1. robocop1906

    Texas Live Goods Zoa Colonies

    All colonies are WYSIWYG grown and/or glued on a 2' round disk. Some of the larger ones extend beyond the disk. Paypal to hold only. Shipping cost is provided by zip code and is non-refundable. 2 Hour DOA with pic in bag. Note: Some of the colonies have other species of Zoa's growing amongst...
  2. F

    Worm ID in zoanthid

    this zoa has been in my tank one week or so and this worm thing started popping out of it today. Any clue what it is? Should I pull it out?
  3. H


    I have some tank grown zoas for sale. Check out my other posts with tank grown euphyllia, goniopora, favia, and chalice to add to your order! I also have not pictured: White Walkers, Pink Krak, Petroglyphs Shipping is $40 or free at $300. Standard 2 Hour DOA just send me a photo of the dead...
  4. Coral Love

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Live Goods Clearing the rack - 46 zoanthid mini colonies $400 shipped!

    Clearing the rack! 46 zoanthid mini colonies $400 shipped, down from $460! WYSIWYG
  5. Bot587

    New Jersey Live Goods Acropora and Zoanthids corals for sale in Point Pleasant NJ

    I have read and agree to the terms. I have the following corals for sal in Point Pleasant NJ Oregon Tort - 20 PC Rainbow Acro - 10 Rommels Rainbow Acro - 15 TSA Bill Murray Acro - 20 Troll Blood Acro - 15 BC Rainbow Spain Acro - 15 ORA Pearl Berry Acro - 15 RRC Pink Cadillac - 15 Pink Tip...
  6. AquaSD

    California Live Goods Zoas For Sale

    Flame Dance Zoanthid PRICE $ 20 Pumpkin Patch Zoanthid PRICE $ 20 Alien Blood Zoas PRICE $ 45
  7. H

    New York Live Goods Zoas, Favias, Chalice, Encrusting Corals - Tank Grown - Free shipping at $300

    I have some fully aquaculutred corals for sale. These have been in my systems for years and all cut corals are fully healed and encrusted. Shipping is $40 or free at $300. Standard 2 Hour DOA just send me a photo of the dead coral both in and out of the bag within 2 hours of delivery time. I...
  8. ariellemermaid

    Preventing Zoa Spread

    Regardless of how we got here, we’re concerned the zoa on the right might end up taking over this entire rock structure which is a significant portion of our display tank. It’s even beaten back our feather duster infestation (we had hoped the opposite would happen). So our question is: what...
  9. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods One-Day Flash Sale 4/23 - High End Chalice, Jawbreakers, Gonis, Zoas!!

    All sold
  10. Nutramar Foods

    The Love of Zoanthids Never Fades

    Zoanthids. Love them or love them, these stunning little colonial polyps are often the first “coral” any of us keep and for good reason. They come in a dazzling variety of colors and patterns, many if not most of them are quite hardy and some are even spread quickly. They can be propagated...
  11. Reefifier

    Washington Live Goods SOLD Zoas, Great Owls, Godbeast, gonis, leathers Finished, new thread started

    Zoa frags for sale If your interested in a pack or smaller frags PM me. Shipping is $50 or local pickup available. Shipped UPS Next Day air with 2-Hour Standard DOA as soon as package is delivered, must provide pictures with original packaging. Shipping cost is not refundable Message me for any...
  12. Common Blevil

    What's with my zoas?

    I got these zoas for free, when i was starting. They were feeling pretty well and growing, but yesterday at night i noticed some white spots? areas? on them. Thought it was zoa pox, but today most of zoas are open and do not have as many white stuff as yesterday. Only two polyps that i see are...
  13. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods **MIX AND MATCH** Zoas, Illuminati, Marvins, LSOH, and more!

    **MIX AND MATCH. Sold individually; Build your own pack!** It’s time to let go of a large portion of my collection with more to follow! Prices start at $10. I can always take better pics if interested in something and want to see a close-up or a different angle. I will update the list below as...
  14. dixons_reef

    Texas Live Goods Zoa pack and great owl zoas

    I have this zoa pack and stratosphere zoa for sale. The zoa pack has some vibrant zoas in it. The pack is available for 125 for all except the stratosphere. The pack includes OG sunny D’s, frozen apple, burning embers, Rasta and RR pink diamonds zoas. The stratosphere zoa is 2p+baby for 200...
  15. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods zoas frags and mini colonies, misc frags free shipping at $150

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  16. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods zoas frags and mini colonies, misc frags free shipping at $150

    All sold or moved to new post
  17. uniquecorals

    "No April Fools" Monday FlashSale on R2R, April 1st 10am-6pm pst

    April is here! No April fools here, only incredible discerning smart coral shoppers. Amazing deals in healthy, colorful, aquacultured specimens of all kinds. 800+ corals at up to 80%+ off ! 10am-6pm PST, join us Monday, 3/18/24, for the R2R FlashSale extravaganza! HOT LPS, SPS, Softies, UC...
  18. N11morales

    Zoanthid packs

    LF packs of medium-high end zoanthids OR these listed + whatever you got. I want to start a zoanthid garden that grows about the same rate. No palys pls. -Everlasting gobstoppers -Exosphere - Halle Berry -Star foxx - TSA Galaxy glitter -Frozen Apple -Blue Sky -Marvin the Martian -The Predator...
  19. Mateusz

    Rare Chalices/Nem/Zoas for sale

    Bunch of cool chalices, a few zoas, acans, glitter goni etc. All plugs are 1.25" from top to bottom (larger sized plugs) unless noted otherwise. Shipping is free 350 and above otherwise based on zip code. Thanks for taking a look! Fuego Chalice - 250 Fuego Chalice - sold Fuego Chalice -...
  20. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas SOLD Zoas, chalice, and more free shipping at $150

    all sold or moved to new post
  21. Gqch

    WWC Rainbow Diablo for sale or LOCAL trade for high-end chalice, Zoa ,torch or anything colorful

    Hi reefers, some rainbow Diablo available on sale/ for trade, picture: A—F are mini colonies 1.5yrs $125 each; picture: G and H also mini colony but both 2yrs old $150 per; picture: I—Q are all 5yrs+ mother colonies $250 each. I Have keep prices lowest for quick sale purpose so plz no lowballs...
  22. Petrichor

    Does a UV sterilizer help with coral toxins?

    Does a UV sterilizer help break down/remove coral toxins? Particularly zoa or paly toxin. Long story short, my corals have been looking upset these past few months after some new frags of assorted zoas and softies were added, and water parameters are always testing stable and in acceptable...
  23. B

    Finally in the Hobby- 50 gallon Mixed Reef

    Hello Hello, I have been looking at getting into the hobby for over 6 years but never had a permanent place to stay or the funds. I have been following the reef community online for years and I am finally in the right place and got a big boy job to fund the hobby and got myself a Waterbox 50.3...
  24. ozanareef

    Orange Oxide Zoanthids 4$

    Selling for 4$ per head Send me a PM with zipcode for shipping quote, usually $50 overnight. Shipping method: Everything is double bagged. Each box is filled with cellulose insulation and a heat pack/cold pack will be provided if needed. DOA Policy: Three pictures of the unopened bag within 2...
  25. R

    Zoa id

    Hi, I have plenty of zoas, but most of them are difficult for me to identify. I tried to find them online, but with no results. Could any zoa experts identify them for me please? Thank you in advance. Rayn