1. T

    WWC Ultra Frag Pack vs Coral Club

    Hello, new to R2R here and getting back into the hobby after seven years out. I’m waiting for my waterbox to be delivered then it’s full speed ahead! I was curious if anyone here has experience with ordering the Ultra Frag Pack AND the coral club from WWC? Right now the ultra mixed Frag pack is...
  2. Travis Warren

    California WWC Zoanthids - Pink Diamonds and AOI - $25 Per Polyp - Local San Diego Pick up only.

    Hi I have the following for Local Pick up in Ocean Beach. 1. WWC AOI - Approx 10 Polyps $250 2. WWC AOI - Approx 16 Polyps $400 3. WWC AOI - Approx 14 Polyps $350 4. WWC AOI - Approx 15 Polyps $375 5. WWC AOI - Approx 18 Polyps $ 500 6. WWC Pink Diamonds- 4 Polyps $100 7. WWC Pink Diamonds -...
  3. JackerVenom

    SPS flow with MP10 in 10 gallon?

    Quick question for those sps knowledge people. I'm new to SPS and have an mp10 in a 10 gallon to provide flow but it's on blasting from the one side. So their lots of direct flow but it's constant. Is this okay? which SPS would be okay with this flow? Is there a setting a should have instead of...
  4. BrightReef

    California WWC OG Bounce

    Selling my WWC OG Bounce. Pickup near San Jose, CA ($650)
  5. Alphadave248

    Build Thread Just in- 18 frags from WWC

    Here is the haul from last weekends huge WWC sale. I was able to buy 18 and they came in today! I will continue to update with growth and progress.
  6. WWC

    HOT DEALS WWC's Famous Cyber Monday Live Sale is Here!

  7. DominantWhiteShark

    Build Thread Kid Doctor/Fish Doctor - 100 Gallon ProClear Custom Build Thread

    Hey Reef2Reef! Been considering a build thread but just never had the time...until now! I'm a pediatric resident physician so I have VERY little free time but I use the tanks and care to decompress when im not taking care of the kids! Very therapeutic! Ive been in the hobby my whole life...
  8. Jhav89

    North Carolina WWC Snowdrop Acro mini colonies & frags

    I have a few mini colonies and frags of WWC Snowdrop Acro healed and ready to go. Local pick-up/meet-up ONLY at this time. Located near Hickory, NC.
  9. M

    WWC Mixed frag pack just came in

    Just got my frag pack from WWC to start off my coral collection for my new tank. Wanted to show you guys what i got to see what its worth and some general tips for care. Heres what i got. -dragon soul goniastra -blue ring acan(mostly orange tho) -red hot discosoma -cat eye zoas -WWC aussie...
  10. killergoby

    Turbinaria heronensis/reniformis ID

    I received this frag from WWC labeled as a Blue Heron Turbinaria. In person it looks dark blue to violet, and the polyps are bright green. I think this is a Turbinaria reniformis (probably the WWC purple scroll turbinaria) but I haven't had a blue heron turbinaria before and the growth pattern...
  11. G

    California WWC Illuminati Colony - SoCal

    Hi, I am selling a colony (40+ polyps) of WWC Illuminati for $500 OBO. I can try taking better pictures later on if requested. Local pickup only.
  12. Arisbel

    RESOLVED I feel duped by WWC

    I purchased a $900 ultra euphyllia from them on Friday and I received a coral that didn’t look anything like the picture. I thought “oh maybe it was the lighting” and I waited til night for my blue lights to come on.. not only was I extremely disappointed, I was almost certain it I didn’t...
  13. KaitCorals

    What coral or experience first inspired you to want to reef?

    I know most people get into the hobby for different reasons but I would love to see what inspired you all. Was it a zoo garden? Were you instantly taken by sticks? Was it the movement of hammers and torches? Did you go diving the South Pacific? I was first inspired when I studied abroad in...
  14. JackerVenom

    Favia splitting profits dying?

    I had a rainbow favia I believe? But I moved it and after a couple days over night it split into 2? I’m not sure if it’s dying or reproducing? Maybe someone with expertise could help?!? If it’s an infection I want to take it out ASAP!
  15. Rams

    New Jersey Corals for sale

    Not exactly sure the exact name of these corals but these are WWC favias, asking 120$ local pickup in Edison,NJ.they all are encrusted nicely on coral plate and will give away whole plate.pics took it from iphone.
  16. Rams

    New Jersey WWC neon splatter

    Has 4 heads and looking for sps,let me know what you got.thanks
  17. dustinc

    Build Thread It's the Last Tank, I Promise... dustinc's 120 gal SPS Build (BRS/WWC Hybrid)

    Hey reefing family! Tank: 120 Gallon Planet Mega Matrix 120 w/ Crystal Glass, Black Background, and Internal Overflow (48.5" x 24.5" x 25") Lighting: (2) Kessil A360x & (2) LET 2 Bulb T5 retrofit units (4 ATI Blue+ bulbs total) Stand: Custom Sump: Trigger Platinum 34 Sump w/ Filter Roller...
  18. Rcampos89

    Illinois sps pack ( Wwc Pinked up, hw, merlin)

    I have 3 packs of these sps WWC Pinked Up, JF Homewrecker, Rout 66 Merlin Staff each pack is $550 Shipped! All are encrusted and been healed for 6 weeks.
  19. Mjen

    Build Thread 20 gallon waterbox

    My first reef
  20. Chady250

    California Zoa Pack - Taser, Superstar, Whitewalker, God of War

    Zoa pack. Single polyp of each WWC Taser WWC Superstar CB God of War White Walker 125 local pickup 175 shipped
  21. Brian Goldstein

    California WWC OG BOUNCE - 1 frag left

    I have one frag of WWC OG Bounce left. $400 . I prefer local sales in California, but will ship.
  22. RandyC

    California FS: WWC Sunkist Bounce & Jawbreaker w/ Red Stripe

    Located in Northern California. Shipping at buyers expensive ($40 flat rate). Not currently looking for trades. WYSIWYG 1.75"+ WWC Sunkist Bounce - $300 1" Jawbreaker with Red Stripe - $225 Take both for $500 shipped. ---------- DOA policy: Guaranteed live arrival within 2 hours of...
  23. ChaosAquaculture

    Website update, WWC OG Bounce, WWC Jellybean Chalice and more

    Marked down and New coral added, click the photos to be directed Court found a Jellybean growing under one of the racks,only one we have avail. for now Croc Islands are a thing.... CHECK OUR LATEST ADDITIONS Click on any of the photos to be directed,Also don't forget about Thursdays...
  24. Brian Goldstein

    California MY WWC OG BOUNCE 4 Colorado Sunburst Anemone

    Hello! I'am looking to trade a frag of my WWC OG bounce for a Colorado Sunburst Nem. The bounce is getting ready to split, so it wouldn't be ready for probably 2-3 weeks or so, but I wanted to put some feelers out there. I would also be willing to pay cash as well.. at the right price of...
  25. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Jan 3-4th Thursday & Friday Auction Announcements

    Check out our new behind the scenes video at Chaos Aquaculture. Thursday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction & Sales Group. If you're not a member yet, make sure to request to JOIN today so you can be approved to see the auction albums. Auction...