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  1. C

    Need help identifying this Zoa

    Need help identifying this Zoa
  2. Rrwilson1223

    Great Experience with Cultivated Reef!

    I’ve now placed 2 online orders with Cultivated Reef and I just wanted to say how wonderful my experience has been. Coral quality has been great. The frags I received (lots of Zoanthids and a Garf Acropora) all acclimated nicely and are growing great in my display tank. Several of them...
  3. Rrwilson1223

    Excellent Corals!

    I’ve now placed 2 online orders with Cultivated Reef and I just wanted to say how wonderful my experience has been. Coral quality has been great. The frags I received (lots of Zoanthids and a Garf Acropora) all acclimated nicely and are growing great in my display tank. Several of them...
  4. danieyella

    And who might you be? (a zoa ID thread)

    Alright, some photos of the start of the other half of my zoa garden. The Armor of Gods and Fairy Dust grew in way faster than any of these guys so far. Most are rando's I purchased simply because I liked the looks of them, some were from multipacks, some were freebies, some I know names of...
  5. Salemsoul

    Zoa ID help!

    I need some help getting an ID for these two! I am unfamiliar with zoas & their hundreds of morphs so after winning these two I have no idea what that are. middle guess is Halle Berry? & to the right not a clue.
  6. Z

    Sakura Sunrise? Zoa ID and value

    I recently bought these zoas and i'm pretty sure they are Sakura Sunrise' but can someone please confirm this if they can or correct me if i'm wrong. Also, im looking to frag it in the future to sell or trade it for other zoas and im wondering what a reasonable price per polyp would be for...
  7. Jax15

    Zoas melting! Calling all zoa experts

    I have a mixed reef, about 100 gallon tank. My SPS and LPS, and evening soft corals seems to be happy campers. But my zoas have sat without growing for 6 months, and now seem to be receding. The skirt is thinning, not all are opening.. something is definitely wrong. Anyone experience similar or...
  8. JRamey24

    Michigan WTB/Trade for zoas

    I have a few frags I want to trade for some zoas. No preference on what they are. I have a birdsnest frag, Jedi mind trick monti, small purple green hammer (1 head) located in west Michigan
  9. Reefer37

    Zoa ID

    This was sold to me as a seduction zoa, just wanna verify it is. Either way, I love it.
  10. A

    Zoanthid dominated tank

    Currently running a zoa dominated tank 25 gallon and just bought an AI Prime 16 HD, was wondering if anyone could perhaps help with some light setting/schedule for the best growth?
  11. Reefer37

    Zoa ID?

    Got this guy for like $20 and he was super pretty, but never got a name. He kinda looks like a Sunny D's but not sure. Any help is appreciated!
  12. Chad Vietz

    Nebraska Build Your Own Zoa Pack

    Here's a list of all the zoas I have for sale. (See end of post for pictures) Sunny D Wolverine King Midas Gobstopper Armageddon Radioactive Dragon Eye Stargazers Green Bay Packer Scrambled Egg Teal Pandora Each frag is $11 and is guaranteed to have at least three polyps on it. Many have more...
  13. A

    Anybody running a kessil a160we and keeping heaps of zoas?

    Hey guys I got a Kessil a160 for my 18 inch cube (90 litre) Zoa dominated tank, my question to you guys is 1. I have my zoa rack about half way through the tank and the Kessil About 5-6 inches from the water, what light settings/schedule would be beneficial for growth, can someone recommend...
  14. Reefer37

    Zoa ID

    Got a new zoa but never got the name, picked him up for like $15, so not expecting anything crazy, just loved the neons. Any one know the name?
  15. Nate_Krohn

    Zoanthids and palys dying

    I’ve had 9 colonies and frags of zoanthids die and completely disappear over the past month or so. They completely disappear within an hour of them closing up. I need help!!
  16. Nate_Krohn

    Sundial or collonista snail?

    All of my zoanthid frags starting disappearing over night and I noticed these snails a few days before I noticed my zoas gone. If anyone can ID them for me that would be much appreciated. Need to know if I need to completely wipe them out or not. Has anyone else had their zoas disappear within...
  17. D


    Hi everyone, I have a ton of zoanthid/polyps I dragged about three weeks ago. Everything is doing well. If you are interested in anything below let me know! Pictures below, photos are as of yesterday, I live in the city but willing to travel to drop these off. 3 utter chaos frags 3-4 polyps...
  18. Linkeb3

    Growth on zoanthid

    Evening, Very new to reefs, bought a couple corals for a newish tank. Trying to figure out what this is growing on my zoanthid..also trying to figure out how to detach some of these and actually glue them somewhere, every site has a different opinion. thanks A video I made for the gentleman...
  19. Emi2852

    Zoanthids aren't opening.. and look strange with how they are closed.

    Hey, I'm hoping some one on here can help me determine what is going on with my Zoas. I have had these frags for about three months and have been doing fine until this past week. I have been using Fluval's salt mix, and have been dosing magnesium occasionally. Also last week I found a 1ish inch...
  20. Tangina20

    Zoanthid ID please

    I was wondering if anyone has seen these before, the polyps are way bigger than usually play/Zoa, thanks!
  21. J

    Massachusetts Mid-High End Zoa Pack

    $400 shipped or $350 and you provide shipping/pickup Located in MA willing to ship, pack contains the following: 3p Pink Hallucination 2p Rainbow Incinerators 1p Yoda Colony blue Hornets 10+p Petroglyphs 10+p Pink Zippers 6p Goblin on fire 1p & baby Hallucination 5p Illuminati Standard 2...
  22. Reefer_Tom


    I have all sorts of zoas frags availble in the chicagoland area. i have a few pictured here and tons more! let me know if you have any questions!
  23. T

    First Corals - Identification and Care

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me identify this zoanthid. I think it is an Eagle Eye but not entirely sure. Had it for about 1.5 weeks with no change in growth (no new polyp or change in size). Each head is about 5mm in diameter. Coral is approximately 13 inches from the light. How...
  24. kframe

    Ohio ISO...Ziggy marely zoa

    Just wondering if anyone out there as any Ziggy marely zoanthids they'd like to sell a couple polyps of?
  25. J

    Massachusetts Build Your Own Zoa Pack

    Build your own pack, below is the price per polyp. Will be a discount on multi-polyp and multi-frag packs. Shipping is $50 overnight with a standard 2 hour DOA with pictures of frag in unopened container. Not responsible for weather related shipping delays. Looking to make some space in my frag...
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