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  2. DanSavesTheDay

    Higher alk waterchange?

    I am looking to change out about 10 gallons in my 90 gallon reef *88 gallons=tank+fuge* housing some expensive sps frags. If my current DKH is 8.2 and the DKH of Reef Crystals is 13 would that be too much of a change? I did the math and doing a waterchange would add about .5 DKH for 10 gallons...
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    Livestock *New Sponsor* Underwatergardeners Huge Website Update

    Hello everyone, we are Underwatergardeners and new to Reef2Reef but have been around about 10yrs now. We travel doing fragswaps and trade shows and also sell locally and online. If you have seen us around please feel free to say hello in here :). Please take time to check out our website HERE we...
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  10. buckeye82

    Indiana SPS Frag Pack Semi-High End

    7 SPS frag pack with doa Guarantee, Buyer pays Doa Shipping. Left to right -Sc Orange Passion -Wa Arctic Ice Milli -RR serendipty -Strawberry Shortcake -Garf Bonsai -Reverse Strawberry Shortcake -Shivers Acro $375 shipped
  11. buckeye82

    Indiana Frag Rack Clear Out SPS Pack

    Hello, I have a pack of SPS up for grabs. Looking to clear some space. LEFT TO RIGHT -Sexy Corals Orange Passion -Cali Tort -Tyree Pink Lemonade -WWC Yoda -Miyagi Tort $250 shipped
  12. DQM5

    California Cheap forest fire digi

    Hey reefers I got a couple forest fire digi for sale. Ranging $10-$20
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  16. SPS and LPS Coral: Your Guide to Care and Feeding

    Sponsored SPS and LPS Coral: Your Guide to Care and Feeding

    New article on our website: https://chaosaquaculture.com/sps-an...UCEqBER4a2HtXLdAam69_R8nnkhkdMMcz3ebLlHSZgE5w SPS and LPS Coral: Your Guide to Care and Feeding Sworls of Montipora aequituberculata, a core coral, attract fish at Jarvis Island National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific, about...
  17. ChaosAquaculture

    SPS and LPS Coral: Your Guide to Care and Feeding

    New article on our website: https://chaosaquaculture.com/sps-and-lps-coral-your-guide-to-care-and-feeding/?fbclid=IwAR3Ki1Ijh9EOsxUCEqBER4a2HtXLdAam69_R8nnkhkdMMcz3ebLlHSZgE5w SPS and LPS Coral: Your Guide to Care and Feeding Sworls of Montipora aequituberculata, a core coral, attract fish at...
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    Davy Jones Locker - ALL PRICES SLASHED BY 20%

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  19. Dan13

    Cannot keep SPS/LPS alive. Help please?

    I am having serious problems keeping certain SPS and LPS coral alive. My tank is around 2 years old now, and I have had huge success in keeping soft corals and zoas, but any LPS or SPS coral that I get usually lose their flesh. Montis, Acros, Acans.....they all look great when they go into the...
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    NEW Acros just loaded to Davy Jones Locker!

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    Eliminate Red Bugs Naturally

    Dragon Pipefish are a great natural way to eliminate Red Bugs - make sure you have plenty of copepods for them to eat once they get rid of the red bugs. We have over 50 in stock now if you need them: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/pipefish/dragon-pipefish-corythoichthys-intestinalis/
  22. AquaLocker

    BEGINNER CORALS - What are the best corals for those new to coral?

    When I first started out, I really found coral to be very intimidating. Fortunately (except for my wallet), I have grown to love coral. What was your first coral? What would you recommend for those new to coral? And, why do you recommend the ones you recommend? (Photos always welcome!) We are...
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    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

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  25. Cyclone-G

    Eradicate Acropora Eating Red Bugs in 1 Day!

    This happened a few years ago but I finally got around to posting up the video on it. I'll show you how to completely eradicate Acropora eating red bugs in 1 day! This treatment works so well you won't believe your eyes. It's the easiest thing I've ever done to my reef tank, and totally reef...