zeovit reactor

  1. Rams

    New Jersey Skimz ZAR 157 Zeolith Reactor

    4 months old like new Skimz ZAR 157 zeolith reactor for sale.must pick up in NJ 07080.Asking 200$.
  2. Hemmdog

    California WTB Skimz Auto Zeovit Reactor 1.2L

    Hey there R2R I’ve been doing zeovit for about a month. Looking for this(ZAR-127 1.2L capacity) automatic zeolite reactor but it is sold out everywhere. Does anyone have one new-in-box that they never got around to using or even a gently used one? Thanks in advance!
  3. ksfulk

    Michigan Vertex Rx-U Media Reactor & Rx-Z ZeoVit Reactor

    Two Vertex reactors that have been used on and off over the past 2+ years. The media reactor is 1.5L and was used only for a few months for carbon, but has mainly been kept dry and as a stand by in case it was needed. The media reactor does have an elbow solvent welded to one side of the ball...
  4. Deanb

    Texas zeovit reactor & zeovit additives

    5 month old Skimz Zm-150 $160 shipped https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/skimz-monzter-zm150-external-zeolith-reactor.html I also have many zeovit additives I can create a package deal with. Dont have time to keep up with zeovit anymore, had really good results with nice PE. Pm if interested...
  5. Curryb15

    Let's talk zeovit

    Hello all. Im wonderi g about the zeovit system. I know it requires a reactor but have seen some tanks that run zeovit without a reactor. Is this possible. Has anyone done it with success?
  6. Caliwagon

    Vertex Z 3.0 Zeovit Reactor

    Downsized and this will no longer fit with my new system. Purchased Black Friday 2016 from BRS. Normal wear and tear from the daily pumping of the zeolite media. Has been cleaned and had a vinegar rinse and is in the original box ready to ship. Will come with the remaining bottles of Zeobak...
  7. Caliwagon

    KZ 3.0 Zeovit reactor and MP40WQD For Sale

    Title says it all. Downsized, this equipment won't fit with the new set up. Both were purchased within the last 8 months (Black Friday for the KZ reactor; Dec. 1, 2016 manufacture date on the mp40). KZ reactor with come with the remaining bottles of ZeoStart, Bac and Food. Both have been...
  8. Ronald Brown

    FS. BRS dual reactor and Biotek reactor

    Hello I have a brs dual reactor with the mj-1200 pump, ball valve for tuning, 4 chambers with foam pads and a biotek marine n/p biopellet reactor. I believe it is the 4x12 version. I do not have the pump or hoses for the biotek, I used a Rio 50 of mine and it worked perfect. I would like to sell...
  9. zachtos

    Reeflo pumps, 400 MH, Skimmer, CaReactor, Electronic ball valve, media reactor, icecap ballast

    400W MH reflector/ballast/bulbs (Lumen Bright by Coralvue) $160 shipped per set, 3 full sets available (WI, Milwaukee) Shipment includes: -2 bulbs, XM 10K and a Reeflux 14K -Dimmable 400W coralvue ballast -lumen bright reflector I no longer need these lights, and they are in great shape and...
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