t5 light

  1. andrewey

    Virginia Lighting 36" T5 Retrofit

    Selling a 6 month old 2x39w Miro-4 T5 Retrofit kit. I'll include 2 ATI Blue Plus bulbs (36") that have about 4 months of burn time, however I can't guarantee they make the trip in one piece, so these are freebies if they arrive unbroken, but I would plan on the worst (so you're not...
  2. TampaMark

    Large Build 180 Gallon In-wall build

    Backstory: My first fish tank was a 29 gallon (that became a 55 gallon) freshwater tank in college in the 1980s. First job, a couple of apartment/house moves later, a kid or two, and I was back in the hobby again in 2002. This time saltwater. I had a 90 gallon peninsula tank with some...
  3. gacolt

    Georgia Lighting T5 FS ATI sunpower 48'' 8bulb t5 fixture

    ATI sunpower 48'' 8 bulb fixture.2 years of use.works great.comes w/ hanging kit. local pick up or shipping.box size 6''x51x30 zip code 30040 400.00 plus shipping cash or zelle.
  4. andrewey

    Virginia WTB WTB: T5 Retrofit/Components

    Going to be adding some T5s to my 40 breeder, so wanted to check here first if anyone has any t5 retrofits, any of the components (ballast, sockets, reflectors, bulbs), or any cheaper lighting units I can take apart before I order online. I'm flexible with this project, so looking for either...
  5. vector824

    Florida ATI Blue Plus T5 60" - 80w

    **NEW** Got shipped the wrong sized bulb from an online store. Opened it up and put right back in the box because it didn't fit my fixture, they didn't want it back. Packed with "the tube" packaging. $15 + shipping PM with shipping address.
  6. Alemoki

    Cube Build • Dane's Mixed Reef Cube •

    So it's come time to finally create this thread that I promised to do a while back. Been a member here on R2R for a while now but have only been lurking. I currently have about a 220 litre system with the sump included in that. Display volume around 170 litres. It's a cube and my first ever...
  7. M

    New lightning

    hey friends i am setting a red sea reefer 750 xxl i always used t5 hybrid but i hearing good results with led only for full sps tank any help what brank should i go i was thinking 4 radions 30 gen 4 or 3 orphtek Atlantic 4. any one have experience and what is the best i go ?
  8. cotoner

    NanoBox 36" ATI LED Hybrid For Sale

    Upgrading to a larger tank and looking to sell my 36” NanoBox ATI Hybrid fixture, custom built by Dave. This unit is a beast and puts out tons of light. It was a brand new 8 bulb ATI fixture converted into a 6 bulb fixture with 6 custom LED arrays. I bought this unit in August 2015 and have used...
  9. zachxlutz

    Daily Light Integral, PAR, and Photosaturation Discussion

    I'd like to start a discussion based on a few things I've been reading lately regarding optimum daily light integral, PAR and photosaturation in our reef tanks and with the advent of this new lighting forum. For those of you with PAR meters and the ability to continually monitor PAR via an...
  10. 1

    Can lights be directly ontop of the tank?

    I often see majority of the lights hovering above the tank but I was wondering if its possible lay it right on top of the tank on top of the glass canopy? My tank has a full wood canopy set up and I need to keep that way due to kids. Any recommendations for specific lights as well?
  11. Crixus3Leo


    I have just bought a 4 foot 120 gallon aquarium and I need to purchase lights for the tank. This tank is going to be a fish only tank with artificial reef and coral. My question is, what kind of lighting should I get for the tank? I really want something that will make the colors in the tank...
  12. DipSpit

    Square T5 Light fixtures?

    Dimmable is not required, but does anyone make T5 lighting fixtures with a square dimension? I am playing with the idea of lighting 36" cube but want the light to match the ratio of the the tank. None of the lighting options I could find fit the bill - again more curiosity at this point than...
  13. P

    ***REDUCED PRICE***ATI 4x39w Sunpower 36in, Bio Tek Marine BTM-3000 Par sensor

    ***SOLD*** ATI 4x39w Sunpower 36in, bulbs not included. Purchased new on BRS in July 2015. In great working condition. $200 plus shipping ***SOLD*** Bio Tek Marine par sensor BTM-3000- 15ft usb cable, bought brand new only used a few times, been stored in original box sense. $150 shipped...
  14. S


    I have a 75 gal 48 in long... really want leds for my tank.. want it to be a mixed reef.. looking into SB reef lights... dont want to spend over 500 bucks on a light... any reccomendations? ANd whats the white powder coating for? ALso i currently have A dual t5 and 2 kessil A150 s sky blue
  15. M


    i have pacific sun hybrid lamp x4 39watt tube and 2 145 watt leds can someone tell me the best t5 combination i make regards marco
  16. jason2459

    *Reef Breeders Photon v2 and T5 installation, testing, and review*

    Just to start out here I am NOT a lighting expert or guru. Since starting my tank in 2009 I've changed my lighting 3 times (4 kind of but will get to that). Started with T5's. Then reefbrite strips, and then Ocean Revive S026 fixtures, (brief stint with SB Reef light sbars and T5), and to what...
  17. J

    Clearing out some equipment

    I have some equipment from a previous build that is taking up space in my closet. Everything is in excellent condition with original boxes. The list with prices (including shipping via USPS) is below, but I will also take offers. Let me know if you have any questions! Eshopps PSK-75H...
  18. C

    FS: ATI 24" 8 bulb Sunpower

    Great condition, unit and bulbs used for almost 8 months or so. ATI bulbs included 4 Blue Plus 2 Actinic 1 Aquablue Special 1 Purple Plus Unit will ship safe and sound in original ATI shipping box. $475 shipped paypal only
  19. ATI Giveaway: LIKE us for a chance to win a ATI T5 Bulb Packages!

    ATI Giveaway: LIKE us for a chance to win a ATI T5 Bulb Packages!

    ATI Giveaway: LIKE us for a chance to win some ATI T5 Bulb Packages! ATI North America is sponsoring this contest and giving 3 members a chance to win a T5 Bulb package! Since their introduction in 2000, ATI T5 bulbs have been at the forefront of T5 bulb technology. Today's ATI T5 bulbs are no...
  20. zachxlutz

    Build Thread Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence - SPS/Mixed Reef - Build Journal

    Welcome! I suppose I should start a thread over here on Reef2Reef! I've been lurking and absorbing all the information I can and I have to say, R2R seems like a great place. I've got build threads on our local club forum, the Atlanta Reef Club, and I have a thread on the "other" reef forum...
  21. irish02bk

    Slim t5 lighting option for rimless tank????

    I currently have and Elos 70 setup with a radion G3 lighting it. I'm not loving the colors on it so thinking about adding 1 or 2 t5's to get some of the color back. However i want to keep the slim sleek looking. Are there any options for a rimless tank out there? I'm not the best at DIY so...
  22. Romeo007

    Eshopps psk75 skimmer coralife t5 light brand new

    i have brand new in box Coralife 4 T5 HO with moon led light 36 inch ($165+ shipping) Eshopps psk75 protein skimmer ($100+shipping) Hydor nano slim skimmer used ($30+shipping)