1. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Fruity Pebbles Thread

    If you have a TSA Fruity Pebbles, feel free to post some colony/ progression pics in this thread :) Here's one from us
  2. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW Release!! TSA Haymaker!!

    This one will knock your socks off
  3. TopShelfAquatics

    Get Your Dad What He REALLY Wants... TSA Corals! (MEGA Father's Day Sale)

    Shipping: Purchase as many pieces as you like and pay only $29.99 for shipping! No box charges, ever. At checkout, select your preferred delivery date and you're set! When checking out multiple times select "Add to existing order" and all your corals will ship together. DOA: We include our...
  4. Davenkim

    Anybody have a grown out TSA Woolly Mammoth

    Just curious, I have never seen anybody post a grown out colony of this one. I have a small frag and it does not even look close to the mother colony they post. It is brown and has smaller polyps than my palmers blue Mille. I am just wondering if it will get better, or if their photo has been...
  5. TopShelfAquatics

    MEGA Update to TopShelfAquatics.com!!!

    You dont want to miss out on these GORGEOUS new frags that just posted on TopShelfAquatics.com!
  6. blazedmasta

    Florida TSA Bubbleyum Acro

    $350 for one of the hottest corals in the hobby! The wait is finally over. Newly released from Top shelf Aquatics March 23 2018. Beautiful bright pinks polyps, yellow tips and blue body make this tennis a truly magical additions to any tank! If you're looking for a show piece look now farther...
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    Gorgeous New Update On TopShelfAquatics.com

    100+ NEW corals have just been added to TopShelfAquatics.com!
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    TSA Ebay Auctions Ending Tonight!

    Do not miss this round of amazing frags!
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    Gorgeous SPS Update!!!(With Mother Colony Shots)

    We just added 80+ new corals to TopShelfAquatics.com and they are looking pretty sweet! TSA Blooming Rose Colony WYSIWYG Frag TSA Twisted Sister Colony WYSIWYG Frag TSA Bill Murray WYSIWYG Frag TSA Dan Akroyd WYSIWYG Frag Garf Bonsai WYSIWYG Frag
  10. TopShelfAquatics

    Can't Make It To MACNA?? No Worries!

    Over 400 corals to choose from on TopShelfAquatics.com [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]
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