140 G Reef-Ready, Fully Loaded, Neptune Apex Automated, Complete Aquarium $11,000


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Dec 6, 2021
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Complete reef-ready aquarium 140 gallon . Fully loaded and automated with Neptune Apex. This aquarium was my covid project. The tank was only set up for a year before I took it down and put it in storage. It was very well taken care of and everything is in like-new conditions. Storage unit is climate controlled to protect equipment. I had this tank set up in my house and unfortunately I moved out of state and had to downgrade to an apartment, which is why I’m selling this set up. It absolutely includes everything you need to professionally set up a successful reef aquarium.

Asking price is $11,000. I spent well over $30K for brand new equipment, mostly from Bulk Reef Supply. If interested, please email me and I can show you the tank at my storage unit. Below is everything that is included.

• 140 gallon Planet Aquarium Peninsula reef ready aquarium. Center brace. Black silicone seams. 48"x 24"x 29"

• Stand and double piano hinge canopy; black. Fans built into the canopy for air flow.

• Black ABS plastic sheet siliconed on the glass bottom to support the weight of the aquascape.

• 100# of reef ready purple rock

• 2 custom cut screen tops to prevent jumpers. Right side screen has a trap door for feeding.

• (2x) LED panel with dimmable lights, timer and color spectrum control. Retro-fitted to the inside of the canopy.

• Wavemakers;
- (2x) maxspect gyre 350 magnetic pumps (5280 gph) with controller & wifi syna-
g connect module
- (4x) ecotech marine vor-tech MP40 magnetic pumps (4500 gph) with quiet drive
controller and mobius app programming

• External overflow box, minimalistic design.

• Three (1") drains, two (3/4") returns. Animal bean plumbing configuration for silent operation. Emergency line drain to sump. Drain lines are plumbed with transparent PVC one-way-valves that can be removed for cleaning. Return lines have dual eductor flow accelerators. Return line 1.5" Apex flow meter.

• Manifold for additional filtration lines.

• External carbon canister filter.

• Large surface-area bio balls and bio bad for additional bacterial organic filtration.

• Reverse Osmosis tap water filter. 7 stage filtration; 2 sediment filters, 2 carbon filters, 1 RO membrane, 2 RODI resin filters. 35 gallon reservoir with pump and fill manifold. Mounted on a wall-ready platform.

• Trigger systems 44 v2 sump, 3 chambers. Sump is placed inside the stand, under the aquarium.

- Automatic roller filter, retro-fitted to the first stage filtration. Eliminates the need for filter socks. Both drain lines are plumbed directly to the roller filter. Self-regulates the water level and automatically conducts mechanical filtration. One roller lasts about 1 month.
- (2x) BRS titanium 300 W heaters

- Reef octopus 200 EXT 8” recirculating protein skimmer with varios-6 supply pump and varios-4 DC skimmer air pump. Pumps are variable control DC with controllers. Includes reef octopus 4” skimmer waste collector with carbon filter and auto-shut off high level float switch.

- (2x) Pentair Aquatics 25 watt smart ultraviolet sterilizers with reef octopus varios-8 variable speed DC pump, controller and Apex Neptune flow monitors. One UV sterilizer is optimized for pathogen control and the other is optimized for algae control. Both run off one pump and there is a baffle with flow meters and gate valves for proper water flow through each UV sterilizer. UV bulbs are at 75% capacity, 9 months left of usable lamp life. UV sterilizers are placed vertical with attached clamps, next to the sump inside the stand. UV pump are in sump chamber A and drains into chamber B.

- Kessil H160 tuna flora LED algae grow light with mounting goose neck
- Emergency drain line manifold from external skimmer box

- Return Pump; one Apex COR-20 pump with controller plumbed into system. There are an additional (2x) reef octopus varios-8 pumps for redundancy. Silicone pump pads to reduce noise & vibration.

- Dosing lines manifold (4x)

- Neptune Apex Auto top-off with dual optical water level sensor and mechanical float valve cut off.

• Full Neptune Apex automation system.

• Apex controller base unit.

• Automatic Top Off with DC pmup sump pump + 10g reservoir and lines

• (2x) DOS automatic dosing system and lines

• (2x) DOS dosing reservoirs with low detection optical level sensors and alarms

• Automatic feeder

• Trident water testing system; calcium, alkalinity and magnesium + testing reagents.

• 8 automated water alarm detection pads + 6 manual water alarm detection pads

• In-line GFCI power protection and surge protection.

• Apex probes & probe magnetic rack; temperature, ph, ORP, salinity

• Seneye wifi back up water monitor (temperature, ammonia, ph)

• Return line flow meter

• 6 Apex modules to connect various components to the system.

• (2x) neptune EB832 enery bars (controlled power outlets).

• (2x) cooling fans


• Dry fish food pellet blend; Hikari blend. Selcon and KZ amino acids additives.

• Hannah digital water testers with reagents; nitrate, copper, phosphate, alkalinity, calcium, salinity, ph,

• 25 gallon quarantine tank with pump, heater, lights, seneye wifi water monitor (temperature, ammonia, ph)

• 10 gallon quarantine tank with pump, heater, and lights.

• Additives; BRS 2 part, soda ash, calcium chloride, magnesium.

• Miscellaneous tools; nets, mixing supplies, spare PVC, PVC glue & primer, spare pumps, PVC cutter, instruction manuals, power strips, spare rock, back up titration water tests, construction materials, buckets, magnetic glass scrubber, medication, etc.

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