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  1. Reefer40b

    ZOA what do they prefer most(poll)

    I just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is doing as far as care for Zoas/Palys, and see what others have found they like best. Please vote and share your comments below. I have always heard Zoas love MH but have never tried them under that type of lighting.
  2. ReeferWarrant

    Radioactive Dragon Eye or Gorilla Nipz?

    Recently was told these are Gorilla Nipz, looking at the website I ordered them from they have Radioactives (they were sold to me as Spring Zoanthids). (Above: my photo) (Their advertisement of Radioactives) (What I bought them as)
  3. ReefSoup

    Zoanthid Pest Identification

    Looking for help identifying what this is on my zoas. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them in the tank. Is this some type of nudibranch? Thanks in advance! #reefsquad
  4. J

    Massachusetts Zoanthid Pack

    Have the following zoa pack for sale with standard 2 hr DOA, not responsible for delays. 2p Rainbow Incinerator 3p Utter Chaos 3p Pink Zippers 10p Rainbow Infusion 6p Yoda 12p Vamp in Drag w/ Gatorade 6p Petroglyph 2p Sonic Flare 2p Purple Monster 3p Candy Apple Red 5p Twizzler $350 shipped or...
  5. lazycouch

    something eating my zoas???

    hey guys i’ve been seeing these weird looking things just chilling on my zoas like this never seen them in my life, they look like pods when viewing from the top down but i don’t know what they are. last time i saw them i took the zoas out and put them in a dip. a whole bunch of what looked like...
  6. N11morales

    Zoanthid rock

    Hello guys I have this zoanthid rock. It’s taking up way to much room in my 32G biocube. I was curious on how much y’all think it’s worth. it has about 50+ polyps total. Cat eyes, utter chaos, Pandora, blondies zoanthids.
  7. R


    are our zoanthids melting? I just got some zoanthids this last weekend and more than half of it is opened but I see a little spot where there’s nothing really there. If it’s melting what should I do?
  8. A70C4E0C-E0B0-463D-9D9B-B5A294D5F0BD.jpeg


    Zoas and a mushroom
  9. cladius_galen


    I got these for 10$ yesterday and I have no idea what they are. They have an orange core under the black lights and an orange ring around the outside of the bell. I’m happy with any guesses.
  10. CltBadger

    Florida CB Bowsers

    I have some CB bowser frags if anyone is interested. $40 shipping or local pickup. #1. $150 #2. $150 #3. $120 #4. $90 #5. $75
  11. J

    Massachusetts Zoas Low and High End

    Zoas for sale prices posted in picture, if you want to make a pack can negotiate price on multiple frags. Also have 2p of GB GMK for $325 if anyone interested. Shipping $50 and not responsible for any shipping delay.
  12. ReeferWarrant

    Zoa Identification help

    I need help identifying this Zoa, it grows like crazy and I think it's Fire and Ice. It's red, purple, and then green at the mouth. The only thing I have seen that looks like it is the Fire and Ice variants. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!
  13. London_pico_reefer

    Zoa ID

    Hi I got some Zoas from my lfs for £30 for the 3 of them but none of them had any name The bottom one is a lot more fluorescent in real life and the middle one is a reddy pink around the edge it just doesn’t show up. Someone suggested happy people eater for the middle zoa. Thanks for any help
  14. J

    I need help identifying these Zoas I bought as a bundle

    I purchased a pack of four different zoanthids at one of my lfs and I’m not sure what specific types they are. Any information would be highly appreciated.
  15. J

    Sharing some of shots I recently took!

    Wanted to share some of my shoots I been taking recently! Please check out my Instagram account @jtm.reefs for more of my photos and some time-lapses! Thank you Jesse
  16. M

    Zoanthids not opening

    I’m newer to the hobby and I’m trying some only my first corals. My first zoanthids from one of the latest WWC live sales isn’t opening up. I got 2 different zoa frags from the sale and one I believe is dead but the other looks alive but not opened up. Pictured on the left is a Blues Clues Zoa...
  17. esther

    Bet you can't ID these Zoa's!

    Need your help in IDing these. Got these from a reefer. Have no idea what they are. Thanks in advance for your help! Unidentified Zoa #1 Unidentified Zoa #2
  18. Reefer37

    Will this Zoa Garden Work?

    So I recently updated my zoa garden with some new additions, but after looking at it I'm kinda worried. I have Ultra Gobstoppers and Sunny D (I believe) near the front and I realize they have a lot longer stalks than the others (Rastas, Purple Hearts, Hotshots, Seductions, and Rainbow Trolls)...
  19. R

    Need help identifying

    Can anyone help me identify what the clear/cloudy stuff all over my zoanthiads? When I do my water changes I try my hardest to clear it all out because it looks like it is irritating the zoanthiads but it just keeps coming back.
  20. TomSerious

    Zoa hitchhiker?

    Hello! I added 6 Zoa frags yesterday and dipped them all in "The Dip" from Fauna Marin before putting them in my tank. I noticed something on one frag, I think it's some kind of sponge? Today, all, except the frag with the "sponge" are partly or even fully open. Can someone tell me if it is...
  21. C

    Does my zoa have a pest??

    Hey guys. So their is this wierd small black clump attached to the side of my zoa. In the center their seems to be this little creature. Impossible to see with naked eye, but if I zoom in you can see what looks like a small critter, inside a clear looking sac. He pops in and out of it, and their...
  22. Scip150

    New York 25 Polyp Utter Choas - Syracuse NY

    25 Polyp Utter Choas colony available in Syracuse NY, 13206 zip code. Pick up only. Super bright orange with blue and white centers. $100
  23. C

    Need help identifying this Zoa

    Need help identifying this Zoa
  24. Rrwilson1223

    Great Experience with Cultivated Reef!

    I’ve now placed 2 online orders with Cultivated Reef and I just wanted to say how wonderful my experience has been. Coral quality has been great. The frags I received (lots of Zoanthids and a Garf Acropora) all acclimated nicely and are growing great in my display tank. Several of them...
  25. Rrwilson1223

    Excellent Corals!

    I’ve now placed 2 online orders with Cultivated Reef and I just wanted to say how wonderful my experience has been. Coral quality has been great. The frags I received (lots of Zoanthids and a Garf Acropora) all acclimated nicely and are growing great in my display tank. Several of them...
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