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Aug 15, 2020
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I thought I'd drop in and share my 75 gallon build. I started this about a year ago and am getting quite close to having it up and running. I currently have a 32g ext overflow FijiCube that I won from BRS two years ago. As a noob, @rtparty helped me get that tank going and it's been an overall success, but I'm ready for something bigger.

Current 32g FijiCube - **Don't look close, you might find aiptasia**

When I built the stand for the Fijicube, it was built with the intention of being reused for a 48" tank. That's still the plan, but I need to do a little bit of freshening up. Inside, there is a partition to help separate the electronics from the sump. That is going to come out as well as the current 20g sump to make room for a 29g sump. All electronics are going to be moved to a separate cabinet that will be placed to the left of the stand. I will also be repainting the stand inside and out and adding heavy-duty leveling feet. I didn't know how badly uneven my floor was until we started to level the stand, and I just don't want to mess with shims this time.

So as for the 75, here's the plan. It's going to be a mixed reef tank, but predominantly SPS. Below is the planned gear for this.
75g Aqueon Aquarium
Eshopps Prodigy M overflow
Single 3/4 return

29g Aqueon Aquarium
Fijicube 29g sump baffle kit (filter socks removed to use filter roller)
Aquamaxx AF-2 Filter Roller
Aquamaxx FC80 Skimmer
BRS Mini GFO Reactor with Sicce 1.5
Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 with possible upgrade to Sicce SDC 6.0
Kamoer X1 Pro x3

x2 Tunze 6095

x2 Radion XR15s (1 G4 Pro, 1 G5 Pro0
x2 Reefbrite 36" XHO Actinic LED Bars
Ecotech RMS Mounting System

I'm sure I'm missing a good few bits of information, but I've gotta run out the door right now and will update the build more as I have time!

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