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  1. Reefman603

    New Hampshire Zoanthids

    I have a few different zoanthid frags for sale listed below: Rasta zoa frag 20 plus polyps - 130 obo Utter chaos zoa frag 5 polyps - 100 Purple monster zoa frag 12 polyps - 300 obo Fruit loop zoa frag 7 polyps - 100 I can post pictures just let me know what your interested in and I can...
  2. TCK Corals

    Heatwave 40% OFF Sale 88 New WYSIWYG LPS AND SPS - ACAN, ACROs, ZOAS, MONTI's Corals Just Updated to site!

    Click on the links below and do not wait to checkout as there's no way for us to guarantee your product wont be checked out by someone else looking at the product at the same time. Rainbow Acan AUT78-2019-08-24 $125 Sweet Acan AUT79-2019-08-24 $150 Yellow Ring Acan AUT80-2019-08-24 $125...
  3. Underwatergardeners

    Livestock *New Sponsor* Underwatergardeners Huge Website Update

    Hello everyone, we are Underwatergardeners and new to Reef2Reef but have been around about 10yrs now. We travel doing fragswaps and trade shows and also sell locally and online. If you have seen us around please feel free to say hello in here :). Please take time to check out our website HERE we...
  4. Tangina20

    Zoas acting strange?

    My zoas are all acting funny, I have recently changed the spectrum of my lighting. They look like they are stretching for light but they also look like they are closed more than normal for possibly too much light?
  5. Evan28395950

    Yet Another Ridiculous Price

    Found another shocking price (and name), one polyp for $400. Edited photo to keep it family friendly
  6. AquariumDani

    Coral ID?

    I just got my second world wide coral sub box and I think one of the corals are mislabeled because it doesn't look like a zoa? It was labeled a pandora zoa, but it's rather large? Maybe it is. who knows. See photos attached.
  7. Tangina20

    Zoa ID

    Got these hitchkickers on a lobo wondering what they are to update my livestock log. Thanks!
  8. DanSavesTheDay

    10 gallon zoa garden? Need setup / equipment advice

    Hello fellow reefers I wanted to set up a 10 gallon zoanthid garden as my next project and would love some advice Build would include Equipment 10 gallon tank 10+lbs reefsaver rock 15 lbs carribSea specialGrade reef sand 50w heater 10 gallon filter small reef light Inhabitants 1 Damsel or...
  9. Tangina20

    Zoa ID

    Got a couple of cool polyps of a hitchhiker zoa wondering if it has a name!
  10. Steven w

    New York Killer zoa packs

    All packs shipped with FREE CORAL First come first serve no holds w/o payment Zoa pack 1, all higher end collectors, $575 shipped Purple monsters, hyper jubilee, treehouse Scarlet fever, poinsettias, buttkissers Yoda, rainbow incinerator, candy apple red Utter peace, OGEM, Ultra utter chaos...
  11. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    New Release-ASL Ultimate Blue Agave Paly

    Well, sort of.... We have 2 cut to order single polyp frags available on our website. We have had this one simmering in our farm system for some time and finally snagged a picture last week. Enjoy!
  12. YourReef

    Your Reef- Cyber Monday Website Update & Sale (SALE EXTENDED)

    SALE EXTENDED! There is still time to save! :)
  13. skimjim

    Finally saw a different feeding response on certain Zoas

    I saw..... what I believe..... was a feeding response to certain Zoas when I turned off all flow and let oyster juice slowing trickle down (fallout). I DID NOT squirt juice on the Zoas directly but created a cloud of juice a few inches above the Zoas colony and let the juice trickle down...
  14. Travv

    California Hyper Jubilees, Blue Hornet, Sunny D, Twizzlers, Alpha and Omega

    5 Zoa Pack, $200 Shipped Fed Ex Overnight. 1. Blue Hornets - 5 polyps 2. Hyper Jubilee - 4 polyps 3. Twizzlers - 30 polyps 4. Alpha and Omega - 15 polyps 5. Sunny D - 5 polyps Will ship out this week to work with your schedule. DOA covered, take clear picture of the frag plug...
  15. Steven w

    New York 12 pack OG zoa collectors pack

    Here we have an exciting pack of 12 wysiwyg frags all coveted by zoa collectors. These classics are great colors and good growers. Pack is selling for $299 shipping included. Freebie included with shipping for limited time also! Jungle Juice (5 polyps) Super Saiyans (3 polyps) Emeralds On...
  16. dwolson

    Zoanthid colony closing up

    I have had this rock frag with zoas for a little over month now. They were open and multiplying ever since a couple days ago. Half are closed up, especially the smaller ones. The only changes I did that I can think of was to replace my carbon with some new carbon. Also, I did notice an Alk...
  17. Jamison Daniel

    Washington Whammin Watermelon and Radioactive Zoas FS

    We have an assortment of Whammin Watermelon and Radioactive Dragon's Eye Zoas for sale WYSIWYG, priority shipping - $12 (does not cover DOA), overnight shipping - $45 (DOA covered if photos are sent within an hour of arrival), will combine shipping with additional $2 charge 1. Radioactive: $15...
  18. AshwinRavi

    AI Prime HD vs Current USA IC Loop PRO

    Hello, reefers! My tank is 75G, 48" wideX18" long X21" deep. I went from 2X165W Chinese LED to Current USA IC loop pro(2x48" strip). I like the sleekness of the lights but I am afraid I don't have enough PAR for my corals. I have mostly soft corals with some LPS, & no intention of moving to...
  19. clownenthusiast2017

    Florida White Zombie Zoas

    Hey! Looking for some white zombie zoa frags. If anyone has any for sale please let me know!
  20. HenryF

    What is this growing next to my Zoas?

    I have noticed a white little circle or spiral on my Zoa frag. I’m not sure what it is and would appreciate any information or advice on it. Thank you!
  21. Diego.28

    Zoas Melting/Looking Irritated

    Hi, this is my first post on R2R. I've been using this forum as a resource, just reading threads, for almost a year now, and it's been fantastic, so when I encountered this problem I couldn't figure out how to solve, I figured I'd join. (But I'm sure I'll use this forum for a bunch else now...
  22. Soflow Rubio's Corals

    Zoas for Sale

  23. audikers

    Nursing a reef tank back to life..

    OK. So my fiance and I split back in June and when I moved out I left our tank with him. Fast forward and I finally realize that he hasnt been taking care of it and now I would say 75% of the corals and fish that were in there are dead. I am super upset about it and now I need to nurse what is...
  24. still don’t know what these are.

    still don’t know what these are.

    Took a time lapse of one of the “unknown” polyps I found, still not sure what it is, lmk if u do.
  25. Steven w

    High end zoa 18 pack

    Capt jerks, neon green grandis paly Scarlet fever paly, chuckies bride Scrambled eggs, la lakers Black hornets, blondies Emeralds on fire, gatorades Super saiyans, long lash eagle eyes Jungle juice, rose nebulas Flaming brohicans, bowsers Rainbow incinerators, zero matters WYSIWYG Will...