1. A

    Florida Trading Sunburst Bounce and Sunkist Bounce

    Trading BigR Sunburst Bounce and/or Sunkist Bounce for other Bounce mushroom or nice torch. Let me know if you’re interested and what you have to trade. Thank you! Located in Florida.
  2. unweariedgoose

    New to here, but not new to fish!

    Hi everyone! I am from middle tennessee/ north of Nashville. My brother and I have maintained 2 fresh water tanks and a salt water for about 3, maybe 4 years now. Thankfully we haven't failed horribly since our first tank. We currently have an average array of "easy" fish, but the main reason...
  3. Reefer_Tom

    Got some cool frags

    Got all sorts of frags looking to make some trades locally
  4. msaad

    Florida WTT Neptune, GodSpawn, Halloween bounce for Higher end torch or OG

    Willing to ship I am looking to trade Some of my Neptune, GodSpawn, Halloween bounce for Higher end torch’s or Other bounce mushrooms. I can take more pictures upon request.
  5. damselindistress

    3k for 1k

    Have a barely used Icecap 3k that I'd like to trade for a 1k, it's just too much flow for what I like in my tank. Purchased new from one of the big online reef stores, can provide copy of receipt and pics of unit. Unit was used on 10% for about 3 weeks.
  6. SplishySplashy

    California Speckled Krakatoas

    I have a frag of 2 polyps Speckled Krakatoa to trade for a similiar valued coral. Let me know what you got. Local trade only in Socal / Orange County area
  7. GentlePuffer

    New Jersey S/T Fuzzy dwarf Lionfish in jersey shore area

    Beautiful tame 4inch Fuzzy Dwarf available for sale or trade in jersey shore area. Was in my Predator nano tank and eats pellets, freeze dried, frozen food. Is not afraid of people, will stare at you all day and interact with you. Does jump so lid required. Looking to add more corals and need...
  8. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    125gal frag tank

    Hey everyone! I have a used 125gal acrylic frag tank with built in over flow up for trade or sale. If you’d like to buy it, make an offer. What I’m looking for: Sump with pump In sump Skimmer (rated for 100+gal) LED Lighting (Chinese blackbox ok) Wave makers Return pumps No shipping...
  9. Reefer5640

    Utah Looking buy or trade for FMM

    I’m looking to buy an FMM and thought I’d check to see if anyone has a used one before I buy brand new. I can buy or trade. If you’re interested in trade I have an EcoTech MP10, EcoTech XR15 G3 w/ tank mount, ReefLink, Apex PM2 w/probe, apex ORP probe, Kessel A150, AI diffuser (fits hydra 52...
  10. DirtDiggler2823

    Maryland Looking to trade 125 gallon tank for 180 or 220

    I have a used, undrilled 125 gallon, 6 foot tank that was an african cichlid tank that I've emptied to begin prepping as a reef tank. I've decided that for this build, maybe I'd like to go bigger to a 180 gallon tank, or a 220 gallon tank. Looking for folks who would be willing to trade straight...
  11. MiamiRice

    South Florida Reefers

    I'm located in Miami and looking to get in contact with as many South Florida reefers as possible as I really want to start buying/trading with locals this coming year. Drop your location and best way to get in touch (IG, email, phone). I would like to start a WhatsApp or message thread outside...
  12. Reef of Fillory

    Michigan Apex w/ EB8 and probes for Nano Light [AI Prime?] + cash

    Hey everyone, I've got an Apex Classic brain Temp Sensor pH probe [wet] 1x EB8 [orange label] Jebao-Apex control module 2x Jebao SW-2 pumps [need cleaned] w/ original controllers & Power cords I'm looking to trade for a light for my 5 gallon tank [w/gooseneck/mount] such as an AI Prime...
  13. MLSReefer

    Arizona Leftover from breakdown

    Hi everyone. A few items leftover for sale. PM me if any questions or for any pics. first come first serve (local pickup preferred but can ship all but tank/stand/sump) 1) 180 GPD RODI system with filters - PM me (local pickup preferred but can ship) 2) slightly used Aquatec 8800 pump...
  14. Bruno516

    Arizona Trade RODI system for reef supplies?

    Hello All, I have a Spectrapure CSPDI-90 system NEW in box. I had actually purchased this and realized it didn't have everything I needed and went with the 1:1 performance plus which is automated, pure water flush, and high/low electronic floats. The system is still in box, purchased over a...
  15. Justin84


    Taking a gamble to see if any one would be willing to trade a brand new Reeflo pump for 2 Kessil A360W lights? It’s not a Reeflo Gold. I’m willing to negotiate if the right deal happens.
  16. Crabs McJones

    WTB 75 gallon aquarium

    Looking for a 75 gallon tank that anybody's looking to get rid of. If you got one shoot me a price ( of if I'm lucky enough that you just want to get rid of it :) ) or if you want to trade for any frags I may have. Must be in decent condition. Drilled or non drilled doesnt matter. Would like...
  17. Keaton

    2 Kessil AP700 lights for 2 Radion XR30W G4 PRO lights

    Looking to trade my Kessil AP700 lights, I have 2 and would need to trade both. Looking to get 2 Radion XR30W to replace them. The lights are in perfect condition. I've only been using them for a couple months with no complaints I just use Radions on my other tanks and want to get on the same...
  18. PlanB

    Red Sea Reefer 525 XL - downsize trade for 350/425 Reefer series

    I'm thinking of downsizing my reefer, due to the size of my living space, and how much the 525 demands attention in such a small space. The tank is in great condition and is running perfectly atm, I purchased and set it up 1 year ago this month. If anyone is interested in moving up from a 350...
  19. Orangezuk

    Skimmers & MP40w

    For Sale Possible trades. New Skimmer; Skimz SM122 external LFS closed so I picked up their display model. New hasn't even got wet, decided to build around bigger skimmer. No box or paperwork. $250 OBO, plus shipping. Used ETSS Reef Devil Skimmer (int/ext) Works well, good skimmer for limited...
  20. Mr.Acro

    Miami Hurricane Chalice big frag, looking for staghorns or other chalices in the DMV

    Hi All, My Miami Hurricane chalice is starting to take over the right island of my tank so I'm making some new frags. I have a 12-15 eye piece thats healed over and encrusting but I can also cut 8-9 eye frags off of the colony. I also have some miscellaneous LPS I'm looking to get rid of. I've...
  21. SM_Reef

    Zeus, A New Rainbow Tenuis.

    Hello friends and fellow hobbyists! I wanted to see what was out there for potential trades for an acropora tenuis I have. Here is a couple full colony shots of what I have named Zeus from a month back- Couple more recent macro shots- Frags available for trade, willing to part with...
  22. jimmert33

    Black Tang wanted

    Please Pm me pics and prices that would be great thanks!!!
  23. jimmert33

    WWC OG Bounce For either Black Tang or Colorado Sunburst

    Willing to work something out if the OG Bounce isnt enough thanks!!!!! Please Pm Me
  24. Y

    Eel Trade

    I hope this is the right location. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading for two snowflake eels. I only ask for a trade because I want to make sure they are going to a good place and I wouldn't feel right with cash (Im not out to make a profit). The trade could...
  25. K

    Selling / trading 150w metal halide lights

    I have a working pair of metal halide lights. Setup comes with 2 transformers, reflectors, and 2 slightly used bulbs. I also have a power compact setup as well 24w. I am looking to trade for healthy frags, or circulation pumps, return pump, skimmer etc. Thanks Kramy