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  1. are these zoanthids? Closed polyps?

    are these zoanthids? Closed polyps?

    Possible zoas? Are these guys zoanthids? Found them on south shore of Oahu, anyone know? They aren’t opened up, they look closed. What are these?
  2. C

    Help!! Utter Chaos zoas look unrecognizable

    My zoas went thru a fungal infection a few months ago and now they look like this after furan 2 dips and iodine dips and lots of patients how do I get them back to normal after: before: .
  3. J

    What might be wrong with my zoa colony?

    Hey all! New to the forum, and semi-new to the hobby. I kept a tank long ago with my Dad and have recently gotten back into it. I'm mostly a freshwater guy, but really wanted a reef again. I've got a 10 gallon nano that was doing well with some brain coral, mushrooms, shrimp, and a solid...
  4. CoralStop

    Zoa ID? Treehouses

    I was sold these as treehouse of horror, but now that I have real treehouses I have no clue what these are. Any help would be appreciated. I was told belladonna but these have a completely different mouth!
  5. Melia

    Soft corals hawaii

    Does anyone know where I can find soft corals on Oahu? Thanks!
  6. Melia

    Zoanthid growth rate

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and I love learning all about corals and ocean life. I need to know how fast a zoanthid grows. Unlike most zoanthid owners, I need to find out how slow a basic zoanthid can grow. How fast does it sprout new polyps? It's hard to explain but basically, what's the rate...
  7. AquaNerd

    AquaNerd Poll - What's your favorite Zoanthid?

    Take the poll and see the results. It's easy and it will be fun to see what peoples favorite zoanthids are. Next Friday we will post a poll - What is your favorite Palythoa? If you have one you would like to see on the list then post it below. Also we can add other zoa polyps to our current...
  8. AquariumSpecialty

    Micro Zoa ID

    I was able to locate a single picture of this micro zoanthid online but I couldn't find a name for it anywhere. If you have seen this before then please let us know. It came in as a wild colony and we are going to list it on the site very soon. Thanks in advance!
  9. TopShelfAquatics

    Pre MACNA Coral Sale!!!! SPS and Zoas including *New Releases*

    I'm going to be bringing you guys a sneak peek of the coral we are bringing to MACNA and a few others that are now up for grabs. We have frags of most piece while some will be cut to order. Discounts available for multiple pieces! PM for pack prices! Also, we are running a giveaway in our...
  10. discchord

    Build Thread Proteus Reef: 10g SPS Nano Tank [As seen on YouTube!]

    I've been on the periphery of the hobby for over a year now. As soon as I stumbled into it I was hooked. The combination of science, art, and living pets inspired me deeply. I instantly went from not even knowing about the hobby to suddenly wanting to know everything! To make sure I didn't jump...
  11. Mariners

    Issues acclimating zoas to new leds

    Hi Everyone, I have a jbj 28 nano which i just changed over to ai prime hd leds. A few of my zoas dont look happy. Water parameters: Ammonia- 0 Nitrite -0 Nitrate - 5-10 ppm Phosphate - 0 Calc- 400 Mag- 1200 Alk- 8.3 With the new light which im thinking is the issue: 1) The devils armor (which...
  12. Mariners

    Need an id on these plz

    Its pinkish purple w a yellow center or mouth and silver skirts. Got it as a freebie and it is doing well under higher lighting. Thx for the input.
  13. Joshmax77

    Looking for White zombies/deductions people eaters

    Anybody have any white zombie/seductions PPE OUT there? Photo is from another thread for reference Thank you!
  14. AquaNerd

    AquaNerd Featured Coral of the Week - at RAP Orlando

    Joe Knows Reefs Solar Eclipse Zoa. Click the link to see more of what Joe Knows Reefs is bringing to RAP this coming weekend. http://aquanerd.com/2017/05/featured-coral-of-the-week-512017-joes-solar-eclipse-zoa.html
  15. Mariners

    Coral rx or bayers method for new corals

    hi everyone, Normally i use coral rx and qt tank for a week to check for any leftover pests. This has been successful with zoas and palys (which is all i buy). However getting new stuff including candy cane and blastos from aqua sd. Ive heard bayers is great method for pests but i wanted ur...
  16. Mariners

    Id this zoa plz

    Hi everyone, Just bought these and i cant find anything similar to them. Aqua sd calls them blue wowsers, but i was hoping someone knew the more common name. Thx for the input.
  17. Mariners

    Help identify prob and solution for new zoa plz!

    Hi Everyone, Need help w figuring out the problem w these zoas. I floated frag in bag to equalize temp, then dipped a few frags in coral rx. Rinse w tank water then placed new frags in qt tank. My other frags are doing great, but this one in the picture has mucous surrounding a few polyps...
  18. Mariners

    Help id this new zoa purchase plz!

    Hi everyone, Just bought this off an auction and i was hoping to get the id name usually used rather the funky, crazy names to make things confusing lol. Here is the pic, would appreciate ur inputs on the id and the usual care w lighting and placement. Thx
  19. Mariners

    Light and placement of new zoas

    hi everyone, I have a jbj 28 gallon aio with 27 watts leds 1 watt actinic. Ammonia, nitrite and phosphates 0 while nitrates low at 5-10. Calcium at 440 and kh 6-7 and i dose w seachem 1 and 2, target feed w phyto and brightwell. I always dip new zoas w coral rx and acclimate low then move...
  20. Mariners

    Help identify these zoas/palys please

    Hi everyone, I am currently trying to determine the worth of these zoas/paly frags and its is difficult finding accurate info w all of the exotic names and such and sometimes they look different from google searches. Also hard to determine how accurate the pictures considering their heavy...
  21. Mariners

    Help id 2 frags

    Hi everyone, just finished coral rx and qt of frags and i have them now in dt jbj 28 gallon so it doesnt have the massive blue tinge. Besides rastas, devils armor, and blue hornets, i got a couple mystery frags. Anyway, the first frag was a freebie and when my daylights go out leaving my...
  22. Mariners

    Hitchhiker my fruit loops, help identify plz

    Hi everyone, Got a new fruit loops zoa frag and i did the normal coral rx and then qt tank for a couple days. This frag has been in my dt for a couple weeks getting it acclimated to leds. Anyway i noticed what looks like tentacles (either a small feather duster or worse a small aiptasia)...
  23. Mariners

    Need help identifying hitchhiker on new frag

    Hi everyone, Got a new fruit loops zoa frag and i did the normal coral rx and then qt tank for a couple days. This frag has been in my dt for a couple weeks getting it acclimated to leds. Anyway i noticed what looks like tentacles (either a small feather duster or worse a small aiptasia)...
  24. Fish Werx

    Zoas and Rock Nems on same rock?

    Exactly what the title says. Has anyone had experience with those two on the same display rock? I have a fairly large piece (for my tank anyway) of live rock in my DT and am currently placing zoa frags and colonies all over it in the hopes it will soon be a proper garden of zoas! Only other...
  25. R

    Should I always leave my lights on with corals?

    So I am new to corals and only have one at the moment, a zoanthid. I am only using the stock LED lights that came with my aquarium kit so I was not going to introduce any corals until upgrading my lighting system at all, but it seems I gave in to try out one that was known for not needing much...
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