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Oct 1, 2023
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If you want a one stop package, treat your reef tanks with our Ocean Delight bottles. Each bottle is packed with Tigriopus, Apocyclops, Tisbe copepods, with marine L type rotifers and all stages of brine shrimp. These bottles are intended to be used the same day and added while the lights are on. I do recommend turning off your main return pump and wave makers. Ocean Delight bottles are packed with newly hatched brine, Juvi and some adult brine shrimp, this gives your fish to go after the larger brine shrimp causing a feeding frenzy in your reef aquarium. Your pods will have time to escape the feeding frenzy and settle into the rocks. Rotifers add a nice snack for your corals during the day enabling their feeding response as well.

Now I know some of you will say adult brine shrimp are worthless for nutritional value, ours is packed with spirulina and S.Presso from Brine shrimp direct, this will give our brine shrimp a green or red hue depending on which food they have loaded on. We also use Brine shrimp direct shell free E-Z hatching brine, no need to worry about egg shells in our bottles.

All our brine shrimp have been hatched in clean sterile Instant Ocean salt mixed to 35ppt, we rinse the brine shrimp off at each harvest and bottle in new Instant Ocean water, we do pack these bottles with Reef Nutrition RG Complete. If you wish to keep the bottle more than a day or two, I do recommend using RG complete or a feed with an ammonia reducer, all the live creatures will cause an ammonia spike while inside the bottle do the lack of filtration.

Ive posted an Instagram clip in this thread of the 32 ounce bottle for demonstration purposes. This is how your bottle will arrive with the exception of water volume, air volume is needed while shipping the bottle.

If you have any questions, please reach out via text or phone to call 801-901-0970. All orders are shipped same day Monday-Wednesday when placed before 1pm MST. We ship all livestock UPS 2 day, have a 100% satisfaction and live arrival guarantee.

Ocean Delight is $20 off automatically at checkout, on either size till January 24th. Free shipping on all Phyto, Rotifer & Pod orders over $40

Ocean delight 32 ounce video

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