1. Joshua Warne

    California All the corals! Come take a peek. (Prize at the end)(Low shipping)

    Hello R2R, I have a few nice pieces for sale. Mostly zoas, but some have some acans, favia, chalices you might enjoy! Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide further information. Hope you all have a great weekend! All support is greatly appreciated. Best, HookedReefer I...
  2. Tangina20

    Zoas acting strange?

    My zoas are all acting funny, I have recently changed the spectrum of my lighting. They look like they are stretching for light but they also look like they are closed more than normal for possibly too much light?
  3. Evan28395950

    Yet Another Ridiculous Price

    Found another shocking price (and name), one polyp for $400. Edited photo to keep it family friendly
  4. C


    2 Zoa packs & 1 Cyphastrea Pack available. Shipping is an additional 29 in NY and $45 to the lower remaining 48. Zoa Pack 1 $100 for 8 Frags - WYSIWYG Zoas - GBP, Jungle Juice, Fruit Loops, Blondies, scrambled eggs, king midas, Sunny D, Fire & Ice. Zoa Pack 2 $160 for 8 Frags - WYSIWYG...
  5. Lotus Reef


    NEW WYSIWYG ZOAS AS LOW AS $10 + 30% OFF FOR NEW CUSTOMERS NEW Customers use codes WELCOME and 20off at checkout to save 30% off your order. https://lotusreef.com/product-category/soft-corals/ Zoa Combo Rock $50 https://lotusreef.com/product/zoa-combo-rock-2/
  6. Daydream Corals


    No coupon code needed for 25% sitewide sale. Sale Ends Monday at 11:59:59PM Every order over $200 qualifies for a FREE OG Yoda Zoa frag. Picture seen below. All new customers can use code WELCOME to save additional 10% off our already low prices for this weekends sale. We have some of the...
  7. C

    New York CHEAP! SPS (High end), LPS, ZOAS - Build your own pack

    Build your own pack with names and prices of each piece below. Shipping is $45 in the lower 48. $29 in NY. Free Frags with all purchases over $150. Free shipping at $400. 1. WWC Purple Monster (3 P) - $30 (sold) 2. Utter Chaos - $25 (sold) 3. Blue Sapphires - $20 (sold) 4. Gatorade -...
  8. AquariumDani

    Coral ID?

    I just got my second world wide coral sub box and I think one of the corals are mislabeled because it doesn't look like a zoa? It was labeled a pandora zoa, but it's rather large? Maybe it is. who knows. See photos attached.
  9. C

    New York Zoa Pack - “The Classics.”

    10 pack of classic zoas up for grabs. $180 shipped for the ten frags seen below: Included are: Rastas Scrambled Eggs Fruit loops Twizzlers Star Gazers Bob Marleys Yellow Brick Road Wild Watermelons Green Bay Packers Fire & Ice
  10. Tangina20

    Zoa ID

    Got these hitchkickers on a lobo wondering what they are to update my livestock log. Thanks!
  11. C

    New York Frag Packs - Montipora, Favia, Zoas

    I will be adding frag packs to this post. Price listed with include shipping in the lower 48. WYSIWYG photos and names will be listed as well.
  12. C

    New York ZOAS - Cheap (Build your own pack)

    Thinning out my Zoa collection. Build your own pack (5-10 Frags in a box). Shipping is $30 in NY/$40 on the east coast/$45 to the rest of the lower 48. First person to send their PayPal email and claim on the post gets them! Listed below is WYSIWYG photos and the name of each with a...
  13. C

    New York PACKS - Dragon Soul Torch, Favias, LPS, SPS and Zoas

    Packs for sale. Prices and names will be listed in each post. Price includes shipping to lower 48. I will add more packs over the next new days. First person to message their PayPal claims the pack. I may have other pieces available separate please message with direct interest...
  14. DanSavesTheDay

    10 gallon zoa garden? Need setup / equipment advice

    Hello fellow reefers I wanted to set up a 10 gallon zoanthid garden as my next project and would love some advice Build would include Equipment 10 gallon tank 10+lbs reefsaver rock 15 lbs carribSea specialGrade reef sand 50w heater 10 gallon filter small reef light Inhabitants 1 Damsel or...
  15. Tangina20

    Zoa ID

    Got a couple of cool polyps of a hitchhiker zoa wondering if it has a name!
  16. FishyBusinessAq

    Wondering What's On Sale This Week? We've Got Some Great Deals!

    SHOP SALES HERE: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/on-sale-today/ CORRECTION: The Velvet Sea Slugs are actually $18.99 not $8.99 - that is a typo! SORRY!
  17. Steven w

    New York Killer zoa packs

    All packs shipped with FREE CORAL First come first serve no holds w/o payment Zoa pack 1, all higher end collectors, $575 shipped Purple monsters, hyper jubilee, treehouse Scarlet fever, poinsettias, buttkissers Yoda, rainbow incinerator, candy apple red Utter peace, OGEM, Ultra utter chaos...
  18. FishyBusinessAq

    Zoas in Davy Jones Locker - Get more for your money!

    Although many have sold already, we still have some awesome zos in The Locker this weekend and at great prices. Shop here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/zoas
  19. FishyBusinessAq

    ZOAS - Some great prices on Zoas today!

    Get Yours here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/corals/zoanthids/
  20. FishyBusinessAq

    Zoanthid Colony Rock - Eagle Eye, Green & Orange

    Shop here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/corals/zoanthids/
  21. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    New Release-ASL Ultimate Blue Agave Paly

    Well, sort of.... We have 2 cut to order single polyp frags available on our website. We have had this one simmering in our farm system for some time and finally snagged a picture last week. Enjoy!
  22. YourReef

    Your Reef- Cyber Monday Website Update & Sale (SALE EXTENDED)

    SALE EXTENDED! There is still time to save! :)
  23. C

    New York Zoa Frag Packs - Cheap

    Pack 1 has sold. Pack 2/3/4 are still available and listed below.
  24. C

    New York ZOA - PACKS

    ZOA PACK $275 SHIPPED Shipped to the lower 48. No green polyps here :D (over 75 polyps total!) Photos are in order as shown: WYSIWYG! First to send me their PayPal takes it home. La Lakers Scrambled Eggs Long Lash Eagle Eyes Blue Diamonds My Clementines Pink Lemonade Tutti Fruiti...
  25. C

    New York Zoas - Many Types

    Zoas - Cheap Shipping $45 to the lower 48. Free shipping over $300. Will include free Frags for every $100 spent. Cut to order Rainbow Incinerators ($15 PP) Utter Choas ($15 PP) OG Yodas ($15 PP) Kung Fu Fighters ($15 PP) Long Lash Eagle Eyes ($12 PP) Rainbow Infusions ($12 PP)...
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