sick fish

  1. W

    Midas Blenny Dying from Terrible Mouth Fungus

    Hello, I got this Midas blenny from petco a couple days ago. He looked sick and I would not usually buy a sick fish but he I felt real bad for him and he was still eating so I figured I’d try to save him. He has mouth fungus. Or something like that. His face literally looks like it’s melting...
  2. shawnriv

    Swallowtail Angel laying on sandbed (video)

    Hello All, I’ve had my swallowtail angelfish for about a year now. Very active fish and eats well. I noticed yesterday he was laying on the sandbed in between a bunch of rocks. I was surprised to see he appeared dead. I put fish in the tank and he popped up and began eating. After he ate and...
  3. D

    EMERGENCY 4-5 year old female clown sick?

    She seems to be swimming fine and even chasing the male once in these videos. She’s breathing rather rapid and seems her gills are now swollen or burnt? She will try and eat food then shake to spit it back out, as if it isn’t going down easily or she can’t swallow it. Ph: 8.3 Ammonia: 0...
  4. N


    My blue tang is sick it doesn’t move what do I do someone told me it got bit by an anemone,
  5. Kinko

    red wrasse now has white hairs?

    I woke up this morning and it seems that my wrasse has sort of white hairs ontop of its head. doesn't seem sick or anything just strange looking? is my wrasse sick? the wrasse is a ruby longfin fairy wrasse
  6. FishFamily

    EMERGENCY Sick fish! Need help!

    Please read & select from options 1-5. Note: We keep multiple tanks and this concerns our freshwater 35g, solitary black moor. Fish was diagnosed with columnaris and has been fighting infection since October 2022. Neoplex in tank - last dose was 6/20. Neoplex in food - last dose was 6/22 as we...
  7. F

    EMERGENCY Yellow boxfish white spots?? What are they

    I have done a lot of research, talked to many salt water experts, CAN NOT pin point what is going on with my boxfish. He has white spots all over and they look almost fuzzy. Will include a photos, won’t let me attach a video so they aren’t great . I tried a fresh water dip and nothing came of...
  8. B

    LiveAquaria Sick Fish Issues, Need Assistance

    I ordered a Desjardini Sailfin tang and Emperor Angelfish from LiveAquaria a little over 4 weeks ago. Both fish arrived and looked ok. I did my regular drip acclimation and added both fish to the QT Tank. I noticed the emperor angel was breathing very rapidly. On the 7th day evening, I noticed...
  9. S

    New Reefer in SD

    Hello, I’m new to reefing and have been absorbing tons of info on this site. Thank you to all who share your experience for us newbies! Unfortunately, I have had my tank for about 60 days and 1 of my clownfish is struggling and would appreciate any advice! Pictures attached. It’s the larger of...
  10. EHaddad

    My clown fish looks to have blisters?!?! HELP

    Been awhile since I posted but my Clownfish looks to have blisters on its fin and tail. It still eats good and swims normal. These are the best pictures I could get. None of my other fish have these symptoms not even the mate to this clown.
  11. E


    Hello! I received a Dejardini Tang the other day from someone who could no longer take care of it. However when I received it, it was in terrible shape. It looks like it has HLLE and I’m not sure if it has tail rot as it was previously housed with a porcupine puffer. I also can’t tell if there...
  12. anabechara

    Sick clownfish

    Hi all! Please help me. Last week I posted about my clownfish in quarantine getting sick after a herbtana dosing. I ended up doing a progressive water change in a 24 hour period. on 08/25 I thought he might be dead but when I tried to fish him out of the tank he darted up. He looked really...
  13. shawnriv

    EMERGENCY Sick Yellow Tang? (Video)

    Yellow Tang I’ve had my Yellow Tang for over six years and he’s been a model citizen. Ammonia in my tank is zero and all other fish (anthias, leopard wrasse, gramma) are all fine. The Yellow Tang behavior is always out in the open and eating. For the past two three days my tang has stopped...
  14. D

    EMERGENCY Sick Clown, Medicating Advice

    Hi everyone, you can skip to the third paragraph for the short version of this. I bought two clownfish and a randall's goby two weeks ago and added them to my aquarium (20 gallon long), these are my first fish. About a week ago one of my clownfish stopped eating, the next day it was having...
  15. C

    ! - sick(?) tailspot blenny

    Hi Everyone, My tailspot blenny is looking a little worse for wear. His belly is now concave, and his face is looking really skinny. It resembles a really skinny person when their cheekbones are visible. He is now sticking to the bottom of the tank, not moving, whereas before (two days ago) he...
  16. O


    Hey guys need help, my new watchman goby started to be lethargic 2 days ago and now he spins like a corkscrew when he swims, I put him in the first chamber of my aio so the other fish won't bother him. Should I euthanize him or just keep trying to feed him. He's breathing slowed a little bit...
  17. O

    Sick goby

    I have a sick goby that might be dying, I can't feed him medication (metroplex because of the risk of other inverts eating it) also don't have qt, i don't see any white spots on him except for his bottom lip which has a white spot, he was fine for the past few days, but he started to be...
  18. E

    Fish with splitting jaw!

    I just received a Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish from that has a rather bad jaw issue. It looks like it's splitting/degrading. Has anyone seen this before? How can I treat this?
  19. E

    Blue Tang with Marine Ich... I think?

    I've come to learn that my Blue Tang is sick. Being new to the hobby I have done as much research as I can reviewing Humblefish's work, but I'd like some advice to confirm my findings... and to also give guidance on how to best handle possible Marine Ich in a new tank (2 months old). Symptoms...
  20. PMReef

    EMERGENCY Aquilles what does it has?

    Hello My aquilles tang got ich bit now it has some white sports on his chest and his lower tail, os it still ich related or something else? Thankyou
  21. Jack biocube 32

    Help blue hippo tang keeps rubbing itself on the rock

    Well my blue hippo tang keeps rubbing himself on rocks. This is my first tang. I got him from my Lfs 4 days ago. The guy there said that these tangs usually act weird. So is this normal weird blue tang behavior or something else like ich or velvet. He looks fine and eats like a pig on anything...
  22. PMReef

    Is my cleaner wrasse sick?

    Hello, am I new to this incredible hobby and have had mu share of mistakes and things that need to improve, I recently had ich in my tank and I put a cleaner wrasse that was working with all the my fish 24/7 never stop eating the white spots. Now I see him tired and kind of sick. So my question...
  23. agame2021

    Is this ick or flukes?!

    So last night I did a big water change and brought up the salinity almost 3 ppm. I know it was probably stressful but i needed to do it. I have a 150 call on tank and 30 gallon sump I removed and replaced about 66 gallons last night. Woke up and added some seaweed and fed the goby. The foxface...
  24. agame2021

    Foxface rabbitfish

    So I got my first 2 fish today a purple fire fish goby(was supposed to be just a fire fish goby but the company sent me the wrong one…) and a foxface rabbit fish. So I noticed my wave maker was just way too much for these little guys! So I turned it all the way down. The the foxface kept trying...
  25. Edison Coltro

    Help identify Disease.

    Hey guys, So three days ago I noticed some spots on my sailfin tang skin. This fish has been with me for almost 5 months now and eats really well. The only symptom i've seen is scratching agains the rocks . Any ideas as to what it is? Parameters are: Amonia - 0 Nitrites - 0,25 Nitrates - 5 Kh...