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  1. haleyf1024

    Rasta and armageddon zoas

    So I just bought a single Armageddon polyp from work (only $12.75!!) but I'm having a hard time finding much info on them, other than they are one of the known "difficult" zoas. Anyone have some first hand experience with them? Or know what they like? My Rastas are doing amazing, despite pretty...
  2. uniquecorals

    Giving Thanks This Holiday Season - and our biggest sale of the year - 20% Off

    We thank the many loyal customers we have come to know over the last few years, and we thank you for your continued support in our small family business. Without you, we cannot do what we are passionate about every single day: grow corals! And for that we sincerely thank you! Looking forward...
  3. Tyler mikos

    Large Rasta colony sale

    Hey. I'm new to selling anything online, please bare with me. 30 polyp colony, $25o +shipping. I'll add a free polyp of utter chaos for free. I have frags for $10 of the UC if you buy the rasta colony. Shipping is typically 39.99. Please tell me if I'm going about this wrong. Thankyou -Tyler
  4. cwb_reeftank

    Holiday themed coral

    with the holidays coming up what's some good holiday themed corals to have.
  5. mgoesma

    Idea for Zoa Garden on Conch Shell

    So I have an old Conch Shell that a found some time back. I have cleaned it and put it in my aquarium. my idea is to make it into a Zoa garden. Has anyone ever attempted anything like this? Any suggestions?
  6. BRB

    To dip or not to dip or what to do?

    Happy Thursday Soo I got some zoas that were getting eaten by this little Dude but I got him out. I am noticing more than just him. Please help me identify what I need to do. Thanks in advance
  7. ZOA SPOTLIGHT: How The Speckled Krakatoa Got Its Name

    ZOA SPOTLIGHT: How The Speckled Krakatoa Got Its Name

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been curious about how some zoas get their names. There’s almost an art to picking one with a good ring to it. Trying to have the name, the pattern, the colors of the zoa collide and become something special. Utter Chaos, Flaming Mohican, Krakatoa. I...