test kit

  1. C

    Aquarium Systems SeaTest test kits

    Has anyone had any experience with the aquarium systems seatest test kits? any reviews/experiences? cant find anything on them, my LFS recommended them but im getting "odd" or just unexpected readings and dont know if i 100% trust them yet. Im using the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate test kits of...
  2. zachSalty

    Cycle done or delayed?

    Hey all! I have a 13.5 EVO tank. It is going on 7 days old now. I have tested the water and specific gravity every day. Before getting into the specs, let me tell you what is in there: Livestock: Caribbean Live Sand Roughly 10 lbs of aquacultured live rock (red algae and bristle worms living...
  3. J

    Testing kits

    Iv seen online that the NT Aquarium Lab kit is a whole lot cheaper than the marine version and includes more testing liquids. Are these just the same tests but differently priced to make more money from mariners? Or am I just better off getting the marine versions? Currently been using API and...
  4. R

    2 very different results between salifert and Red sea test kits??

    Hello Everyone! So past couple of week ive been having problems measuring the daily dosage for my Mg, Ca, Alk. I was using salifert for all three and i would adjust all three to the recommended level then wait 4 days then remesure them, but i performed this 3 times all over and all three times...
  5. U

    EMERGENCY Ammonia test kit

    Hello everyone, at the moment my two ammonia tests kit are stressing me out. In the picture below my test kits are reading different outcomes. One brand is Fluval aquatics and the other is API ammonia test kit
  6. M

    Hanna Magnesium checker

    Just got a Hanna Magnesium Checker HI719. Is it working for saltwater?
  7. W

    DIY 3D printed Digital Color Analysis for Aquarium test tubes under $15 and no soldering required.

    I'm been working on this for while and i feel that it looks good enough to show.... i hope it helps others analysis digital color representation for people who are color blind like me, parts are pretty cheap possibly under $15 and no soldering required. DIY Digital 3D Color Analysis for...
  8. R

    Test Kit

    I have a 36 nano reef that’s about 5 - 6 months old. Every time I test it says my parameters are perfect. I don’t believe that is accurate because I have had 2 fish die this week, although my coral are looking healthy. I’m using the API test kit, but looking for a new one. What would y’all...
  9. andrewey

    Virginia SOLD Test Kits Bundle (Hannah ULR, Salifert, etc.)

    SOLD Selling the following bundle: Hanna HI774 ULR Phosphate Checker- comes with 20 reagent packets (exp 11/2021) Salifert magnesium - used 3 times, otherwise new (exp 10/2022) Salifert Nitrate- used 12 times (exp 10/22, but no longer have the box, only my notes for the expiration date) API...
  10. jackalexander

    Hanna Checker

    I want to get some Hanna Chekers as I have heard they are quite good, any suggestions on the best ones & other tests that will be better for other tests. Currently using API like a noobie and I absolutely hate it because I can never figure out which color is which.
  11. LxHowler

    Am I missing something. Redsea phosphate test

    I have been having a few issues with my phosphate level, or I think I have anyway. Both of these test were done at the same time the only difference is that one was done with 16ml of ro water and 1ml of tank water and the other was done with 17ml of tank water. But they both have me the same...
  12. ChicagoShoop

    Illinois Indiana Hanna Alk Checker $35

    Hanna alk checker (HI 772) up for sale. Recently upgraded to the apex Neptune. Would also trade for Hanna nitrate checker. Used maybe 4 or 5 times. Lots of reagent left. Purchased 3 months ago. Free local pickup Chicago South Burbs or buyer pays shipping.
  13. Acameron2

    North Carolina Testing Hanna calcium checker for sale

    Selling my Hanna calcium checker. test regiments are in date. Have 16 of the pouches left. kit is in great condition just don't use it much anymore. Asking $40 shipped in the states.
  14. BighohoReef

    What test kit brand are you using?

    Hi R2R Community! My FIRST POLL! Some quick background: I’m a numbers and data guy so I love it when people post polls and give feedback. I can’t tell you how many purchases in this hobby because of that. This morning while testing nitrates I was having trouble finding the right color to match...
  15. M

    NT Labs test kits any good?

    Hey guys, i hope ive posted to the correct place, im new to the forum so thanks for having me :) im looking forward to getting to talk to others who have the same interest as me! im about to be setting up a little fluval evo mixed reef after being out of the hobby for a couple years and some...
  16. Reeferburns

    My calcium levels high

    Hi, I’m wondering if 490ppm and 9.6 dkh is bad or good? Do I need to try and lower my calcium? Also how do I maintain my alk level at 9.6.
  17. R

    Test kits for Alkalinity

    I’m having a bit of a head scratching moment I’ve tested my alkalinity and with 3 test kits and are all receiving different numbers... I’ve just purchased two new test kits Hanna Alkalinity Checker and it tested 194ppm Which is 10.8 It confuses me since the I just bought a new Salifert...
  18. Ridwaan98


    Hello, I have a 100L fish tank with one vagabond butterflyfish and one Picasso triggerfish. I have had these fish for about 1 and a half weeks now, and I suddenly recognised their behavior to be a bit abnormal. It was just today when I woke up, the trigger was breathing really heavily and...
  19. esther

    Testing, Testing . . . 1 2 3

    OK, so it's water test day... Wondering what you all make of these numbers (keep in mind we did all tests twice, just to be sure). My biggest issue is Alkalinity. We're going to retest today after we recalibrate our KH Director to see if it ends up closer to our Hanna tester. Which ones do we...
  20. psumms

    Hanna Alkalinity Reagent Consistency

    Just finished a bottle of alkalinity reagent on my Hanna tester - alk reads 11.8. Open the new bottle and re-test to check consistency. 10.7 ... Run a third test (from new bottle), confirms 10.7! The previous bottle is still well in date, has been open for approx. 4 months. Confident my testing...
  21. Andrew Schubert

    My Test Kit Results Vs Triton ICP Results

    For what its worth, I thought I'd share a comparison of my test kit result vs those given back to me by Triton. Notes: - I took my sample test kits within 1 hour of the same time I collected my water that was sent into Triton. - I shipped out my Triton sample on 1/14/2020 and received...
  22. nickkohrn

    Trident Owners - Do You Still Test Manually?

    Question: If you own a Trident, do you still perform manual tests with the test kits that you used prior to acquiring a Trident, such as Salifert, Hanna, Red Sea, et al. Why do you, or do you not, perform manual tests? I tried searching for threads that involve discussions about whether Trident...
  23. psumms

    Hanna vs Red Sea Nitrite Testing

    Hi all, nearing the end of the cycle on a new tank. I have a Hanna Nitrite ULR tester that to-date won't give a reading as every test reports '200' (out of 0-200 ppb range). My Red Sea Nitrite tests are coming in between 0.5 and 1 ppt. I believe I should trust the Hanna (non)reading, but that's...
  24. AquaLocker

    RAFFLE PRIZE Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Giveaway (no purchase necessary)

    No purchase necessary, but lots of ways to enter - for R2R members only! One winner only. The winner receives a new Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Learn more about this product here: Ways to be entered: PLEASE post in this thread when you have qualified for any entry in any category below...
  25. LilElroyJetson

    How Many Test Kits Do You Have?

    I know...I have a problem. I was organizing my supply cabinet and realized I have clearly accumulated more test kits than should ever be necessary. BUT it has been helpful having everything I need at arms reach, and the ease of use of these kits has caused me to test consistently, which I’m...