1. pelphrey

    Kentucky Spectrapure CSPDI-90-MF w/ Booster Pump & Ace Roto Mold 40 Gallon Containers

    Located in Owensboro KY Spectrapure CSPDI-90-MF 90 gallons per day with manual flush, membrane is about 6 months old. Have new DI resin and sediment filter that hasn’t been installed yet. Will sell booster pump as a package or seperate. As a set this is close to $400 new. Asking $200...
  2. D

    Oregon Washington RO/DI SpectraPure 90g/Day RODI with new Resin

    90g/Day The Di stages are like new. New DI Resin from spectrapure and BRS never opened (Resin alone worth $80+). The RO stages are used and in good shape. membrane has been used 1year and a half. mechanical filtration medium need to be replaced. $160 shipped. Don't ask for PP until you are sure...
  3. chefjpaul

    Florida RO/DI Suppliments OUT! Spectrapure, ATI, Triton, etc

    PLEASE READ THIS. PICK UP / MEET SO. FLORIDA. will ship smaller items marked shipped. **ATI & Triton supplements lot Large & small bottles. $75 / pick up **aqua forest KH, CA, MG - new $25 / pick up **Tropic marin carbo calcium & MGx2 - $45 - new / pick up Pick up get random stuff to...
  4. thereefingguy

    High TDS after carbon blocks (before membrane) normal?

    Hi reefers I replaced all my filters, membrane and added another stage of carbon to my 6 stage spectrapure and now my TDS is reading higher after the carbon blocks. Is this normal for it to be 100 tds higher? The blocks have been flushed for a couple hours.
  5. MLSReefer

    Arizona Break Down Sale

    x2 Jebao RW-8 - used for 11 months, works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $80 for both / $40 ea + shipping Water Blaster HY-5000 - used but works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $140 + shipping 1 micron and 0.5 micron pre filters -sediment and carbon- new. Can bundle. pm me + shipping...
  6. eja99

    FS: Spectrapure UPLC II

    I recently took this ATO system off my reef. It is incredibly solid and has worked well for me for years. I took it down b/c I'm moving all my components to Neptune Systems equipment. I'm asking $225 shipped. PM is the key for questions and /or picture. Thanks, Eric
  7. pelphrey

    Spectrapure CSPDI-MF 90 GPD RODI

    I bought this unit from Spectapure on 7/31/15, it is a 90 GPD manual flush unit. I will ship the unit with the membrane (It will probably need to be replaced, I've never replaced it). Sediment, carbon block & DI will be pulled to save weight. It is under $50 for all 3 of these filters and the...
  8. cgonser9

    Spectrapure Litermeter

    like the title says, looking for a Litermeter. If you have one, or one with accessories, please let me know as I am wanting on asap. Thank you!
  9. 1

    RODI System recommendations?

    Hey Everyone, I am need of a RODI and I am not sure which one to pick. Looking for something that is priced just right that is well built. So far I have checked out KoolerMax AR-122, Spectrapure (not sure which model to settle on), and BRS Systems. Are there any other systems you would...
  10. Battlecorals


    So..... yeah, It's no secret. My forum's been painfully quiet for months now. Many of you, regrettably neglected far beyond my threshold of acceptance. It's been nothing short of impossible to keep up with everything the last 8 months and I sincerely apologize to all those I've neglected...
  11. MarineDepot

    Save 25% on two of 2016’s BEST sellers!

    Save 25% on two of 2016’s BEST sellers! After Fishmas Sale: 25% off Curve 5 and MaxCap 90 GPD RO/DI
  12. MarineDepot

    $70 off SpectraPure RO/DI

    $70 off SpectraPure RO/DI A New Offer Every Day! TODAY: 20% off SpectraPure MaxCap RO/DI! (plus you'll also receive this special perk with your purchase)
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