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210 Gallon Complete Aquarium Setup-SOLD

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Nov 13, 2019
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Picked up this system and just wasn't prepared to set it up. Includes: 210 gallon dual overflow tank 72x24x29 (unknown brand, maybe Aqueon), Stand, Canopy, 4 Ocean Revive T247 lights, Custom Sump, Separate Custom ATO Reservoir, Reef Octopus Classic 202-S Skimmer, 2 unknown return pumps, Coralife 1/2 HP Chiller, Icekap Gyre, Jebao Wavemaker. Rock also included. Tank will need a good cleaning. $1000 o.b.o or open to trades for corals. Located in Sacramento Area

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Apr 30, 2017
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I’d be very interested in buying 1 or 2 of the ocean revive lights if you are able to ship

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