20 Gallon Long SW Conversion


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Feb 10, 2020
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Hello, First SW tank, I have a 20 Gal that was a freshwater and I’m going to convert it to fowlr for the time being. Down the road I would like to add a few easier to keep corals but I need some advice on filtration and in general advice on keeping it as low stress as possible. So right now I have a heater two filters with an aqueon 30” led light strip that has another slot for me to put another strip most likely blues since the whole strip is white but I dont know if I should use both of the aqua clear 20 filters I own or just buy one aqua clear 50 for filtration? Is that all I need just one aqua clear 50? I hear having a refugium is great would that be possible in one of the aqua clear 20 filters with the other working with sponge,media,etc?what should I put in the filter anything specific? I know the live rock and sand will filter as well but I’m going to buy a nice powerhead and point it up for surface agitation because I wont be using a skimmer. Lastly, is and Rodi system a good investment for this tank? Thanks in advance! ( I have sand and salt but no live rock )
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Dec 5, 2017
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Are these HOB filters? The problem with HOB filters is salt spray. In any case you could put one on each end of the tank. I would pick up the blue LEDs at one point. As far as an RO/DI filter it depends if you want to buy water from your LFS or not you really wouldn’t need much. Oh and welcome to the site and have fun! I would be tempted to say get a 40 breeder and use the 20 for a sump.

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