soft coral

  1. xdeathawaitzx

    Coral park and placement recommendations…

    Searching select corals online I’ve came across multiple par levels for each coral listed in picture it seems. Trying to find a good guideline to what is truly needed for levels. Any corrections is welcomed as well.
  2. The Natural Coral Depot

    Florida Live Goods Zoas

    Price Varys depending on which Frag
  3. Gabtron92

    Build Thread My First Tank— Fluval 13.5

    I started my very first tank April 2022 and recently joined the R2R community almost a year into the hobby. Prior to setting up my Fluval 13.5 I’ve never had a fish tank, saltwater or fresh. I decided to get into the hobby one day and the very next day I was at my LFS purchasing all the...
  4. M

    New York Live Goods ISO: mid-tier mushrooms (neptune, juggernaught, yumas etc)

    Hi all, Looking to add a mushroom or two to my display tank, will take a look at pretty much anything besides basic red, blue, lava lamp mushrooms etc. Really would like to purchase a blue bounce, mine didn't survive my tank crash. Green mushroom with dark blue bubbles. Would prefer someone...
  5. N

    Zoa Pox? Zoas Closed up

    Hi Everyone, I'm afraid I might have zoa pox. Since yesterday, my zoas have started closing up. Just now I noticed a white spot on one of the closed up polyps. Could this be anything else? Is there any good treatment for this?
  6. R

    Some bristle worm related questions

    Hi, Im trying to restart my tank aiming for a bristle worm free tank (I know bristle worms are good CUC but I just have mental problem with them so my tank cant have them and please dont attach any worm related images or ill freak out thanks). I know as a fact there are tons of them in my tank...
  7. Rham1281

    Are these zoas?

    I got these from my LFS and they look like the have a zoa-like polyp, but they're quite tall. Any thoughts?
  8. DonTavo27

    California Livestock Trade WTT SUNKIST BOUNCE

    What’s up Reefers! Happy New Year to all. looking to trade Sunkist Bounce, for another mushroom, or whatever you have to trade of equal value. pm for info. Thank You! Next to Quarter Tank shot before moving
  9. VSVP bet

    Connecticut SOLD Pink Long Polyp Toadstool - Med. Sized Colony - Pick Up Only

    Hello. I want to sell my med-sized long polyp toadstool. I have other softie colonies for sale as well. $200. It's pretty large, and does well under my AI hydras. It's grown out in my frag tank. Pick up only. I live in the north and dont want to deal w winter shipping. Sorry.
  10. Rham1281

    Got some new corals. Any ideas?

    I picked up a few new soft corals and was wondering if anyone could help me with a little identification. I'm not sure what any of these guys are. I tried searching for some similar ones but I just don't know for sure. I think the tall star ones are some sort of Clavularia and I thought the...
  11. B

    California WTB Pulsing Sinularia or other soft corals

    Looking for some frags, not interested in mushrooms or zoas. More interested in leathers and other soft corals
  12. A

    Coral Suggestions

    Hello, I finally got an upgraded light, I have AI Prime 16 HD. I know that there are other important factors besides lighting, but any suggestions for hard corals or more advanced corals now that I’m in a better lighting situation? Thanks in advance.
  13. L

    EMERGENCY First reef tank, extreme tank downturn. No idea what to do. Appreciate help!

    I come from freshwater fishkeeping. And always wanted to give coral reef tanks a try. I read guides and watch videos on how to set up a reef tank. Every coral purchased with research done before hand for best results. I started with corals that are listed as easy to keep. Mainly soft corals. For...
  14. Rc_reefers

    Florida Live Goods lsoh and gmk colonies for grabs shipping available.

    Looking to sell these two colonies for $1200+ shipping message me if interested
  15. SlimKrin0920

    Sinularia Tissue Necrosis?

    I have a “white” sinularia that looks green now. But I think it was suffering from Tissue Necrosis. I cut off the affected region. Is this tissue necrosis? It would not blow off and an affected piece easily came off with tweezers.
  16. ETH2ETH

    Ideas for my 3 gallon nano?

    Looking for ideas to improve my nano
  17. P

    California Live Goods Moving sell all coral SPS-Torch’s-hammer-HG micros

    Hello I’m moving to my new house in just over a month and will be shutting down tank till I’m done and moved into my new house. Not selling any of my fish. Selling all the coral I have left. Prefer local pick up first then maybe willing to ship text for faster response 707-592-7065 Located...
  18. Gorillareefer76

    Indiana Live Goods Leather coral $250 obo pick up only

    14”-16” leather coral outgrew my tank. Pick up only located Hammond IN 46323. Considering trades looking for zoas or EB832 power bar.
  19. Justin Teufel

    Texas Live Goods Howdy Everyone, new tank, Looking for extra coral growth in the College Station area! (Aggie here!)

    Howdy y'all! It has been a hot minute since I have posted on here in awhile. Life has been busy with my new transfer to my new University - Texas A&M. Howdy all fellow ags!! I just transferred over this semester after my freshman year at my local college in New Jersey. I joined the Corps of...
  20. jdwreefer

    Build Thread Can't Stay Away 54 Corner

    Well here we go again.. I just had to look at the saltwater section in petco and see they had lightning maroon clowns for only $60! Then one of my dream tanks showed up on craigslist for only $80! Like, am I just supposed to not get back into saltwater? I've been out of the hobby for six...
  21. L

    Colorado Livestock Trade Colonies for Trade or sale

    Here are a few things that I'd like to clear out. Looking for nice chalices, mushrooms or zoas. Jack-o-lantern Lepto $100 Capenella $50 Blue Kenya Tree $40 Bernardopora $50 Highlighter Frammer $100 8+ heads King Kong Bounce Yuma $250 monther and 6 babies Magic Carpet variant 4-5in Zoas Marvin...
  22. T

    help with gsp coral

    hey guys i need help with my gsp ive had my gsp for about 2 years and it was doing great spreading in my tank and everything but for the past 4/5 months it hasnt been the same not fully extending when its open and it is not half of once it was can anyone help me figure it out my calcium is 550 i...
  23. T

    What are some stocking options for a 22 gallon long saltwater tank?

    Need advise on what my stocking options are for a 22 gallon long. Plan to do soft coral down the road. Thank you for any input! The tank dimensions are 36 inches long 11.9 wide and 11.9 tall.
  24. wonderphil-reef

    First attempt at taking photos of some of my corals

    This guy is actually only about 10mm big!
  25. josephxsxn

    Michigan Live Goods Colonies and large Frags for $20

    Local Pickup Only! Will not SHIP! Location: Ortonville Michigan WTS - See Photos Large Pulsing Xenia Rock (Easily 2 hands) - $20 Huge Neon green Nepthea (like 4 hands) - $20 SOLD Green Star Polyp (not attached to rock, has been growing on sand) - $20 Devils Finger Leather (may need some...