1. Forsaken77

    Herbie Syphon Question

    So I've decided to hard plumb my tank instead of vinyl, which I may use a 1.25" piece out of the return pumps to eliminate noise. I have a reef ready 180, with a Trigger Sapphire 39 sump. This sump is cutting it close for backflow reasons alone. So I wanted to keep the main syphon pipe in the...
  2. BlueWorldJeff

    Tank Flow from Powerheads and Return Nozzles

    Looking to possibly upgrade my flow in my BlueWorld 180. Right now I have a Tunze 6105 on each side of the tank in the back, pointing up The program for each is complex via Apex. For some time it will do 100% on one, 30%on other, sometimes for 3 seconds, alternating, some times for 10 min as...
  3. LatinKing

    Question: Siphon or move pot to a fry tank???

    Question for experience clownfish breeder. Wondering what percentage will siphon the larvae after hatching in the same tank or do you take out the pot and move to a fry tank to hatch? Which is your preference and why? For those that siphon, please explain procedure and what materials is used.
  4. R

    quite tank with no drilling idea

    Guys, I need an experts advice on the method I am planning to do on my future tank for overflow. I am a newbie and need guidance: I am planning to go with herbie method, I have a tank that I dont want to drill, I am planning to have a tube going from main tank (placed high) to the sump with...
  5. R

    Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO Problem

    Hello, I am having a problem with my Tunze Osmolator 3155 and am hoping I can find some answers here. Thanks in advance I feel like this would be a common problem with an easy fix. Here is the issue_ When the water is low in the sump, the Tunze Osmolator 3155 pump turns on, it fills to the...