1. sxyooj

    Minnesota Lighting Drygoods Xr15 g6 RMS mount and diffuser

    All in good working condition. $525 shipped for light, mount and diffuser OBO
  2. Gardnaaa

    Lighting LED SOLD XR15 Gen 5 blue with mount and light shade

    Hey R2R, I have a lightly used xr15 gen 5 for sale. I bought it second hand on here, from someone who only used it a few months on low power due to having a couple over a frag tank. I bought it and love the light, it’s just not enough for my cube so I upgraded. I ran the light on 50%, to try and...
  3. kloverguy

    New Mexico Lighting Drygoods Radion RMS Mount

    I have 2 lightly used RMS arms, a new 40.5" RMS rail, and two new Radion XR15 adapters. This works perfect over a 48" wide aquarium. Looking to sell all items together. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. a_reefer11

    Build Thread AB’s WB 70.2 Build

    Upgrading waterbox 20 cube to WB 70.2 got a lot of coral to move and some additional rock for the new build. new build equipment Lighting: G4 XR15 Pro Return Pump: Sicce 4.0 Flow: 2 - Nero 3 Skimmer: eShopps
  5. Darkshadow1500

    Nevada Aquarium Controller Lighting Drygoods Two REEF BRITE XHO-K15 LED For XR15 & 0-10v dimmer

    Hello all, I am selling my REEF BRITE - XHO-K15 LED Add-On Kit - For Radion XR15. I have two that are to be sold together, these are less than a year old, they have 0-10v dimming, anyone with an apex would love this as normally you can’t dim the reef brites without an additional $170 reef brite...
  6. neon_reefer

    MP-40 Nem Guard

    Want to keep your small fish, snails, and crabs from getting sucked into your powerhead? How about your anemone? This guard will help do just that. Just slip it over your mp40 powerhead, its that simple. This is a high quality printed part, made of 100% reef safe PETG material. shipping is...
  7. P

    Lighting LED Drygoods Ecotech G4 XR15, with diffuser

    used, purchased used, works well just upgraded to a third xr30 so I have no use for it. have box, etc
  8. Tuan’s Reef

    Florida Lighting Drygoods SOLD Radion XR15 Pro Gen 5

    Bought brand new. Used for 1 month at 35% . Upgraded my lights to XR30 and don't need this now. $400 plus shipping Now $390 plus shipping
  9. Attaphol Chimtoum

    Maryland Miscellaneous Drygoods FS RMS XR15 G5 & G6 tank mount

    RMS xr15 G5 and G6 tank mount no box $60 OBF shipped
  10. B

    California WTB New of Very Lightly Used Radion XR15 with RMS Mount

    Looking for a brand new or light used xr15 g5 blue with rms mount. Not looking for anything more than a few months old. Please pm me price shipped to 94568 with pics. Thanks
  11. S

    AI prime Radion combo reefer 170

    Hello Everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely week thus far! I was wanting to pick at your brain because I was curious about doing a Radion Prime combo. As of right now on my reefer 170 I am running two AI prime 16HD’s and two Nero5’s (40ish%) and an unopened reef wave 25 for (diversity of...
  12. ROX'S REEF

    Connecticut WTB Looking to buy mobius chip

    Looking to upgrade xr15 gen 3 with mobius chip please let me know if you have I'm looking for 2.
  13. chemicals

    Daylight spectrum XR15 gen 5 pro

    Hi, I just bought the XR15 g5 pro and really prefer the daylight look instead of the very blue look. However, I can’t really find the recommended settings for this spectrum. I also dont know if its okay to just turn the royal blues and blues down regarding the health of the corals. I do like...
  14. T

    Build Thread tgrab 's Waterbox Infinia 125.3

    The Infinia 125.3 I ordered back in November finally arrived so I figured it's time to get a build thread started. This is my first saltwater aquarium in about 15 years. I got the tank set up a few days ago and here is the first round of pictures. The aquascape I put together ended up...
  15. W

    Two Xr30 vs One Xr30 and 2 Xr 15? Lighting help for a 48 Inch peninsula tank

    Hello I am thinking about getting back into the hobby and going bigger. I have my eye on the waterbox 4820 peninsula tank which is 48 x 20 x 22 (H). I have a leftover xr30 gen 4 pro and I am debating on whether or not I should have two xr30s spaced out above the tank (according to a brs vid it...
  16. Radion XR15, arm , diffuser and reeflink

    For sale Radion XR15, arm , diffuser and reeflink

    Radeon XR15 G4, arm , diffuser and reeflink, mobius ready ! Shipping is available
  17. YNSL

    Best lighting option

    Hi everyone, I am asking for your help today, so I have a red sea reefer 350 120cm long, 50 cm width and 50 cm deep. I had a good deal on photon v2 but it’s the 80cm version so I am using it but I have some dark zone on each side of my tank. The system is mainly LPS but I would like to have...
  18. YNSL

    Optimal Lighting solution

    Hi everyone, I am asking for your help today, so I have a red sea reefer 350 120cm long, 50 cm width and 50 cm deep. I had a good deal on photon v2 but it’s the 80cm version so I am using it but I have some dark zone on each side of my tank. The system is mainly LPS but I would like to have...
  19. neon_reefer

    XR15 RMS mount

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad XR15 RMS mount. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  20. jjschno

    Xr15 lighting, anemone spectrum

    Anyone have any sort of good lighting setups that are specifically good for anemones or have shown any crazy success? If so id love to see em/ try them out! Thanks guys
  21. Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro

    For sale Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro

    1 year old Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro with magnetic diffuser. $350 shipped (original box included). I also have the Ecotech mount which I will include for $400 total, shipped.
    $350.00 to $400.00
  22. WrassemanPDX

    Hello Hello and lighting question!

    Hi there! I finally moved from lurker to registrant! I have a five foot (60x20 inch) mixed reef heavily dominated by anemones and photosynthetic sponges. I got the tank from a neighbor about eight months ago and it’s now pretty stabilized from the move. Not my first reef tank but definitely the...
  23. Reefi Duo Extreme Lights & Ecotech RMS mounts

    For sale Reefi Duo Extreme Lights & Ecotech RMS mounts

    I'm looking to sell a pair of Reefi Duo Extremes with RMS mounts and adapter that I used for my tank. I absolutely love these lights and they're by far my favorite lights and I pretty much tried them all. But the bug bit and I wanna try something new. Pricing below: Reefi duo extreme - $520...
    $70.00 to $520.00
  24. System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    For sale System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    I am parting out a system and have the following for sale… Ecotech MP10’s with spare wet sides: $265 each. Two available. Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro’s with tank mounts. $475 each. Two available. Apex EL (needs new ph probe) $375 Neptune Trident (Just had maintenance kit installed) $525 Neptune...
  25. ADAM

    North Carolina 3- G5 XR15 Radion Pros

    I’m selling my XR15 G5 Pro Radions and going to go back to Kessils. I had great growth and color with the G5’s but I miss that Kessil shimmer. The lights are already taken down, packed back in original boxes, and RTG. They were all installed Feb 2021 and used on the LPS/Softy profile with a...
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