1. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: A little bit of everything... Poletti Jawbreakers, Rainbow Acans, Zoas, Yumas, Montis, Acros, Yellow Fiji Leathers and things like that

    Hello reefers! I've got a bunch of stuff up for sale, my biggest listing on r2r to date! The following terms will apply: ~$50 UPS Next Day Air shipping anywhere in the continental US ($35 within Tx), free shipping on livestock orders over $375 (before shipping charge) ~All items are WYSIWYG and...
  2. ChantalWK

    Rainbow Incinerator with mouth swollen and spitting out grey stuff

    Hi!! I'm new to the reefing hobby, but I'm a experienced freshwater hobbyist. The thing is, not even experienced friends could tell me what happened to my new rainbow incinerator. I've bought it with a Sunny D in the same store, I've made a dip before putting it in the tank (new tank). The...
  3. N

    Super Cool Looking Zoa , does anyone know the name of it ?

    Hello Everyone , recently acquired this super cool zoa , which is almost like a dark maroon with a very distinct neon red ring , and a light bluish/white mouth , also large puffy heads much larger than average zoa , does anyone know the name ? Apparently they are pretty new. Also does anyone...
  4. TinyFish

    Zoas and Palys

    Has anyone ever had any experience with palytoxin from a Zoa or Paly? I’ve heard and read about it and it seems to be pretty nasty but i’m not sure what the actual risk is.
  5. A

    Zoa/Paly ID?

    Hi everyone, Any help on IDing these zoas/palys would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Petrichor

    Hitchhiker coral or pest (or both)?

    I'm looking for an ID on these little purple buds that appeared on my zoa frag. They survived a coral dip when I first got them, so I wasn't too concerned about them until I found more elsewhere in the tank. I'm thinking they're some sort of clove polyp as I think they have multiple arms, but...
  7. Zanderson25

    Tennessee Live Goods Multiple Frags Ready To Go

    I have multiple frags ready to go! Message me for pricing or a bundle price for all! Also have GMK Frag not pictured with 2 Polyps that is ready to go as well! Last picture is other miscellaneous frags as well if your interested in any Frags Available: Sonic Flare Scrambled Eggs Dream Inceptors...
  8. Donnarumma

    Zoa ID please

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could identify these zoas, thanks
  9. db2022

    Texas Live Goods Stratosphere zoas

    I have these last two 2p stratosphere zoa frags left. The price is for each frag. Pm me if interested. shipping and PayPal fees is included in the price. And will be shipped Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday based on buyer’s preference. Standard 2 hr DOA applies.
  10. db2022

    Texas Live Goods SOLD High end zoa pack

    High end zoa pack includes wysiwyg frags. 1) 2p Exosphere zoas 2) 4p Deathstar zoa 3) 8p Burning ember zoas 4) 4p OG wolverine zoas 5) 1p JF bloodshot zoas shipping and PayPal fees is included in the price. And will be shipped Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday based on buyer’s preference. Standard 2...
  11. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: Mid/High End Zoas, Poletti Jawbreakers, Yellow Fiji Leathers, Rainbow Acans, Etc..

    All sold, please close. :)
  12. ReefStable

    Zoanthid Frags As Low As $20!

    If you're looking to start a Zoa Garden, or build your collection, I have a wide variety of zoas as low as $19.99 per frag! See Zoas Here https://reefstable.com/store/zoas
  13. rrichardsmn

    Minnesota Live Goods GMK Zoanthids

    I have 2 Grand Master Krakatoa zoa frags. One has 3 large polyps and one has four. These are large polyps from established colony and have been doing great on plugs for several weeks. $300 including shipping for 4 polyp, $250 including shipping for 3 polyp.
  14. H

    Name this Zoanthid????

    My phone camera doesn’t get those details to well at macro range. I tried to draw the inner details. The hyper pink color turns orange when snapping pics. hyper pink outside Purple middle ring Marbled eye
  15. Cole_Voeller

    Zoanthid Issues

    Hello all. So lately I have been having some pretty big problems with my zoa frags. I mainly just keep zoanthids, and have for quite some time. My zoas have always done great. But lately, they are starting to go downhill. There are 0.2 phosphates, and 10 nitrates. A lot of the zoas are...
  16. F

    New local reefer with coral questions

    Hey everyone! After over 2 decades of keeping freshwater planted tanks (which I still have and love), I finally decided to dive head first into the reef keeping hobby with my older 11 year old son. We’ve had our tank up and running for about 4 weeks now with live rock from our LFS (Red Sea MAX...
  17. stephanjupillat

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Assorted Zoas & CC21 Torches - Shipping available

    Shipping: $50 overnight shipping. Free for orders over $250. If you want to upgrade to overnight morning delivery it's $30 extra, though it's really not needed for zoa's. I ship Mondays or Wednesdays. Each coral is secured in a 1oz ketchup cup, placed into specimen cup, and shipped in a...
  18. A

    Zoa fungus?

    Is this a fungus on my zoa? Considering it’s attached to a big live rock, how to i treat it??
  19. BahCorals

    Sharing some of my Favorite coral

    Just wanted to share some pictures of some of my favorite corals with you guys, let me know what you think of my pictures. What does everyone else here use to take photos, and whats your method for taking pictures. I like to bring my corals up on a frag rack a couple inches from the surface and...
  20. N

    Possible Transparent hitch hiker

    There is something semi transparent under one of my zoanthids, anybody know what it is
  21. nkyreef

    Kentucky Live Goods Zoa frags - $20 local pickup NKY/Cincinnati

    Zoa frags - $20 each. Buy 5 and the 6th is free. * Blow Pops * Scrambled Eggs * Rainbow Incinerators * Armor of Gods * Blueberry Fields * Bam Bams * Rastas * King Midas * Bloodsuckers * Laser Lemons * Pink Constellations * Utter Chaos
  22. StardustAquatics

    Wisconsin Live Goods Zoas (CC Spitfire, Armor of God, OG Utter Chaos)

    1. CC Spitfire Zoa. $25 for the frag 2. Armor of God Zoa. $15 for the frag 3. OG Utter Chaos Zoa. $10 for the frag Shipping Available. can be shipped together.
  23. db2022

    Texas Live Goods Stratosphere zoa 3 polyps

    I have this 3 polyp stratosphere zoa frag available. I’m asking 1350 shipped. 450 per polyp which is cheaper than everywhere else. I just have this single frag available so don’t sleep on it. Get it before it’s gone! Standard DOA policy applies to the shipping and I can ship anywhere in the...
  24. StardustAquatics

    Wisconsin Live Goods Utter chaos zoa

    Shipping at buyer’s expense. live arrival guaranteed!
  25. M

    Closed soft corals

    All of my soft corals (mainly worried about my zoas) are closed and will not fully open. They haven’t been moved from their original spots which they were originally opened in, along with being dipped before put into tank, no changes in circulation and parameters seem to be in check. My Duncan...