$180 SPS box - Pack 4 - shipping included


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May 19, 2009
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I have the following pack available for sale. This is the actual frags you will receive. They are ready to ship and standard DOA rules apply. You must send me photos of the dead coral in the bag within 1 hour of delivery. I will either refund the cost of the frag or if you wish, send you a replacement frag but you would have to cover shipping. Shipping is done via FED Ex overnight in a 3/4” styro cooler with 40 hour heat pack.

Please see this thread for my feedback from previous shipments.

shipping would resume first week in January.

strawberry shortcake
Pink tipped sarmentosa
Greg hillar aquamarine jewel
Red planet
Unk purple (shows red/blues and greens)
Red Robin acro
Pinky the bear
Green abro.

C239C4EE-0401-467E-B1F0-FE242A18AFA2.jpeg EE88CD5A-2391-4E7C-806A-0FE8AC57165B.jpeg BA964B3E-A7C9-459D-A975-D29982A2E260.jpeg 7AC2BF3B-0E19-4CC7-AD8E-7A1CC26365F2.jpeg 78A20F47-7B49-4E39-BE26-F5A7DF737EAC.jpeg FDB41D11-7299-4B20-A6C8-60F4EFD96FB7.jpeg 9A111395-12A1-4D1C-937D-B9AF414FDADD.jpeg 36303727-29E8-4122-8EE5-3DE836395C3F.jpeg
Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED lighting

Ed Hahn

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Oct 24, 2008
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Great Seller!! Followed through and communicated with me about delivery. He called me within 20 minutes of me receiving corals. Communicated with me what lighting for placement. I hope you make another 8 pack deal with more corals I do not have. I will be in. Thank you. Ed :)

What have you found to be the best things/methods to beat hair algae? (choose all that apply)

  • Hydrogen peroxide

    Votes: 65 18.1%
  • Lawn Mower Blenny (or other fish)

    Votes: 69 19.2%
  • Manual Removal

    Votes: 184 51.3%
  • Rock Scrubbing

    Votes: 81 22.6%
  • Lowered Phosphates

    Votes: 87 24.2%
  • Tank Blackouts

    Votes: 20 5.6%
  • Urchins

    Votes: 81 22.6%
  • Fluconazole

    Votes: 43 12.0%
  • Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO)

    Votes: 31 8.6%
  • UV Sterilizer

    Votes: 33 9.2%
  • Refugium

    Votes: 82 22.8%
  • Algae Scrubber

    Votes: 28 7.8%
  • Clean Up Crew

    Votes: 146 40.7%
  • Lighting Change

    Votes: 24 6.7%
  • Sea Hare

    Votes: 28 7.8%
  • Vibrant

    Votes: 56 15.6%
  • Other (please explain in thread)

    Votes: 26 7.2%

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