soft coral

  1. W

    Zoas ID

    Heyehey could someone ID this zoas??? Thanks.
  2. J

    Help me to classify this type of mushroom

    So i was wondering what kind of bubble mushroom this is(biohazard?ish). Help me to find right name of it guys!!! Hope yall enjoy reefing :)
  3. M

    Is this coral gonna make it?

    I just got some corals shipped to me today, and this Rainbow Clove Polyp was in pretty rough shape. He’s been in the tank for around 7 hours now, and still looking pretty much the same. All the other corals are opened up and look good. Based on your guys’ experience, do you think he’s going to...
  4. A

    Build Thread Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25

    I started my reef in October 2021 and have so far only documented the progress on Instagram @another_world_reef I'm posting here to gain insight from other reefers as I continue with my goal of having a flourishing soft coral reef.
  5. K

    Build Thread A Four Year Reef - In Retrospect (Pacific Acquacultured 65G system)

    Part 1: In the beginning there was water. It all started with NextDoor. A drilled 50 gallon with a sump caught my eye; it was reasonably priced at $200. The lister was the wife of the owner, and she was ready for it to go, so younger me negotiated the price down a bit and set a pickup date...
  6. wsoldier

    California Live Goods large leather coral

    Local Pickup in Burbank 91502 or meet near Anaheim at RAP in a few weeks. Have a large, super bright neon green nepthea colony that I've had for a few years grown from a tiny frag. Around 6-7" tall and 2-3" thick with multiple stalks. Will expand morebut it's trapped in the corner of my tank...
  7. BaraCats

    Build Thread 66G Soft Coral Dominant Tank

    My partner and I are currently building our second reef tank and we've decided to go for a soft-coral dominated tank with some LPS in there. Our current tank, a smaller 100L/26Gal, is mostly a zoa garden tank with a couple LPS and a few other softies in between. With this new set-up we...
  8. nivekid

    Utah Live Goods Koji Wada Pink Nepthea Large Frag, Shipping Included

    Hello all, I have a large frag/mini colony of Pink Nepthea healed and ready to go! It is probably over 4 inches tall! Price includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Standard 2 hour DOA policy. Photos taken under Radion G5 Blue with orange filter on phone. On standard size frag...
  9. peopleschoice

    Florida Live Goods Multi polyp GMK Frags

    3 multi-polyp Grand Master Krak frags available. Shipping $45/ $25 in Florida G1-$175 4 polyps- Sold! G2-$165 3.5 polyps- Sold! G3-$150 3 polyps- Sold!
  10. ?

    What is this?? Looks like a paly. i have nothing like it in my tank and its particularly odd..

  11. T

    Corals Not Opening, Dinos and GHA

    My tank (29g) has been setup for about 2 months now after my tank had an alkalinity crash and I lost most of my fish and CuC. My corals had survived though, which meant I had to put corals and RFA in an immature tank. About 2 weeks ago, my RFA died as well as my xenia and Kenya tree, two corals...
  12. R

    Need urgent coral ID please

    Hello, got this frag as a gift but I’m not sure what it is (some type of finger I guess) and the coral is not doing well. when I got it (warm day) I took it home, dripped it and then dipped it (came super clean , not even a pod) then since I didn’t have frag plugs from reef putty I made a...
  13. Sharkfisher88

    Good Reef GPH Flow Rate

    I have a 90 gallon Aquarium what would be a good flow rate in GPH? I plan to do soft and LPS Coral
  14. S

    Fluval sea 3.0

    Hi. Im new to saltwater .. My question is what is the best setting for fluval sea 3.0 . I want keep just softies at the start. My aqua is evolution aqua 900s. Thanks
  15. Saskdevil

    Please Help! Is This Normal for a Toadstool??

    My Toadstool seems to contort a lot. It always seems to be dancing or in a weird position the last week's. I've only had it for about a month. Water parameters have been unchanged. Is this a natural thing when it's shedding ?
  16. R

    Coral ID

    Hello guys, Got a Zoa frag that came with a “hanger”. When I removed the hanger I noticed there are some small polyps on it, so I placed it on a different part of the rock. Week later it started to grow, and with Zoas came some weird soft red looking thing. Can someone ID it please? Thanks
  17. A

    Is this a good budget light to use?

    I have the Fluval Flex 32.5, and I have been struggling to find what light to buy for an LPS and Soft coral tank. I’m on a budget of $1,400, which seams like a lot at first, but I keep forgetting that fish and coral are expensive. The light I landed on is the NICREW 150W Aquarium LED Reef Light...
  18. MJY

    Nano Build Waterbox Cube 7 Nano Reef - Low Input, High Output

    Hi, I am starting up this build thread to document my “retired” (A.K.A – never used for intended purposes) Waterbox Cube 7 quarantine tank. Story goes a little something like this… 2020 COVID-19 Peak Lockdown in Australia – I Think, I know what would be good! A nostalgic childhood &...
  19. Hannahmunt

    Low alkaline

    I’ve noticed my alkaline has been getting lower each day, past three days I have been adding 10ml of tropic Marin all-for-reef but still the alkaline readings are low or getting lower. I only have soft corals as I’m new to marine keeping. Here are my parameters from tonight: nitrite: 0...
  20. Koji Wada Pink Nepthea, Shipping Included!

    For sale Utah Koji Wada Pink Nepthea, Shipping Included!

    (3) Large frags available. Each frag is around 3" tall when fully open. Healed for over a month. Shipping to lower 48 states included in price. Photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro and an orange filter which has blown out the colors of green and pink. The coral will only look this pink under lower...
  21. C

    Dumb Coral Question

    Good afternoon, •Knowing that unique color/shape variants in corals means higher price, does it also mean higher/modified care requirements when compared to their more readily available “strains”¿¿ I’m building my nano (~25 gallons) around the needs and requirements of a possum wrasse since it...
  22. Hannahmunt

    Cycling tank with lights on…?

    My tank has been running two weeks now with live rock live sand. Yesterday I added three chromis abs was given two soft corals (sinularia & Xenia) I’ve read that during the cycle I should keep my lights turned off….but will these two corals die if I keep the light of for a month?
  23. ETH2ETH

    3 gallon cube

    This is my 3 gallon cube that has been up and running for almost a year now. It runs on 3 items. A top fin HOB filter, a coralife light capable of supporting soft corals, and a small heater.
  24. E

    Kessil A180WE light schedule reccomendations

    Hello, I am looking for reccomendation's for a kessil A180WE I currently have it 12" above water and for a 60 gallon tank I have kessils recommended light setup but my corals don't like it. I had some LPS corals but they died. I now have a mixed tank of softies like bubble tips and carpet...
  25. Jang Kangler

    Suggestions on livestock for my 40 Gal Reef (Denver Area)

    Hello fellow reefers! Here's a few pictures of my softie/future LPS tank. Ive got a kenya tree, some mushrooms, GSP, Toadstool, Clove Polyp, and some Zoas (with a tunicate attached). I was just wondering what your suggestions would be for fishies once I let these guys grow out a little more! I...