1. Alex.dave23029

    California Live Goods Zoas for sale

    Pickup Antelope, Ca 95843 or shipping available. Standard doa applies. Shipping is 55 flat. Message me for amy questions
  2. Zanderson25

    Tennessee Live Goods Tons of Zoa Frags Available!! Breaking Tank Down!

    I’m breaking my tank down and I have multiple Zoa Frags available! Will sell separate or will do a killer deal on all of them! I will list everything that I have and can send picture upon request! -GMK! -Dream Inceptor -White Zombie -Pink Ring of Death (2) -TSA Glowpop (2) -Scareface - TSA...
  3. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods Jellybean Chalices, High End Zoas, Glitter Goni, Nice Acans For Sale

    Have some more chalices ready for sale, as well as some cool acans (some have names I can't remember), as well as some other random stuff. Everything is aquaculture, absolutely nothing is a wild or fresh coral. If curious for more pics on anything or want to put together a pack please send a PM...
  4. M

    Looking for bowser zoas and fairy fart

    Hey! I’m in nashville tn does anyone have a small colony or multiple polyps of either of these zoas up for grabs? Either close by or willing to ship? If so message me! Thanks so much!
  5. jmags080307

    New Jersey New York Live Goods WYSIWIG Zoa pack

    Hey everyone, I have a WYSIWYG zoa pack for sale. Pictures are labeled with the name of zoa and all are WYSIWIG. The pack is $140. Shipping is available for an extra $50 and I ship through UPS next day air by 12:00 pm to most places. I also offer local pickup in Rockaway, NJ (07866). I...
  6. G

    New York Live Goods Long polyp toadstool and zoas

    2 varieties of long polyp toadstool $20 each frag Blood sucker zoa $10 for 4+ polyp frag Blow pop zoa $10 for 4+ polyp frag Have multiples of each Picky up only in Nassau county NY
  7. Fin-up reefing

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Little Shop Of Horrors!

    LSOH zoas!!! Single double and triple polyp frags that have been fully healed! $50 flat rate shipping $35 if you’re in PA! DOA must be claimed within first 2 hours of delivery! Message me for any questions or concerns! If you want other zoas with your purchase I may have a few others available...
  8. K

    California any local reefers in Fresno/Clovis/Yosemite area selling soft corals?

    looking for zoas, acans, mushrooms, brains, that are not $65-100 per tiny zoanthid frag lol. The prices up at the pet and 2 local fish stores are insane compared to my last city.. Hollywood had $15-35 nice zoanthid/gsp/flowerpot/acan frags. and if you know any groups on facebook or anywhere...
  9. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods Mix and Match! OG Bounce, Zoas, LPS, and SPS

    **MIX AND MATCH. Sold individually; Build your own pack!** Prices start at $10. I can always take better pics if interested in something and want to see a close-up or a different angle. *Note: Pics taken under all blues with iPhone and an orange filter. I will update the list below as items...
  10. Reef.TRD

    Zoa Showoff Thread 2023

    What’s up y’all, Figured it’s been a while since I’ve seen an updated Zoa showoff thread and was about time to start a fresh one so that we can get an updated list of all the hottest zoas current in the hobby. I’ll start it off with some of my favorites! (All photos are my own and taken of...
  11. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods *PRICES REDUCED* High End Zoas, Chalice, Gonis, Acans, clearing out a frag tank!

    Putting up a large sale post. My frag tank full of LPS has gotten a little ridiculous with a bunch of favias taking over and stinging other stuff so it's time to do a fall cleaning. Shipping is based on zip unless it's over 350 then it's at my cost. DOA terms are standard, no specific time just...
  12. R

    Orange film

    Established tank, about 13 months old. Started getting orange film on just one rock. Film is hard to remove. What is this and how I get it under control.
  13. Cole_Voeller

    Zoa Issue

    Hello all. I started having this issue a while back and have never been able to figure it out. I have a small frag tank where I keep a lot of zoas and a bunch of LPS, and a few SPS. Quite a few of my zoas don’t look as great as they used to. They stretch a ton, and have extremely small stalks...
  14. Zanderson25

    Tennessee Live Goods Stratosphere Zoa 2 Polyps Make Offer

    Selling a frag of a Stratosphere Zoa with 2 polyps. Make reasonable offer!
  15. A

    Any experience with acanthophyllia and Zoanthids?

    My acanthophyllia has grown to a point where it is starting to get close to my zoanthid garden and they are very close to touching. I feel like my acan has been looking less inflated than usual, so I was curious to see if anyone here has experience with these two touching/how they get along. My...
  16. johnf3

    Zoa ID?

    Hi I have three different zoas that I have no name for. Curious if anyone else knows? Thanks JF
  17. B

    California Live Goods Zoanthids and a few mushrooms for sale

    Looking to get some more variety in tank willing to frag up some stuff and show pictures of currently fragged items for sale. Shoot me a PM if interested in anything you see Pictures are attached $50 to ship additional
  18. dixons_reef

    Texas Live Goods SOLD High end zoa package deal

    Here’s another package deal. You are saving $100 and I am including the shipping in the price. Pm if interested. Standard 2hr doa shipping policy. I only ship on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to avoid shipping delays. And I include a freebie of my choice with the package deal.
  19. B

    California Live Goods SOLD 16 Frags Zoanthid Bulk Package

    SOLD Have some duplicates of a bunch of stuff , want to let it all go and get some more variety in. Letting them go for $300 for local pickup in Carlsbad CA here is the list of what you will get Two polyps of white zombie 4+ polyps of peach cobbler 2 polyp pink diamond 3polyp Rasta 2polyp...
  20. B

    California Live Goods 5 polyps of Grand Master Krakatoa

    $75 per polyp in Carlsbad CA Additional $50 for shipping in US Will ship whole frag for $375 including shipping For DOA- If shipping will need photos and video within two hours of delivery arrival BEFORE you open bag. Upon opening will need water temperature. Will replace coral if available...
  21. A

    Zoa care and trimming

    Hello I was wondering if I could have some help on the best ways to trim and cut back zoanthids every time I cute them the base stays and they grow back just like new if you have any tips or tricks please help
  22. B

    California Live Goods Grand Master Krakatoa

    $75 per polyp in Carlsbad CA Additional $50 for shipping in US
  23. B

    California Live Goods SOLD SOLD :Green Apple zoas

    I have frags of green apple zoas for $20 per frag. Many other kinds of zoas as well which I will post also. Each frag has well over 6 polyps Local pickup in Carlsbad CA $50 additional for 2 day shipping For DOA- If shipping will need photos and video within two hours of delivery arrival...
  24. Robert_Popa_918

    Ohio Live Goods Circus Zoanthid Frags, $8 per polyp

    Over the last couple of years, I’ve been growing a colony of Zoanthids… and it’s safe to say the colony has gotten rather large. To be honest Im not exactly sure if they are Blondie Zoas or Circus Zoas… however they are truly so beautiful. I would like to cut and sell some frags of my colony to...
  25. nycfreshreef

    Are pink diamond and tsa chemically altered the same Zoa ?

    Hey guys , am I missing something here ? Really was looking to add these TSA chemically altered to my garden , but then saw pink diamonds which used to be pricey but are very reasonable these days , are they the same Zoa ? Is there a difference? Also these TSA krayola goni …. Looks just like a...