waterbox 100.3

  1. K

    Pennsylvania WTB Looking to buy Waterbox 100-130 gallon

    Looking for a Waterbox 110-130 gallon. In Pittsburgh area but will travel a good bit for one
  2. Z

    Purple tang in 3x2x22

    Hey all! I’m currently downsizing from my 260 gal reef to a 3 foot water box. I’ve got the following in the 260 gal 1 Klein’s butterfly (4 inches) 1 desjardini tang (5-6 inches) 1 purple (2-3 inches) 1 blue face angel (2-3 inches) 1 coopers anthias (3 inches) I’m essentially planning to rehome...
  3. L

    Florida Selling entire 100.3 Waterbox setup

    I am selling the following list of items because I am moving and cannot take it with me. Price is $1500, you have to pick it up and get it out (I live on east side of Orlando by UCF). If you don’t want the livestock I will take it to the local fish store for them to resell as they have been...
  4. Noinoi24

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey New York MOVING OUT OF STATE SALE- (POSTING FOR A FRIEND)

    Hello Reefers, My friend Bradley is moving in a few months and unfortunately need to sell his set-up and his pets. He has a freshwater set-up with Discus fishes and some tetras. He’ll be moving at at the end of July. He needs the sell the livestock first before he can sell the equipment. Tank...
  5. Noinoi24

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Package Deal HI-END DISCUS FISH SET-UP (POSTING FOR A FRIEND)

    Hello Reefers, my friend is moving in a few months and unfortunately need to sell his set-up. He has a Waterbox Reef 100.3 Aquarium filled with beautiful discus, plants, aquascape, and tetras. He has Apex EL control in it. We will only sell the tank set-up after the livestocks are placed/sold...
  6. chemicals

    Redsea reefer 350 or waterbox reef 100.3

    Hi there, I am new to salt water aquaria and I’m looking into my first reef tank. I have a hard time deciding between the Redsea reefer 350 deluxe (47x21x20”) and Waterbox reef 100.3 (36x24x22”). They are both around 75 gallon but the reefer 350 is 4ft and the reef 100.3 is 36”. Does anybody...
  7. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Waterbox Aquariums and the Random Flow Generator - A Perfect Match!

    We just took all the guess work out of adding a Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your Waterbox® Aquarium. The New Waterbox Flow Kits featuring the Random Flow Generator are available in two sizes and cover the entire line of Waterbox Aquariums. Now Available at SatwaterAquarium.com and Marine...
  8. R

    Build Thread Waterbox 100.3 Zeo build

    Hi all I’m new to the forum however I’ve been in the hobby for several years and recently decided to dive back in. I purchased a waterbox 100.3 with hopes to make this a SPS dominate zeo tank. I wanted to go bigger however once I received the tank I’m glad I didn’t as the 100.3 seems to fit...
  9. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Fully Stocked and Equipped Waterbox 100.3 Aquarium. Complete package

    I’m getting out of the hobby anc selling my prized possession Waterbox 100.3 Aquarium with fish and corals included as well as all of the equipment. Reef Octopus Return Pump Reef Octopus Skimmer AI Hydra 26 (2 lights with mounts) AI Nero 5 pump AI Nero 3 pump Duetto Auto Top Off American Marine...
  10. TerraCaelus

    Build Thread Shell's Reef

    Set up Waterbox Reef 100.3, 2x MP 40, 2x Kessil A360x Tuna Blue, Neptune Apex, Cor15 return pump, Tunze ATo and reef octopus essence s-130 skimmer.
  11. AndrewG99

    Waterbox 100.3 stocking ideas

    I have just placed an order for a waterbox 100.3 that is going to be replacing my Fluval Evo 13.5. this is going to be my second reef tank so I still feel pretty inexperienced, because of this I wouldn't mind your guys help with suggesting what you would stock the tank with if it was yours. it's...
  12. ens_reef

    Build Thread emsreef 100.3 waterbox build

    in the process of a 100.3 waterbox build. i got the stand together and of course with my luck the left panel was damaged. waterbox customer service has been great. they already shipped out a new panel. i put it together with the damaged panel and i will save the other as a spare. i am simply...
  13. GeoLogic

    Circulation for Waterbox 100.3

    I’ve recently purchased a Waterbox 100.3 (36x24x24) and am considering what to use for water circulation. Currently I’m considering: 1 x mp40 1 x Nero 5 2 x maxspect gyre xf330 (overkill?) I’d be interested to hear thoughts and what others are using on their tanks of this size.
  14. wiltongates

    Build Thread Wilton's Tempting Fate - Build Thread (Waterbox Reef 100.3 )

    Tank Specs: Tank: Waterbox Reef 100.3 Lights: Aqua Illuminations Hydra 26 HD Sump: Synergy Reef TS-26 Triton Method Refugium Sump, configured left to right with 4-port probe holder, and ATO fitting in return ATO: Synergy Reef 5 Gallon ATO Container XP Aqua Duetto ATO (came with the tank)...
  15. Cmooreinor

    Build Thread Cmoores Waterbox 100.3

    Hi all! my name is Chris Moore! I think it's time to begin a build thread for my Waterbox 100.3 that has been running since march. First a little about me... and how I got to this point. I am 38 years old and live in the Seattle area With my wife and two dogs. I have been in the hoby for awhile...
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