1” or 1 1/4” plumbing to basement

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Apr 3, 2020
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Currently I have a 120 gallon with eshopp 200 running 1” piping.
I’m looking to plumb into my basement into a sump stock tank. I wanna incorporate a 3 gate valve manifold. I also have a AU classic 25watt sterilizer, a carbon reactor and 1” Neptune flow sensor to add in. I’m also running a Cor20 return pump.
Questions are.. am I better off converting to 1 1/4” as recommended by Neptune including bulkheads on the drain and return line or keeping everything 1 inch except the manifold which will go to 3/4?
Also uv sterilizer i want to control between parasites and algae. Mostly parasites as algae hasn’t been much of a problem. So I assume this will require its own pump and separate plumbing?
Also assume it’s better to use the flow sensor on the uv rather than the return line?
Thanks in advance!!


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Sep 12, 2019
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Finding 1.25" bulkheads will be a nightmare/excessively expensive based on my prebuild experience. Stick with the 1" or go for 1.5"


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Oct 28, 2014
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Stamford, CT
Although I have not tried personally, my guess is that the COR is not going to perform all that well against significant head pressure. Consequently you will want to do whatever you can to minimize any further friction losses. Agree that 1 1/4" bulkheads are hard to find, so go up to 1 1/2". I use 1 1/2" on my basement return and the 2" apex flow sensor to minimize friction losses. Use the 1" sensor on your UV.
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