6 Pack Rainbow & Multicolor Goni Frag Pack


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May 22, 2018
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Have this nice 6 piece rainbow/multicolor Goni Frag pack ready to go. Each Frag is WYSIWYG, you will get all 6. They are long tentacle, not micro or short. To give an idea of size the Frag plugs you can physically see are either 1 1/4 or 1 1/8 I can’t remember. These aren’t small little pieces by any means. Asking $425 shipped for all. If interested or have any questions text me at 734-725-98fiveO. Thanks in advance!

30617092-49BE-4ADA-B406-8E3523D97D86.jpeg 0067F6BD-0687-4A44-9C5D-45B002D29DD0.jpeg D208DE39-0DB0-49EA-A632-871060B0BD8A.jpeg B269C806-A19F-4080-AC21-86B9D0855113.jpeg E13CFC8F-72D7-4D54-A755-2CC864F97C80.jpeg 92509CB2-5FEB-4EF9-87A6-AA13E71D68ED.jpeg B407DBC0-95E0-4954-A991-B222A4538590.jpeg B912583A-FC8C-47E3-914F-33C782E1F81A.jpeg 812D269F-DF5E-4A46-BF58-B9BF7AF15B46.jpeg BE697604-4C1B-4D7C-BF29-54A8512A29A8.jpeg
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