6105 shaft comes out

Discussion in 'Tunze' started by Javamahn, Jun 11, 2019 at 1:55 PM.

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    I purchased an older 6105 from a seller and after a few months use the shaft is coming out of one of motor blocks. I forget the manufacturer date but it does have the shaft that is suppose to sit in the block and not come out. I have tried crazy glue and 2 part JB weld epoxy with no success. Is there any solution besides full replacement that will work. I have been running with only 1 pump for a month now. Can you tell me what options I have for repairs or what has work in the past. I have inserted the shaft and tapped in with a hammer and still no luck

    Thank you

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    You need motor block 6105.100, if the shaft seat is worn out there is no other reliable repair possibility.
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