$200 SPS box - Large Frags - Shipping included


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May 19, 2009
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I have the following pack available for sale. This is the actual frags you will receive. They are ready to ship and standard DOA rules apply. You must send me photos of the dead coral in the bag within 1 hour of delivery. I will either refund the cost of the frag or if you wish, send you a replacement frag but you would have to cover shipping. Shipping is done via FED Ex overnight in a 3/4” styro cooler with 40 hour heat pack.

Please see this thread for my feedback from previous shipments.

included in pack.

Red Robin acro
Rainbow granulosa
Pinky the bear
Pink tipped sarmentosa
Green highlighter tenius
ATL shades of fall.

01CE599F-4E2E-40A5-A788-EC16BF4A832A.jpeg 7B6452DB-2D0A-4BC3-A328-7AAE87BA85A5.jpeg EF88B3A7-C55D-4A2A-89F4-2E06B2F7A875.jpeg BC21DFB4-351B-4FBF-9B1E-3BC2DCEF2E45.jpeg D6676533-6DC3-42C6-A49E-1D78DC048B7C.jpeg 125AFB85-087E-4AB3-84E4-5F1C87F6948D.jpeg

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