tank swap

  1. S

    Switching tanks, when can I add an anenome?

    I currently have a Fluval Evo 13.5 reef that has been running for over a year and I have just purchased / set up an Innovative Marine Fusion 40 AIO to swap everything over once the tank is cycled properly. I have never kept an anenome but am aware they move around and will sting / kill corals...
  2. Mr.mussa

    Tank swap question

    Hello reefers, I currently own a fluval evo 13.5(been running since June 2021) and I wanted to upgrade to a waterbox 20. If I add all my live rock, bio media and some tank water from my evo to the cube 20. Will the cube 20 still cycle/mini cycle? Thank you and happy reefing!
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