waterbox 20

  1. M

    Waterbox CUBE 20 lighting

    Hello, I am getting a waterbox cube 20 and I am looking for a suitable lighting. I mainly keep LPS (euphyllia, scolies) and BTA. I want them to grow and have good coloration. I am looking at the AI prime 16 HD, Kessil A160 tuna blue and the Kessil a360x (with WiFi dongle). The prime is half the...
  2. Silent reef

    Cube Build Silent Reef's Waterbox 20 nano cube build thread

    Hey cube fans, this is my waterbox 20g build thread. It's going to be a fishless tank... corals and cuc only. Basic equipment list: 1. WB 20 cube 2. AI 16 HD 3. Real reef rock 4. Caribsea live special grade 5. Aqualight ATO 6. Sicce voyager nano 1000l 7. Tunze 9001 nano skimmer 8. Inkbird temp...
  3. Reefer Joshua

    Build Thread Josh’s Cube 20

    Hey guys! I’m starting the build thread for my first ever reef tank in my Waterbox Cube 20 Equipment: Filters sock (compartment 1) Marine Pure balls (compartment 2) Cobalt Neo therm 75 (compartment 2) Sicce 1.0 return pump (compartment 3) Auto aqua mini ato (compartment 3) Hygger mini wave...
  4. Manonfire0815

    Waterbox Cube 20 Day 3

    Hello all, I know you all have a lot more knowledge setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium, so I am coming to you all for your expertise. I decided to go with the Waterbox cube 20/ ReefLED 50. I initially bought a Aquamaxx WS-1, but I couldn't figure out how to set it up in my AIO. Now...
  5. sparrow_reef

    Nero 5 gph rate for 20 gallon cube

    Hello everyone. I’m new to reefing and was curious about my Nero 5. I’m sure it’s probably overkill for my 20 gallon cube nano but purchase has been made and there’s no going back lol. What kind of flow rate should I be targeting for? I plan on keeping a mixed reef. I’m sure there’s plenty to...
  6. WhiskyTango

    AIO Build WhiskyTango's WATERBOX 20

    The downsize is complete, and I couldn't be happier with my new AIO cube. Also the stand sits perfectly on a 18x18 tile.
  7. vabben

    Waterbox Cube 20 Aquascape

    Here is my Waterbox Cube 20 aquascape. Any suggestions or comments?