test kit

  1. esther

    Testing, Testing . . . 1 2 3

    OK, so it's water test day... Wondering what you all make of these numbers (keep in mind we did all tests twice, just to be sure). My biggest issue is Alkalinity. We're going to retest today after we recalibrate our KH Director to see if it ends up closer to our Hanna tester. Which ones do we...
  2. psumms

    Hanna Alkalinity Reagent Consistency

    Just finished a bottle of alkalinity reagent on my Hanna tester - alk reads 11.8. Open the new bottle and re-test to check consistency. 10.7 ... Run a third test (from new bottle), confirms 10.7! The previous bottle is still well in date, has been open for approx. 4 months. Confident my testing...
  3. Andrew Schubert

    My Test Kit Results Vs Triton ICP Results

    For what its worth, I thought I'd share a comparison of my test kit result vs those given back to me by Triton. Notes: - I took my sample test kits within 1 hour of the same time I collected my water that was sent into Triton. - I shipped out my Triton sample on 1/14/2020 and received...
  4. nickkohrn

    Trident Owners - Do You Still Test Manually?

    Question: If you own a Trident, do you still perform manual tests with the test kits that you used prior to acquiring a Trident, such as Salifert, Hanna, Red Sea, et al. Why do you, or do you not, perform manual tests? I tried searching for threads that involve discussions about whether Trident...
  5. Jeff@CoralVue

    20% off Aquaforest - Black Friday Special

    Our BIGGEST Aquaforest sale EVER is on now! Save 20% on everything but salt for Black Friday at participating retailers. But hurry! Sale ends 12/2 or while supplies last. https://www.coralvue.com/aquaforest
  6. psumms

    Hanna vs Red Sea Nitrite Testing

    Hi all, nearing the end of the cycle on a new tank. I have a Hanna Nitrite ULR tester that to-date won't give a reading as every test reports '200' (out of 0-200 ppb range). My Red Sea Nitrite tests are coming in between 0.5 and 1 ppt. I believe I should trust the Hanna (non)reading, but that's...
  7. AquaLocker

    RAFFLE PRIZE Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Giveaway (no purchase necessary)

    No purchase necessary, but lots of ways to enter - for R2R members only! One winner only. The winner receives a new Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Learn more about this product here: Ways to be entered: PLEASE post in this thread when you have qualified for any entry in any category below...
  8. LilElroyJetson

    How Many Test Kits Do You Have?

    I know...I have a problem. I was organizing my supply cabinet and realized I have clearly accumulated more test kits than should ever be necessary. BUT it has been helpful having everything I need at arms reach, and the ease of use of these kits has caused me to test consistently, which I’m...
  9. Angelo Fatica

    Dosing Questions...

    Hey all, i tested my water last night and tonight to see the amount i need to dose for calcium, alk, and magnesium. Last night, my alk was at a 7.2, magnesium was around 1425 ppm, and calcium was at about 520 ppm (This was after a water change that I did a day before). Tonight, I saw that my alk...
  10. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB Hanna Calcium Checker

    Looking for a Hanna Checker for Calcium. If anyone has one and can ship asap, please let me know what your asking price is. If it doesn't have any reagent left, I'm not interested though. Also, if anyone has a 3 or 4 chamber reservoir for dosing that's on the cheaper side, let me know. I know...
  11. MarineDepot

    You’ll ❤ This ATI Deal!

    You’ll ❤ This ATI Deal! Buy ATI Lab Test Kit & Get 50% Off Essentials Pro!
  12. duromega


    Used in inmacculate condition my Hanna PO4 Checker Perfect working order. $35 Free Shipping. Some of my feedback. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/purchasing-from-duromega.421078/
  13. J

    Api vs Salifert test kits

    so i have been using Api for years now and have heard theyre like bottomline. I technically didnt do water changes on my tank for 3 months(i did but only twice) cause i ran out of salt and didnt buy a new bucket cause i was thinking of switching salts idk why it took me so long. But well yea ive...
  14. AquaLocker

    Introducing Aquarium Supplies - Over 600 items being added!

    Over 600 Aquarium Supplies being added to the website! New items being added every day over the next few days - about 350 items already in! Show Aquarium Supplies here: http://ow.ly/TGKA30kBWj9
  15. Andrew Florjancic

    API Test Kit Expiration

    I have the API master saltwater test kit that expired in 2015. I know a new test kit is only about $30 but what are your thoughts and experiences on using an expired API test kits? What makes a test kit expire?
  16. dvbrien

    Hanna Checker(s) Issues

    What? Every 10ml syringe I have, will fill about 1/8th" to 3/16" above the cuvette line (depending on how the water curves up in the cuvette) which is supposed to be 10ml. I've used 4 different syringes. Frankly, google searching "Hanna 10ml line not really 10ml" lead me to several pages of...
  17. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Testing kits

    Tank and stand are up! Rockscape is, I THINK, finally in its place lol and equipment is ready. RODI is filling up as we speak. But now here is my slight dielema, I bought the API master test kit, not the one for reef as I’m not including corals just yet. But I’m now reading and hearing some...
  18. filbie70

    Shelf life on API test kits?

    Does anyone know the shelf life on test kits? I did a test yesterday with an API and it turned blue as soon as I added the second reagent. I measured about a 2.0. I checked again tonight and the same result. I pulled out my Hanna checker and received a 0.00. I’d love to go with the Hanna...
  19. Hanna Instruments

    Hanna Retail Program

    Hello all, Hanna Instruments now sells direct to local fish stores and aquarium retailers in the United States. If you are an aquarium retailer, LFS or maintenance company that resells products you can now purchase Hanna products at a discounted rate. Our retail program has no minimum...
  20. MarineDepot

    Red Sea Rewards: Earn 10% Back on All Test Kits

    Red Sea Rewards: Earn 10% Back on All Test Kits Unlock the "secrets" to maintaining high water quality by testing your water!
  21. SR Aquaristik

    SR Aquaristik Speed Test Free 3D Printer Stand Download

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share the cool storage and beaker drying stand for the made by Alexander Johannessen, Alexander is an admin from www.reefers.no a great Reef Forum in Norway. It was made on a 3D printer, he has made the design available for free download at...
  22. Redbarnreefer

    Another CA test gone bad

    I've read about others experiencing this but didn't give it much thought as I go through my tests well before their expiration date. My "old" -- less than 1 yr -- was off by 170 ppm. It was giving me a reading of 400 when I was really closer to 570. That got me to thinking, how many have...
  23. Jeremy@CoralVue

    Would you invest a grand for a KH Guardian?

    For CoralVue, Christmas really did come early this year! We have the pleasure of getting hands on with the very first automatic alkalinity controller by the brilliant minds of Dr. Bridge. The KH Guardian is without a doubt one of the most innovative, exciting and ultimate game changing aquarium...
  24. Thoms_here

    Dry Tank Getting Ready to Get WET!

    I 'm getting ready to set up a new reef tank (with dry rock) and was wondering what type of inexpensive "master reef or saltwater test kit" you would recommend (unfortunately, emphasis on inexpensive). Thanks and I hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving! :)