1. B

    New Tank! Very Nervous and in Need of Mentoring

    Hi guys! My name is Berg and I’m from Colorado. I am very new to reef tanks, The only reason was because I am working with a genus of freshwater goby (Stiphodon gobies) that mature in saltwater for a thesis paper. I set up a 1.5 gallon with live rock and sand and water from a friends mature...
  2. D

    What's up with this zoa polyp?

    Is this zoa being eaten by something? All the other zoas are doing well, both on the frag and in the tank. Its just this one polyp. Its been in the tank for around 2-3 months. they are loosing colour in the side where the "lashes" are retracted/gone. its been like this for 3/4 days and i think...
  3. UC Grim Reaper Zoas

    For sale UC Grim Reaper Zoas

    Asking $75 each, or 2 for $125. Open to trades- Local pick up for now, will drive up to 1.5 hours to deliver/meet. Will consider shipping if anyone is interested!
    $75.00 to $125.00
  4. Zoa and GSP Frags

    For sale Zoa and GSP Frags

    6 pp Rasta Zoas $50 4 pp WWC fire and ice Zoas $20 1 pp Scrambled Eggs Zoas $10 6+ pp GSP $15
  5. G

    Been trying to eliminate whatever is growing between zoas, what is it?!

    Somethings been growing in between and on the plug of my zoa for sometime now, i did a hydrogen dip two weeks ago and that barely seemed to help. Then a coral dip this week and nothing as well. Its almost translucent and looks like very mini tentacles, however it doesn't seem to move. Its grown...
  6. mikemathis555

    WWC Red Bull Zoa closed and dark

    Bought a WWC Zoa called ‘Red Bull’ - got them back ok Aug 12 and they looked great. Opened right up, consistently looked great. Placed them on my rock structure, and they seemed just fine for about 3 weeks. Several other Zoas on the same rock doing well and growing, but this frag is about...
  7. NicholasCeneviva

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Tons of stuff available

  8. G

    Can anyone help me figure out what's growing on my Zoa?

  9. F

    20+ polyp Illuminati zoanthid

    How much would a 20+ polyp Illuminati zoa cost
  10. mikemathis555

    Zoa bulging temporarily

    New White Zombie frag from WWC in the tank (awesome coloring). the past 24 hours I’ve noticed the disc will occasionally ‘bulge’ (best description of it) temporarily. It doesn’t last long enough for me to grab my phone and snap a picture - will try next time. It bulges to twice it’s side, the...
  11. diamondreef

    ZOA ID Please ☺️

    Hello :) Curious if anyone has any idea what kind of Zoas these might be? ☺️
  12. N

    Is this a good location?

    I have two new zoanthids in there and im super excited these are my first corals! I am a little worried the chaos zoanthid looks like its coming off its rock piece a bit. I already glued the piece in place, do you think i should try removing it or leave it be and hope for the best? Side note...
  13. RiptideAquaculture

    I'm bored, let see your first coral you added to your reef!

    In my most recent Reef this is my first addition. Build thread coming soon. "Show me what you got!"
  14. RedFrog211

    Funniest Zoa Names?

    We obviously know of the notorious JF *** kraks, but out of sheer curiosity, what are some of the funniest Zoa names you’ve come across? Or, what do you think is one of the best named zoas :)
  15. ReefDragon420

    Lettuce Nudibranch with Zoanthids and Ricordea - Any possible threat to Sea Slug ?

    Has anyone had issues with zoanthids or Ricordea mushroom coral harming the lettuce sea slug ? Ours is only about half inch maybe 3/4” when roaming around. Worried about the size of the lettuce sea slug and the size of the mushroom or zoanthids possibly eating or shocking it.
  16. WWC Evil Heart Zoa large frag/mini colony

    For sale WWC Evil Heart Zoa large frag/mini colony

    I've got a larger colony of WWC Evil Heart zoas that I'm looking to thin down before they grow over the disc. The large frag/mini colony will be 20 polyps. Price is firm on this. Look anywhere for these and you'll know that's a steal if you can even find them. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48...
  17. Man908

    New Jersey Halle Berry Zoas

    Small Halle Berry Zoa Colonies. Price: $30-$40 Pick up only Location: Spotswood, NJ
  18. A

    Coral ID

    Hi everyone, I found these polyps sticking out of my rocks last night . Can’t tell if there zoas or palys. Also what breed would they be? Sorry for the bad pic there growing in an awkward spot lol.
  19. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD Oscar The Grouch Beautiful High End Zoa!

    1p Oscar The Grouch $250 shipped Beautiful High End Zoa!! Standard 2 Hour DOA Message me for any questions or details
  20. djm

    Zoa Looks Like it’s Dying

    Hi All I’ve had this zoa in my tank for approx 3.5 months now in the same location. It was doing well and within the last week it has started to look like it’s receding. When closed up at night there are gaps in the flesh attached to the frag plug and now the polyps have gone an unusual shape...
  21. theocorals537

    Massachusetts High end Zoas

    Hello everyone ! Got some zoa frags to get rid of. 4p Speckled Krak (2 available ) - $285 14p Bowzer - $420 2 p Bowzer -$80 3p Leprechaun -$180 4p Leprechaun -$220 5p Leprechaun -$250 Standard DOA rules apply , overnight shipping normally around $40 pm for pics or questions !
  22. sonubhai

    California Scrambled egg rock 150$

    Up for grabs is a scrambled egg zoanthid rock. Local pickup only. No trades.
  23. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Zoa for sale (CHEAP)

    Aoi- $10 (single polyp) x3 pink diamond- $25 (two polyps) x1 Unknown- $10 (single polyp) x1 Anthelia- $5 x1 I am located in 19114, willing to meet nearby or at RAP NY saturday.
  24. michaelabellz

    Zoanthids forming long stems??

    I have two zoanthid gardens in my tank, one is on a rock in the sand bed and the other one is higher up in the tank. I put whatever zoanthids that have been reaching in the higher garden because they say they reach for more light. But I’ve noticed the zoanthids closet to the top of the tank are...
  25. Shinobireef92

    EMERGENCY Hot take, does sponges limit corals growth by choking them on the base?

    So I noticed that my zoa garden is not growing as much, when I actually dust the rock off, I saw sponges limiting the zoa growths and actually the zoas are not growing where there’s sponges. What reef expert thinks? Asking for a friend.
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