tisbe pods

  1. ReefLegends

    New Pod bundles and Pod blend sizes with FREE Shipping

    For all you pod lovers out there, now there is a way to save with our Copepod Bundles. While they still wont be the cheapest on the market, we stand out above the rest with pods that you can see inside your the bottles. There are the following bundles: 4-8 ounce bottles of 2 pod blend 4-8...
  2. E

    Copepods for Sale - Free Shipping

    Three-Species Mix - Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops FREE SHIPPING at $35 ($5 shipping for smaller orders) combine any of the products I sell to qualify for free shipping. Get the best live phyto available here...
  3. ReefLegends

    Our save 10-20% sale is back this week till 2/7/24

    Save 10-20% on Phyto, Rotifer, Pods & Combo deals till 2/7/24. Every order saves 10%, orders between $70-99.99 will save 15%, orders over $100 will save 20%. No code is needed, discount will be applied at checkout. This applies to all our Phyto, Rotifers, Pods and Combo deals. Free shipping...
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    All Phyto, Rotifer & Pods on sale till 1/15

    Save up to 20% this weekend till Monday night on our Phyto, Rotifers & Copepods. Orders will ship out Tuesday 1/16/24 due to MLK day on Monday and UPS being closed. All Phyto, Rotifer & pods are on sale, orders under $69.99 save 10% orders from $70-99.99 will save 15% and all orders over $100...
  5. ReefLegends

    Ocean delight bottles back on site!

    If you want a one stop package, treat your reef tanks with our Ocean Delight bottles. Each bottle is packed with Tigriopus, Apocyclops, Tisbe copepods, with marine L type rotifers and all stages of brine shrimp. These bottles are intended to be used the same day and added while the lights are...
  6. ReefLegends

    Livestock Live Phytoplankton, Copepods and Rotifers

    I wanted to introduce Reef Legends to Reef2Reef. Let me show off a little of our collection, usually each week when I bottle I take a video of the bottles so I can compare bottle densities. You can find our videos on our Instagram page, Facebook page and TikTok. Our live Phytoplankton isn't the...
  7. D

    Can't see any of my tisbe pods in culture?

    I recently started a Tisbe pod culture and am following a few guides on r2r as well as on youtube, but I'm starting to wonder whether I even got any live pods? I've got two cultures going each in a 1.7l jar, both have airline tubes connected to them at 1.025 salinity. I feed phyto once every...
  8. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Three types of pods and phyto for sale

    12oz tisbe, 12oz apocyclops, 12oz tigriopus, and 12oz phytoplankton to feed your pods for $50.00 + $8.40 shipping via USPS 1-3 day flat rate with tracking included. Additional thermal insulated mailer included with all orders and a cold pack if shipping to a warm area location. That is only...
  9. KingReef16

    Tisbe Pods: good or bad?

    I have a small coral QT set up that I started with 50% water from my DT (and 50% freshly made water). So that’s how I ended up with Tisbe pods in my QT. Now I have quite the population of Tisbe pods with my quarantined corals. So gang, is a large (and growing) Tisbe pod population in my coral...