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  1. marito09

    Florida LED Ecotech XR15 Pro Gen 3 with Reeflink

    Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro Gen 3 and a Reeflink for sale. I had this set up on my Reefer625 XXL in the middle I will post a pic when set up. Asking $285 shipped for both. I have the original box but not the box for the reeflink. I did my best to take close pics of the lights. Works perfectly. Its...
  2. Saltees

    4 x G5 XR15 or 8 x PRIME 16HD for 120G SPS Tank?

    Just watched “BRS Investigates”. Just asking... How many of you would consider 8 x PRIME 16HD (440W) over 4 x G5 XR15 (420W) on 120G (4’x2’x2’) SPS dominated tank? 8 PRIME costs a tad more than 4 XR15, worth it? Thanks!
  3. C

    Florida Miscellaneous Dry Good Blowout - Everything 50% Off

    I sold off 2 of my RedSea 750's, so I have the following item for sale: White Aqua UV 25/57 Watt - $240.00 - Originally bought as a 25 watt version, planned to upgrade to 57 watt so this will come with the following: 25w Ballast 25w Bulb - Used 6 months 57w Ballast - Brand New 57w Bulb -...
  4. Kuzko

    Colorado 2x gen 4 xr15 pros with reeflink $500 shipped

    As the title states.... I got a couple gen 4 xr15 pros with a reeflink I've been trying to sell locally but nobody wants to give me $500 for it so..... decided i'll eat the shipping. they're from my shop, we only used them at frag shows, maybe got a month of use out of them in total - they just...
  5. CaptainOver

    Radion Gen5 XR15/XR30 Observations and Issues

    First off, the new LED layout and light spread looks great. So at their primary function the lights seem to succeed. However, for the premium we pay for these lights, the whole package isn't up to the quality I would expect. I've contacted Ecotech but haven't heard back yet. For context, I...
  6. J

    California Wanting to buy XR15 gen 4 with mount

    Looking for someone local to Los Angeles. Want to buy 2 XR15 gen 4’s.
  7. Brian Goldstein

    California Selling my frag tank by Advanced Acrylics (+radion xr 15)

    Hey Everyone- I am moving into an apartment and will not be able to take my frag tank with me. Southern California sales only. Will deliver. The frag tank is made by Advanced Acrylics. Dimensions: 36"L x 20"W x 12 H. 30 gallons. It is an AIO and has a refugium compartment built in. This...
  8. msaad

    Florida XR 15 Gen 3 Pro

    Excellent condition, just upgraded to a XR 30 $300 + shipping
  9. pelphrey

    Kentucky RedSea Reefer 250 - Nyos 120 Skimmer

    Partial part out taking place. Please don’t ask about equipment, scroll down to see what is currently available! Thanks! Listing a complete setup, tank has a few scratches on the glass and a couple on the stand as well. Overall it is in what I would call good condition. Would like to see the...
  10. Boltline

    California Fire Sale Part II- Equipment- LOTS OF STUFF(Costa Mesa)

    Not gonna lie, I'm a little depressed posting all this right now. Here's the rest of my equipment. Please text me if you are interested 909-772-5802. Will ship as long as you pay for shipping and packaging. 50g SCA Tank & Stand w/ lights, sump, plumbing $300 Apex Classic Gold w/ PM2 $300...
  11. MRRBW

    Equipment checklist options review

    So I am slowly working on collecting all the equipment I need for my next build. It's going to be an IM 25 lagoon with the back box filter section removed and an external overflow put in its place and have all the filtration done by a sump in the stand. The goal is to have a couple burmees, ie...
  12. B

    New York 2x kessil a360we for your radion xr15 pro x2

    I want to switch over to Radions since I have new Ecotech gear in my new tank and want them all to match. I have a 2x kessil a360we with A series mounts, controller that want to trade for your radion. I only use one of them one at a time for my RSM c 130 and they get rotated every 4 to 6...
  13. Antics

    Florida **SOLD** 4x Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro (Gen 4)

    I'm trying to sell (4) XR15 Radion Pros (Gen 4) for 270$ each (shipping and fees included). I purchased these lights two years ago and they have been in use on a shallow reef with max intensity at 30%. I do not have any mounting arms as I DIY'd a light bar system for the aquarium they're on but...
  14. DansReef.co.uk

    Ecotech Diffusers - DansReef.co.uk Test

    I get alot of questions on the DansReef.co.uk page about diffusers on LED lights particularly now that Ecotech have released their own iteration. Many people question their effectiveness and so Ive taken 3 photos to illustrate. All photos are of 4 x Radion XR30 Pro Gen 4s illuminated at 50%...
  15. M

    California Radion Xr15 G4 pro w/ diffuser and mount

    Just upgraded to a xr30. $375 shipped for everything. Located in southern California for local pick up.
  16. R

    California XR30w G2 & G3 (NonPro) Reeflink

    Both XR30w has the white power box Radion XR30w Gen 2 Non Pro - $275 Shipped Radion XR30w Gen 3 Non Pro - $360 Shipped Ecotech Reeflink - $80 Shipped (missing usb cable)
  17. AquaNerd

    New from EcoTech Marine - Radion Light Diffusers

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/12/meet-the-new-ecotech-marine-xr15-light-diffuser.html Click the link to learn more and watch the instillation videos.
  18. Caravanshaka

    Radion XR15 G4 Pro's, RMS Tank Mount, RMS Slide Mounts

    I started with 3 XR15's on my new build a few months ago, and recently removed one when I added an aquaticlife hybrid to the mix. That one, along with an RMS tank mount, are both boxed up and ready to go as pictured. I am also considering parting with the other 2 XR15's and going with a DIY LED...
  19. S

    Apex stuff and XR30 Pro Gen 3 LED Modules for sale.

    All prices shipped and payment via PayPal within the Continental USA. Neptune Systems Lab Grade PH Probe New - $50 Neptune Systems Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe New - $75 Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe New - $110 XR30 Gen 3 Pro LED Modules New - $250 XR30/15...
  20. illuminata

    Ecotech Radion XR15 G4 Pro w/ RMS Mount

    July 2017 Manf. Date. $375 shipped!
  21. H

    Favorite Gen 4 Pro settings?

    I am interested in everyones Gen 4 Pro Settings even if it is one of the stock set ups! Feel free to post screenshots of your own personalized set ups! Here is mine for my Gen 4 Pro XR15
  22. Berlibee

    WTB XR15 G4 with RMS

    Any one, please? Thanks.
  23. DipSpit

    ISO: Radion XR15w G3 PRO

    Sorry for the double post but the WTB forums are dusty. Title says it. Need shipped promptly to Norfolk, Va. 23504. Paypal ready to go.
  24. Peter Hand

    Ecotech Radion XR15W Pro Gen 3 Power Supply Help

    I recently purchased a Gen 3 Xr15W Pro and spent a few hours trying to get it to turn on. After trying for some time I decided to try using my AI Prime Power Supply to power my Radion. Sure enough it powered on, which made me determine my radion power supply broken. Does anyone know where I can...
  25. shadow1013

    Orlando - Red Sea Reefer 450

    We are moving and need to part out our Red Sea Reefer 450 or sell together. First we need to sell our coral and fish then we are going to part out the equipment. This posting is constantly going to be updated to report what is still available. If you see it listed it's still up for grabs. We...
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