waterbox 220.6

  1. Chayo

    New Waterbox, help

    Just received my new Waterbox and upon inspection found bubbles in only one corner of the tank all other sides look good. Will this be an issue? should I be calling for a new tank? The current tank I have has bubbles in the seam and I don’t want to have the same issue down the road, so a bit...
  2. M

    Large Build Waterbox 220.6 mixed reef tank build

    I have gone back and forth about starting a build thread, but I suppose if I am going to invest this much time and money into a tank, I should share the experience. Maybe I can share some knowledge that I gain along the way and hopefully get assistance from fellow reefers. A little background...
  3. ReefCoder

    Build Thread ReefCoder's Waterbox 220.6 Dream Tank Build

    I figured I would start a build thread to document my dream tank build so here we go! I currently have an IM Nuvo Fusion 40g, have had several reef tanks over the last 10+ years, even bred clownfish for a while - at one point I had 23 20g tanks in my garage hooked up to a 250g sump :) I...
  4. jtshipley

    Build Thread water box 220.6 build

    Alright guys im gonna start a build thread for me and my fathers tank just for fun. so some back story, i first started into the hobby by self interest, at the time i worked at one of our local fish stores in the area. we had a few saltwater tanks and i didnt know anything about them, a fellow...
  5. Fred2482

    Build Thread 180 gallon with fish room build - Waterbox 220.6

    About two months into the new build and currently waiting on items to be shipped so why not use this down time to update the build thread! Rewind a few months ago I decided to upgrade my current 80 gallon (48"x20"x20") reef tank to around a 500 gallon in my basement. Unfortunately, my wife and...
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