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Jun 10, 2019
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I spent this week getting my drain plumbing done and fixing a mistake I made. Basically, I had cut through my stand top with a circular saw while trying to trim the bead board I’m using for the exterior skin. I was so angry at myself I forgot to take pictures. Trying to make a precise square cut cost me another trip to Home Depot, money, and time wasted repairing my snafu. Needless to say, I definitely won’t be using the stand as a workbench ever again lol

As for the hard plumbing, I believe it turned out very well. I did make a mistake on the Placement of one of my union fittings for my gate valve. It turned out to be too close to one of my supports. I ended up modifying the support to give the union space. This particular support isn’t fundamental to the overall strength of the stand so I’m not worried about it. Now I just need to do a water test to make sure all my fittings have no leaks.


I also made a special trip out to my favorite LFS, The Reef Shoppe in the Bronx, with my buddy who's starting a nano 10 gallon reef. Although I didn’t buy anything I did get a good amount of advice from the shop owner Anthony. Essentially, I’ve been debating on whether I should invest in a reef link or a WXM module to control my lights and Mp10. He believes the Neptunes WXM is the better route which I was leaning towards as well. I’d like the ability to have one app and one device controlling the entire reef show. He also backed up some things Ive heard by other reefers about the reef links reliability. If you Live in Westchester or New York City area I definitely recommend checking the Reef shoppe. The owner has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience; and the store always has an astonishing variety of fish and corals. Anthony, if you’re reading this good luck on Sunday and congratulations! #theReefShoppe

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