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  1. What's Wrong With My Wrasse?

    Intermediate Topic What's Wrong With My Wrasse?

    Note from the Editor: The article below was written by @4FordFamily, a Reef2Reef staff member, however the article was also created with the help and input from @eatbreakfast @evolved @HotRocks, all prominent members of the Reef2Reef community and marine fish experts. The wrasse photos...
  2. B

    Tomini Tang acting strange

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify if something's wrong with my Tomini Tang or if it's recent actions are nothing to worry about. Yesterday I noticed that she was swimming frantically at times as well as swimming sideways. Today I've noticed the same but she's also now acting very...
  3. ReefMeUpScotty

    Toby Puffer not well, should I force feed?

    I have a blue spotted puffer approx. 2 inches long. For almost a week he will not eat and has been extremely lethargic and having trouble swimming, he will find a spot and stay. I had a valentini puffer before that showed these signs after pufffing up from being spooked and it died the next day...
  4. DieHardPhotog-Reefer

    Can I add Furan-2, Kanaplex or Metroplex to Seachem Cupramine?

    We received a Coral Beauty Angelfish exactly two weeks ago from an online vendor. Nothing seemed to be wrong with her during the 1st week of monitoring in a 7 gal QT with a super tiny clownfish from the same vendor. Yesterday, the clownfish unexpectedly died with no outer symptoms that I could...
  5. Snake132

    $$$Please help$$$ porcupine puffer skin peeling !!!

    i have to write this fast So had the pp 4 weeks now no problem ...... He eats fresh tiger prawns chunks daily healthy happy . 3 days ago I saw 3 white spots on each of his eyes and thought it’s just white spot because my powder brown got it again and has it . And I was already in the process of...
  6. Sashaka

    Started Ruby Reef Products

    Ok, so I thought I might chronicle my experience using the Ruby Reef Products. I'm sure I will have a questions regarding dosing and/or length of treatment as I go, so feedback is most welcome! Treatments I have tried: Freshwater 5 minute dips, 2 rounds of PraziPro, CopperPower (on most fish)...
  7. R

    ClownFish in Very Rough Shape

    (please dont hate if this is in the wrong section I wasn't sure where to put it) so I got this clown by accident (long story) and after a a day it developed clouded eyes, I think this was because the 2 clowns already in my system were bullying it. so I moved the clown into qt and started...
  8. Tristan

    Can fish be asymptomatic?

    I had watched a short documentary on Typhoid Mary and how she passed the disease on to so many others without being affected at all. So I was wondering if the same thing could happen with fish. For example: quarantine a fish for 2 months, no symptoms, but then when you add that fish to your...
  9. TANK TERROR: Bacterial Infections In The Reef Tank

    TANK TERROR: Bacterial Infections In The Reef Tank

    Editor’s Note: The reef aquarium hobby is not for the faint of heart. Maintaining a complex ecosystem can be a daunting task with many variables in play that all have effect on one another. However, beyond the effort to maintain the ecosystem and address common day-to-day issues, there are...
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