricing

    I've got the following frags available: RRC Rainbow Splice ( green ) - $150 TCK Candy Crush - $25 ARC Proximo - $25 Branching Cyphastrea - $25 UC Dippin Dots - $25 Bennets Yellow Tort - $25 TCK Fuzzy Neon Letho - $25 Jason Fox Solar Flare - $25 TCK Molten Lava Spath - $25 Dragon Soul torch -...
  5. chuckfu5

    Utah Live Goods Cookie Monster Interstellar Bounce Mushroom

    This is NOT from POTO but is an interstellar Bounce mushroom they are labeling as “Cookie Monster”. Mushroom is about quarter size.
  6. R

    New Jersey New York Drygoods SOLD Enaly Ozone Generator - Ozac Plus100 (BNIB)

    I have a brand new in box (never been used Enaly Ozone Generator (Ozac Plus100) that I bought 2 years ago that I had planned on using but never got around to it. The unit has never been used and I only opened the box today to make sure the unit works (turned it on and verified it produces ozone...
  7. chuckfu5

    Utah SOLD TCK Insane plate coral

    TCK Insane plate coral purchased back in September of 2020 directly from TCK. This piece is now larger than a 50 cent piece. I will try to update with better pictures but has huge tentacles when fully inflated!
  8. chuckfu5

    Live Goods SOLD SPS pack - shipping available! Great price and great pieces! Multiple available and can also make different packs!

    Up for sale are in order of photos: TCK Candy Crush RRC Rainbow Splice Bennett's Yellow Tort Jason Fox Solar Flare ARC Proximo TCK Molten Lava Spath No Name Acro Branching Cyphastrea The entire pack shipped next day to your door is $600. I have multiple available and can swap in and out for...
  9. chuckfu5

    Utah SOLD Killer frag pack!

    Offering up a nice frag pack with some intermediate to high end. 1. TCK Candy Crush 2. Rainbow Splice ( green ) 3. Blue Tip Stag 4. TCK Molten Lava Spath 5. TCK Awesome Milli 6. No name acro Photos are in order of listed with a final pic of all six. I accept Paypal and Venmo
  10. Lllrrr232

    Live Goods SOLD **Sold Out** Berghia Nudibranch for Sale and We Can Ship!

    We are back in stock but numbers are limited! Sizes vary but we won't ship anything less than 1/2" and due to the volume of orders, we cannot take requests for specific sizes. We sell: 2 for $25 3 for $35 5 for $50 10 for $90 plus a shipping cost of $50 Order fast before we sell out again!
  11. cookiehouse79765

    Oklahoma Powerheads LED Drygoods Ocean Revive T247 reef light

    Looking to trade two gently used full spectrum leds for a powerhead that pulses or an ai prime 16 or any ai led. Or possibly other stuff.
  12. chuckfu5

    Utah Live Goods RRC Rainbow Splice Frags

    Selling Terms Of Service YES I have read the terms and agree to them. I have two RRC Rainbow Splice frags for sale. Original frag was obtained last year from TCK Corals. Both are mostly green with frag #1 having a small amount of red in it. Frag #1 ( first picture and to the right ) is...
  13. Illini_Drew33

    Illinois Live Goods LPS and SPS corals for sale Chicago

    Ready to frag again! SOLD TO US AS A TYREE SUPERMAN TENUIS, WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR THOSE PRICES, $75 1.5" Frags VOODOO MAGIC FRAGS, BUEATIFUL 2" FRAGS $50, It grows in a plating fashion TRANQUIL BLUE MILLIE - FRAGS BETWEEN 2-3" AND $50-$75 BASED ON FRAG SIZE, The aqua base of this frag...
  14. J

    California Testing Drygoods Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum meter with separate sensor and wand. $400 local pick up $420 if shipped

    Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum meter with separate sensor and wand. It is brand new and has never been used. $400 local pick up $420 if shipped.
  15. sc50964

    California Live Goods Tank breakdown - All Fish FS

    too many pictures to load. Pls text for pics A pair of Purple Tilefish: $150 each sold Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse: $80 Mystery Wrasse: $130 sold Rhomboid Male: $250 sold Rhomboid Female: $200 sold Earlei Fairy Wrasse: $550 sold Blue Spot Jawfish: $75 sold Golden Midas Blenny: $60 sold Fathead...
  16. Hoshiaki

    Where to find Masked Gobies?

    I live in IL, USA and have been looking around for a masked goby. Does anyone know trusted websites that ship them out or pet stores that usually have them available?
  17. Doglips56

    Georgia 20+ head Blasto colony SOLD

    Due to serious illness I am breaking down my tank. I have a gorgeous and healthy Blasto colony for sale. $300 OBO and I will ship overnight, cost of shipping depends on your choice of carrier (USPS or UPS) and your zip. I will only charge actual cost but it is on a fairly large rock. I’m using...
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