soft coral

  1. A

    What the heck is going on with this Kenya tree

    Params: Ammonia/nitrite: negligible Nitrate: 25-30 (high but needed in order to combat dinos) Phosphate: .05 Salinity: 1.026 Calc: 470 Mag: 1420 Alk: 7.8-8 PH: 7.8 - 8.1 I had this Kenya tree for about a month, and it has never done this, being that it’s pinched near the center. I’m currently...
  2. A

    Mushroom gaping or spilling guts? Help

    I’ve had this mushroom for almost a month, and for the past week and a half it’s been scrunched up. I noticed today that it’s mouth is open and it’s releasing it’s innards. Params: Ammonia/nitrite: undetectable Nitrate: 35(high, but needed to combat dinos. phosphate: undetectable(been dosing...
  3. B

    Finally ready to put corals in

    Hey guys my 180 gallon has been up and running stable for about a year now I finally have adequate lighting. I'm ready to start putting corals in I have a few that have been sitting in a biocube just waiting. I want to do all soft corals mostly leathers. My question is where is a good place to...
  4. jcabral125

    What’s wrong with my coral

    Hey everyone my pulsing xenia has been doing great but over the last day and a half I’ve noticed it begin to look more rigid and less tree like than it usually does. Something seems to be off with my anemone as well. All my parameters are good, salinity is good so I have no idea what could be...
  5. Aegis19

    Weird growing green star polyp

    So I have a green star polyp and I can’t tell if this is normal? Or if it got damaged it looks super healthy and I have had it for almost a year if anyone has input that would be awesome. It seems like the circled area is longer and or like puffy looking.
  6. E

    Does this Solomon tree look normal?

    I can’t tell if my Solomon tree is doing good or not, this is the most I have seen him standing up ever, but is he standing all the way up?
  7. A

    Mushroom folding up?

    Params: Ammonia/nitrite:0 Nitrate:11 Phosphates: .04 Temp: 80 Calc: 490 Mag: 1420 PH: 8 Alk: 8.1 my mushroom seems like it’s folding up. Is this normal, or should I change placement. It fell of its frag plug so I’ve kept it in a low flow area of my tank. I attached image.
  8. A

    Kenya tree drooping.

    I just bought a Kenya tree today and it’s bent over. Params: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Ph: 7.8 -8 Alk: 8.1 Calcium: 490 Mag: 1420 Temp: 81 I attached an image. is this normal behavior for a new Kenya tree? for acclimation I bag acclimated and dropped it in. The fish stores salinity...
  9. E

    Question about magnesium and stability

    So I have been struggling for awhile to get my tank good enough to house soft corals, I have always had problems keeping soft corals until recently most of the new ones I have been adding are doing good for once, so I decided to test my parameters and they all look fine expect magnesium witch is...
  10. E

    Soft coral ID please

    I can’t seem to find any pictures of a coral that looks like this one, maybe you guys know what this soft coral is?
  11. nivekid

    Utah Koji Wada Pink Nepthea

    Hello All, I have several frags of Koji Wada Japanese Pink Nepthea available. This is a fun soft coral that provides some different texture and color to almost any tank. The pink looks most vibrant under white lights. This coral does not fluoresce; instead it is pigmented pink. Under heavy...
  12. Gianluca

    Toadstool leather growth?

    Hi everyone! About 2 weeks ago I got a toadstool leather frag as a gift. It was a very pretty piece, still is, tho recently instead of being a consistent ball shape it has become more of a crescent shape ? I don’t know if it’s normal or not? Any information will help, thank you!
  13. Oseans Reef

    Build Thread 90G Softy Gangbang

    The current setup is a 75G tank with a corner overflow with a wet dry sump modified for a refugium area. Eshops skimmer, gyre pumps and Aqueon return pump. Current tank stock includes Tomini Tang, 2 damsels, 3 oscellaris clownfish, serpent starts, Harlequin Basslet, soft corals and mini carpet...
  14. A

    What does this indicate?

    Ok so I have some Xenia which is open and has been doing fairly well in my tank for a month. Params: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 15 (doing water change today) Calc 410 Mag 1340 Alk 8.2 ish Ph 8 Temp 81 I’ve noticed that my Xenia has become taller and lankier? Basically the stalks of each eat...
  15. D

    Is it save for corals

    Hello, am new to the saltwater hobby, my tank have been cycling for 12 days today, and my water parameters are ammonia: 0,2 ppm, NO2: 0,5 ppm and NO3: 10 ppm. Is it save to put in some soft corals? sorry if it is a stupid question
  16. A

    Coral ID

    Could I get an id on these zoas the only thing I know is that there a low end morph. The other colony hitch hiked on some live rock, thought it was a pipe organ but it has shorter stalks. Pics are taken under LED lights. Sorry for the crappy pics.
  17. E

    Another petco coral ID please

    I went to buy the coral that I last posted about but they did not have it, they however had this one and it looked interesting and unique and I have never seen a soft coral that looks like this, I have no idea if it is full extended are not in these pictures but I can say he was way shriveled up...
  18. E

    Coral id

    This coral is at my local petco but I have no idea what they are and they get them in all the time, can anyone help me with this I’d?
  19. Philler

    Nano Build Paul's 20G Tall Mixed Reefer

    Hey everyone! I decided to get back into reefing after a 10yr hiatus after my brother started one up again. I found a 20G Tall on the internet and gathered all my old equipment to start it up. It was the best decision I've made in a long time! Born January 1st, 2021. My 20G Tall has a...
  20. E

    Soft coral ID please

    I got this coral as a unknown soft coral I thought it might have been a Kenya tree but it looks nothing like the Kenya tree it’s next to, a ID would be much appreciated, thank you.
  21. jbholasingh

    Xenia Identification

    Anyone can ID what type of Xenia this is? It was pulsing in the greenhouse when I bought it and when I first got it in my tank. It's been there 2 weeks now and hasn't started to pulse again.
  22. S

    What type of softies shed least?

    I'm looking for some sort of branchy soft coral. Some that I like are sinularia, cladiella (colt coral), and capnella (kenya tree). Which one between these sheds least/in the least obtrusive way? I've always hated the way toadstools shed because they are such an eyesore. I know sinularia don't...
  23. andiesreef

    What can I do to improve my setup?

    Hello everyone. After posting my build thread, which you can find here, I was inspired to see how I could keep the progression of my 20g long tank going strong and making it the best that it could be! Is there anything I should change or add in my setup? It is a 3 month old tank with no sump...
  24. M

    Illinois WTB LTB Soft leathers

    Want to buy Rare Soft Coral leathers, will pay for shipping if needed, located at 60056. Specifically looking for... - Koji Wada Pink Nephtea - Japanese Weeping Willow Toadstool
  25. A

    Anyone know what this is?

    I got some Xenia about 3 days ago, and it’s pulsing moderately Bc it’s in decent flow, and it is opening up which is good, but I can’t help but notice a lot of the feathers are black? I’ve gotten some conflicting info on this, with people saying it’s a phase while some saying their Xenia’s...