1. V

    SOLD Radion XR15 G5 Pro with RMS Mount

    I have a Radion XR 15 G5 Pro with an RMS mount. I am looking to get $400 for it. Prefer to pick it up but I can ship it if needed. The reason for selling is because it's an overkill for my tank.
  2. Afrost

    Kentucky G5 XR15 PRO

    G5 XR15 pro $350 shipped arm available but not included $50 extra.
  3. C

    SOLD For Sale: Ecotech Marine Radion XR15 G6 Pro w/ Diffuser

    For Sale: Lightly Used looks and works just like new. Comes with original box, diffuser, and RMS Slide. Manufactured Date June 02, 2023. $425 Shipped anywhere in the USA.
  4. R

    New York XR15, Tunze 3155, Nero3, and Skimmer

    I have a few used equipments for sale. They’re all in working condition. Would prefer local pickup in Brooklyn or meet up on Manhattan, but if they don’t sell within a week, I’ll start shipping (feel free to pm, so I will keep you on the list). Price below is for pick up. 1. Xr15 Gen5, blue...
  5. B

    Pennsylvania 2x Radion XR15 G5 Pro w/diffusers, will ship, $300 Each, with custom mounts

    I'm selling two Radion XR15 G5 Pros w/diffusers. I've run them for about 6 months. $300 Each I designed and printed the glass filled nylon custom mounts to hang them over the tank while having the ability to slide them back to the rear of the tank for better access into the tank for cleaning...
  6. M

    New Jersey Radions xr15 blue

    Looking forward to buy 2x radion xr15 blue gen5/gen6
  7. Jonathan.Grego

    Ai Blades Coral Grow Vs Xr15 Vs Hydra 32

    So i currently have a ProStar 90 V2 set up and am looking for lights. I am suck between these im looking to have mainly euphyllia and some LPS and a very few sps. What does everyone recommend i hear good things about blades and there price is nice and wwc and brs is pushing for them alot just...
  8. Oceanavekid

    California Ecotech lights/pumps Red Sea ATO/lights

    Switched my lights so time for these to find a new home. Both work as the should and each comes with an RMS mount Asking $390 for the Gen 6 pro shipped $330 Gen 5 pro shipped I also have two MP10QDM 1st one has a brand new dry side wet side is 3 months old $300 shipped(SOLD) 2nd has a near...
  9. jsargent1

    Lighting Kessil lights, goosenecks, controllers

    Kessil A360x tuna blue like new $300 obo (Comes with warranty card and extra 3’ power cable extension) Kessil A160we tuna blue like new $180 obo Kessil A160we tuna sun (2) like new $180/ea obo (Comes with warranty cards) Kessil adjustable gooseneck mounts (3) $45 Kessil...
  10. Ketan

    Kansas SOLD -> Neptune Apex EL + FMM / AI Prime Fuge / ATO Sensor + Pump

    SOLD, Please delete.
  11. C

    Drygoods Radion XR15 G5 Pro - SOLD

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro. Original box, light and power supply included. I bought this light from another R2R user with intentions of setting up a second tank but have never had the time to do so. I have tested the light and everything is in good working shape. It connected right up to mobius with no...
  12. FLPilot3190

    Florida 2x MP40mQD and XR15 G6 Pro

    Starting a new tank build. Looking for 2x MP40mQD’s and another XR15 G6 Pro. Also open to Ecotech Vectra M2 return pump. Pm with what you’ve got!
  13. Sizzlingreef14

    Kansas Radion G6 pro xr15 and xr30

    NIB G6 pro xr-15 $500 ( broke seal to check light, never used) G6 pro xr30 $950 Willing to ship located in Kansas City Items will ship via UPS
  14. Jon's Reef

    Wisconsin Radion XR15 G6 Pro x4

    I have 4 3 0 Radion XR15 G6 Pro for sale. Used at low power, dates on the boxes. Includes box, light, powerbrick and cord. $350 each including shipping to lower 48 or 3 for $1000 including shipping to lower 48 All sold
  15. Fish Fan

    Lighting SOLD! EcoTech Marine RMS XR15 Mounting Arm

    Hey guys! I recently purchased someone’s whole setup that included some things I don’t need, such as this Ecotech mounting arm. I am not very familiar with Ecotech’s products, but I *believe* this is an RMS XR15. I’ve tried to include several photos so you guys can see for yourself. The mount...
  16. D

    Georgia Neptune apex, nano skimmer, 2x xr 15, mp10, IM 25 lagoon tank/stand

    Posting up some more items from my tank break down. Priority will go to local pickup or anyone purchasing the tank w/ extras. All prices include shipping except tank/stand. local pickup only on those. Neptune apex w/ eb 832, 2x temp probe (1 unused) and PH (kept wet). Eb832, new temp probe...
  17. B

    California WTT My Corals for your Lights/Powerheads

    Looking for lights (xr15/xr30/prime/hydra/kessil360x) or powerheads (mp10/nero 3 or 5) for a couple setups. If you got any laying around you’d like to sell or trade for coral, please shoot me a message!
  18. A

    Washington Radion XR15 pro G3 with RMS mounting kit

    I’ve got 2 Radion XR15 pro G3 lights with RMS mounting kits. $175 ea Radion w/ rms kit - Have original packaging.
  19. Sizzlingreef14

    Kansas Ecotech Gen 3 xr30 xr15

    3x G3 XR-30 $220 per shipped and fees 1x G3 XR-15 PRO $150 shipped fees All working no issues Xr-15 has small piece missing on corner of top cover plate. Does not affect use or hanging. Will do combo pricing.
  20. J

    California RMS mount kit G5

    Looking for a XR15 RMS mount G5 kit thank you Please PM
  21. B

    Lighting Price Drop! Radion XR15 G6 Blue + RMS Arm Mount + Reef Brite XHO-K15 LED Add-On Kit

    Have the following for sale, Radion XR15 G6 Blue (Nov 2022 MFG Date) - Lightly used for a few months RMS Arm Mount - Lightly used for a few months Reef Brite XHO-K15 LED Add-On Kit - Like new Asking 650 OBO for everything
  22. C

    How would YOU light it??

    I have a Waterbox Peninsula 4820 that I am having trouble deciding how to light. I have 2 Radion XR15 G6 blue on it currently, but I can already tell that I will not be satisfied with these alone. I built a custom 80/20 light bar mount, similar to what Devin (Reef Dudes) has on his tank, so...
  23. R

    New York Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 blue $250 shipped

    Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 blue $250 shipped Paypal or Zelle.
  24. B

    Aquariums SOLD

    x2 Radion G5 XR15 Blue x2 Diffusers $600 OBO SHIPPED Used at 40% for 3 months before being cleaned and stored away. All items come with boxes * One XR15 underside housing has small cracks from slight over tightening of screws. Bottom still sits snug. Doesn't affect performance of light. Pm if...
  25. C

    Lighting Ecotech Radion XR15 - SOLD

    Hello, I have an Ecotech Radion XR15 G6 Pro with RMS mounting arm. Everything works as it should. The light was only used for roughly 5 months. Manufacturers date in the photos. I am asking $350 shipped to the cont. 48 states. Thanks!